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Tag:  Valentin Mavrodin

Tag: Valentin Mavrodin

It sounds like one of those brain teasers I guess.

Well when it comes to CTP Teams at least,  the answer is on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Hunters leader Valentin has come up with an interesting new way to recognise some of the members of his team.

So on Wednesdays the team changes its name to SocialViralProfits Hunters…

SocialViralProfits Hunters is Hunters team on Wednesdays

I am sure this goes down well with team member Shon Jimenez who owns Social Viral Profits.

Then on Thursdays it changes its name again, this time to CoolCatHits Hunters because owner Douglas Roehrig is the owner of that program.

CoolCatHits Hunters is the team name on Thursdays

And it is not only the program owners who win from this great example of team work…so do the members who surf the two traffic exchanges when they are highlighted by team Hunters.

Those members who surf 250 pages get a little extra reward too so everyone wins.


Val's Kore4 Catalog screenshot

Yesterday’s blog post was very long so I will keep this one short and to the point.

I noticed a program the other day which looked really cool.

Hunters leader Valentin Mavrodin has launched his Kore4 Catalog where he highlights Kore4 members and links to come cool sites (including this blog.)

It is certainly well worth checking out.

(I told you this post would be short and to the point!)


Valentin Mavrodin CTP Guide splash page

It is amazingly good to see so many people in CTP taking action this year.

I love writing about the many and varied ways CTP members promote themselves while going out of their way to help others at the same time.

Hunters leader Valentin Mavrodin has been busy putting together a guide to CTP for people who are new to traffic exchanges and new to CTP.

He explains the key elements really well and manages to capture the essence of CTP in his free 25-page guide which is well designed, easy to read and full of really great pictures and screen shots.

In it he explains what badges are and how to collect them, how to promote CTP, features including the Prize and Cash Wheels, the importance of filling out your profile page and, of course, the benefits of upgrading to Kore4.

Screenshot from Valentin Mavrodin's CTP Guide PDF

Nice job Val. Keep being creative.

Valentin splash page promoting CTP badges

One of the cool things about CTP badges is that you don’t have to be a traffic exchange owner to benefit from them.

Of course if you are a traffic exchange owner then badges will bring you more activity to your site, encourage visitors to stay longer, interact more and generally do many of the things that, as a business owner, you want to happen.

I have already written a lot abour badges so I don’t plan  to rehash this here. However it is great when members of the community decide to champion badges…because they see the value in them.

One such person doing this right now is Valentin Mavroden who has spent a lot of time of late promoting the benefits of CTP badges via a large number of unique splash pages he makes himself.

He has even just launched a Twitter #BadgesMania hashtag campaign to highlight the benefits of using CTP badges within the traffic exchange industry.

Val has worked out that this is a great way to build his downlines in many programs and it is working well for him.

Valentin Mavrodin starts #BadgesMania campaign on Twitter for CTP Badges

If you have an interesting story about how you use CTP badges then get in touch as as I would love to see what others are doing too.

The Bigfoot Badge Hunt has got its own unofficial blog already. Tom Wacker and Sunny Suggs are working on a new blog inspired by the hunt which begins on Monday.

It might be lacking in content right now and I am not sure what will actually be in it but this must be the first time a TimTech badge hunt has had its own blog.

BigFoot Badge Hunt unofficial blog

Hunters team leader Valentin Mavrodin has also been inspired by the badge hunt to design these splash pages to promote it.

One has a “live traffic feed” feature so you can see who has been looking at the page – nice touch.

Val's Bigfoot Badge Hunt splash page

Val's Bigfoot Badge Hunt splash page 1

Remember if you are promoting the badge hunt then let me know. The best way is to post what you are doing on Twitter using the hashtag #BigfootBadgeHunt


I have just been looking back through some recent CTP Teams blog posts and at this rate Uber Surfers and Hunters will need their very own blog.

These two teams have come from nowhere and really dominated in just a matter of days.

Valentin’s Hunters finished 14th overall last week with 35.9 million points and is currently on track to break into the Premier League next week – early days obviously but the team is on track none the less.

However Walter’s Uber Surfers have been on something of a rampage in recent days.

First Richard Arblaster disbanded #ovendogs to become an Uber ovendog, next Randy Sult closed Stinkin’ Badge Owners to snap up one of the last slots on Walter’s team as an Uber Badge Owner and finally Randy Ritter shut up shop to jump on board as an Uber Wingman. Walter even managed to recruit Sig from top team SurfAholics Alpha to become an Uber Viking.

Uber Surfers promoted to CTP Teams Premier League after just one week

Not only has Walter become an Uber grim reaper of CTP Teams but Uber Surfers was instantly promoted into the Premier League at the first opportunity after finishing in ninth place overall last week with 67.4 million team points.

Uber Surfers are currently fourth place in the Premier League…could they be planning to challenge the top three already? I think they just might give it a go.

Coming up next…a closer look at both leagues.

Earlier in the week I was surfing some of the Tim Tech traffic exchanges and I noticed that Walter and Val were both in the chats talking about their new teams…so that gave me an idea.

I said that if they got any new recruits to Uber Surfers or Hunters during the hour I was surfing then I would feature them on this blog…they did and so I am making good on my promise here.

CTP chat challenge to Walter and Val

Within minutes people in the chat were asking both leaders ab0ut their teams and the following people signed up…


Sylvester Kouadio joined Val’s team and is already on third place in the pack of hunters.

New Hunter Sylvester is already in third place on team

Uber Surfers:

Kendra Morgan and Lori Sivage joined Walter’s team and they are in second and seventh places on the team respectively.

New members for Walter's Uber Surfers Screenshot 2014-08-23 19.00.37

This is the screenshot of the first sign up…

my signup challenge in CTP Chat for Val and Walter's new teams

So well done to both teams and to the new members who joined as the result of the team leaders being active in CTP chat. Let’s see what great things you guys get up to next.



The two teams I am writing about today didn’t even exist a week ago. Uber Surfers was launched by Walter Mulder on Wednesday and Valentin Mavrodin launched his Hunters on Monday…but look at them now.

Competitive league, top ten on sat august 23 2014

They are both Top Ten teams in the Competitive League…but even better than that, the Hunters team has recruited its full compliment of 25 players and while Uber Surfers has filled 16 of its 25 slots it has climbed to first place in the league. In fact it looks highly likely that Uber Surfers will be in the Premier League on Monday…how is that for a rapid rise to success.

I think what Walter and Val have done here, more eloquently than any words could do, is show that CTP teams is far from already sewn up by the current teams. With determination and skill anyone can come from nowhere and put their mark on the contest in just days.

In fact as I write this Walter has had something of a major impact on the Competitive League as Richard Arblaster has just disbanded his #ovendogs team to join Uber Surfers.

No more #ovendogs as Richard Arblaster joins Uber Surfers

Coming up next: What happened when I saw Walter and Val in CTP Chat…

It seems that this is the week for CTP Teams players deciding to go it alone and create teams of their own.

On Monday Valentin Mavrodin quit the SurfAholics and decided it was time to become a Hunter. His Hunters team is just three days old and already it has 19 members so if you want to hunt with this pack you better get in fast.

Walter Mulder forms Uber Surfers

Now Walter Mulder has left his old team – I think it was Bonz Brigade but if I am wrong I am sure I will quickly be corrected – to form Uber Surfers, and I would guess this explains his recent tweet:

Uber Surfers currently has four members but I can see this team growing rather rapidly too and already it has moved up 33 places in the Competitive League. Val’s team is in tenth place in the league while Walter’s team is just a few hours old and is not far behind in 15th place.

Walter explained the move in an email to his subscribers earlier today, when he wrote: “Uber Surfers” is named after the special badge that you get when you collect badges from TrafficR.us and Clicking Success.

We’re open for new members! It’s all in competitive spirit. I love every team in CTP and all CTP members. But the game is on! ;-)”

So good luck to Walter and Val for their new teams…two teams I am sure will be very successful indeed.

Walter Mulder's team Uber Surfers home page on day one at CTP Teams


Hunters new CTP Teams team led by Valentin Mavrodin

Earlier today Valentin Mavrodin decided to leave the SurfAholics and start his own team. He had been on both the Alphas and Bravos but has now decided to hunt elsewhere.

At the moment he is hunting alone, oh his team is called Hunters by the way, but he is looking for others to join with him.

Val said it was just a spontaneous decision to start his own team and said one of the reasons was to develop his management skills.

When he started he was in 57th place in the overall league table – yes there are now 57 teams in CTP Teams which is really good going.

Hunters is new CTP Teams team

However within a few hours he had climbed 37 places to be tenth in the Competitive League.

For now he hunts alone but if you want to hunt with him then get in touch with Valentin.