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CTP TEams Premier League top three at end of S2 W2

They have a new leader for the new season at CTP Teams and SurfAholics Alpha have already made their intentions known.

With two wins in the first two weeks, it looks like they want to claim this season every bit as much as they wanted Season One, which they won comfortably.

Interestingly this week, (well interesting for numbers fans at least) the Alphas finished about 1.5 billion points ahead of second placed Uber Surfers which, in turn, finished about 1.5 billion points ahead of third placed Lucky 13 which was also about 1.5 billion points ahead of fourth placed Renegades.

We also said goodbye to Kore4 which disbanded last week after some internal differences but I am sure many of its former members will find homes on other teams.

Very little separated fifth place Dream Team, Cash Surfing Network in sixth and seventh place WealthBuilders last week.

It was even closer for The Strays and Surf Lovers in places eight and nine but there was a significant gap between those two teams and tenth placed TE Racing League.

So now we are in week three of season two and the Premier League is back to its full compliment of ten teams with CSN, The Strays and the TE Racers all moving up from the Competitive League.

As there were only nine teams in the top league at the end of last week it was just the bottom two which moved down a league this week – Hunters and Surf To Earn.

Lucky 13 Too finished in 25th place overall last week, in their first week in the contest; now with three members it will be interesting to see what they can do this week.

As always, have a great week ahead on CTP teams and remember to have fun, build relationships and work together as a team.

CTP Teams top of Premier League Friday November 7

If the points tally did not keep updating at the top of the Premier League, one might be forgiven for thinking the table had broken. First, second and third places are stubbornly, and resolutely exactly the same as they have been for some time now.

However this is not to say that there is nothing going on – far from it because it takes a lot of efforts for the top three teams to stay top three teams. This just shows how good at remaining at the top of the table the Alphas, Lucky 13 and Uber Surfers have become.

Hunters in fourth place, up one from fifth, are really showing a determined effort to cement their place in the top five and, once again, are in no danger of dropping back down a league.

The numbers are interesting again this week. The Aplhas lead is approximately double that of the second placed Lucky 13 whose lead is approximately double that of third placed Uber Surfers. Just to keep the trend going the Uber’s lead is approximately double that of each of the next two teams as very little separates The Strays and Kore4 in fifth and sixth place respectively.

Kore4 have three times the points of, CSN, the team below them but there is not much at all separating the bottom four teams which means that they still have everything to play for to avoid relegation.

There has been an amazingly strong showing this week from TE Racing League at the top of the Competitive League and in seventh place overall.

The Competitive League is certainly just that…competitive with each of the top 19 teams amassing more than one million points this week.

Keep going strong everyone and have fun with CTP Teams.

one billion

We now have two teams in the contest that broken the one billion barrier – Lucky 13 and SurfAholics Alpha.

These two teams have first and second places between them in the Premier League and have really pulled away quite dramatically from the rest of the competition.

Uber Surfers and The Strays are battling for third spot while Dream Team, Surf To Earn and Hunters are struggling this week.

CTP Teams Premier League on Sepbember 19 2014

It is another week where things have not moved too much – the top seven teams are the same top seven teams as last week.

Looking at the Competitive League it can be seen that Empower World Team has broken away from everyone else while Kore4 and those SurfAholic Bravos should have done enough to get back to the premiership.

An interesting side note is that the Empower and Bravo teams are both relatively small right now – with 15 and 11 members respectively so it is especially well done to them.

Competitive League as of September 19 2014

This week things are really close at the top in CTP Teams. SurfAholics Alpha are in first spot but by the narrowest of gaps and second placed The Strays could overtake them.

By the way the Alphas lost a member so they are currently looking for a replacement – contact team leader Matt Badura if you think you fit the bill.

Lucky 13 are third but they can never be ruled out and although the gap between second and third place is significant it is not insurmountable at all.

premier league table in CTP Teams

I am not entirely sure what is happening at the bottom of the table as my screengrab above shows only nine teams in the Premier League and two teams – Renegades and Bravos – facing relegation.

One team was disbanded this week so maybe that should provide the answer.

Where ever you are in CTP Teams and in whichever league, have fun, enjoy yourselves and have a great weekend.

firemans poleI know, I know, it is Thursday already and I am just getting round to telling you this now. But you don’t really need me to tell you that it a new week as I am sure you had all worked that our for yourselves.

The new additions from the Competitive League last week were:

  1. Dream Team – currently sitting comfortably in seventh place – well done Dream Team, you are well on track to stay in the upper league.
  2. SurfAholics Bravo – Now with added cats but in ninth place the Bravos are in very real danger of dropping straight back down again. At this rate we will need to install those fireman’s poles between levels to make things easier. “Sorry guys you didn’t work hard enough. Wooooosh back to the Competitive League for another week.”
  3. Wake Up Now – Similar story here to the Bravos. In tenth spot and needing to do more. Do you guys want to borrow our pole? Sadly we will probably need it back though.

These three teams went down a league:

  1. The C.T.P Renegades
  2. CTP Masters and
  3. HomeRun Hitters

And finally last week’s winners were:

1. The Strays – for a second week running The Strays take top slot. Well done cats. Feline good I bet to be up there again! (That’s enough dreadful cat puns.)
2. SurfAholics Alpha – back on top now though I see
3. Lucky 13 – started the week in third place and still third but will they end in third place also?

Watch out for another catch up post in an hour or so.