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SurfAholics Alpha trophy count at end of S2 W8

After one of the most controversial weeks in CTP Teams, SurfAholics Alpha took the Premier League by a landslide to end their four week spell without a win.

Terry Allison’s team won by 45.8 billion points to 25.0 billion points earned by second placed Uber Surfers in a week which saw Lucky 13 come in third with 7.6 billion points.  (The top eight teams broke the billion point barrier last week.)

In fact the scale of the win was so huge that there were calls for the Alphas to divulge exactly what their team strategy was and explain how they won.

There was even a call for the Alphas to be investigated to determine whether they had broken any rules and a whisper that this was team that TimTech wanted to win.

So let me make it absolutely crystal clear to everyone. TimTech does not support or favor any one team over any other, does not give extra help an any team and nor does it seek to hinder the performance of any team.

If SurfAholics Alpha want to tell the world what they did last week that is up to them, but if they choose to keep their team tactics to themselves then that is also up to them. The same applies to every other team within the contest.

Season Two points table as of end of S2 W8

So as we move into the penultimate week of this season – we are now into week nine of ten for Season Two – there is still everything to play for.

Both Alphas and Ubers are tied on 516 points and Lucky 13 are in third place with 507 points. Looks like it is going to be a rather explosive end to Season Two. Good luck everyone and have fun.




Late surge from SurfAholics Alpha put them top on S2 W8 D7

I knew I shouldn’t have made predictions. As soon as I pressed the “send” button on the last teams update post I said as much to myself.

I wrote: “Right now Ubers are first with a sizeable lead over the Alphas and Lucky 13 are third. If I was a betting man, that is how I would predict the top three teams to remain on Sunday night…”


Then I wrote: “…however CTP Teams is far from predictable so I won’t be placing any bets.”


Just look what SurfAholics Alpha has done in the final day of this week’s contest…they have added rocket fuel to their activity and leapt from third place to first in a single bound.

Not only have they gone into first place but they are so far ahead of the field that could anyone catch them now? Alphas are currently on 42 billion points compared with “just” 22 billion for second placed Ubers and 7 billion for third placed Lucky 13.

Talking of Lucky 13, I should have paid more attention to their team member and CTP Teams expert Tom Wacker because he predicted this on Monday.

On his show he said he felt that this would be the week that the SAA’s pounced and put in a concerted effort to win Week 8…and it looks as though this is what happened.

Exactly what the SAAs did remains unclear…you can’t fault a team for wanting to keep their strategy secret. However they insist that they have played within the rules and that the whole team was involved in the push for first place.

So am I going to predict a win for the Alphas? Not quite. I am not getting caught out like that twice in one week…but I will be paying very close attention to what Tom Wacker has to say tomorrow.

Lucky 13 Win CTP Teams S2 W7 contest

There is no doubt that Lucky 13 went all out to win last weeks CTP Teams contest…and win it they did.

Former team leader Tom Wacker said as much as his show a week ago today and the team put all they had into securing victory.

It is the first time in season two that any team other than Uber Surfers or SurfAholics Alpha has come in first. Alphas won the first three weeks, Ubers won the next three and Lucky 13 have claimed week seven.

I had an idea that this would be a fiercely fought contest and I was right. All through the weekend the top two teams flip flopped on the leaderboard as no sooner did one gain a slight advantage than the other took it away again.

There was to be no run-away victory again this week and while, at one point, it looked as though the Ubers had done enough to claim victory, Lucky 13 snatched it at the end.

Tom Wacker, writing in the Lucky 13 blog today, said: “It was an epic, hard fought battle, but the L13 beat out the Ubers and SAA to win their first week of the season.  It was really, really close, and wasn’t finally decided until the very stroke of midnight.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of Lucky 13 this week.  We took on the challenge and every single member busted a gut to achieve our goal.  What an effort and what a week. It was a very good run, and we can be proud of ourselves as a team.  We really did well.”

There was, once again, a huge points gap between the top three teams and the rest of the pack. CSN came in a comfortable fourth but the points spread in the teams immediately below them was relatively narrow.

Dream Team, Beginners and Winners and In To Win all moved up a league yesterday; they had their places taken by The Strays, Surf Lovers and Bad Surfers.

We are now into  week eight of the current season which means there are just three more weeks to go. Right now the top of the Season Points table looks like this:

1. Uber Surfers – 451 points

2. SurfAholics Alpha – 450 points

3. Lucky 13 – 443 points

4. Renegades – 430 points

5. Cash Surfing Network – 424 points

So as we enter a new week, keep going strong no matter where you happen to be in CTP Teams and, above all, have fun.

See you all for TELive at 4pm Eastern. Hope you can make it.

Alphas and Ubers level on season points as we enter week seven for season two on CTP Teams

As we enter week seven in Season Two of CTP Teams there is absolutely nothing to separate the top two teams which remain level in every way.

SurfAholics Alpha and Uber Surfers both have three weekly wins and three second places under their belts which leaves them both in joint first place on the Season Points table.

Lucky 13 – which has consistently come in at third place for each of the last six weeks – is, not surprisingly, also in third place on the Seasons Points table.

Uber Surfers has amassed a larger number of bonuses during the season, so right now at least, it does look to be the stronger of the top two teams. That is not to say that an Uber victory is guaranteed as anything could happen in CTP Teams.

This week Lucky 13 has started strongly and at the time of writing (9.30am Eastern) the team is just shy of one billion points. Ubers have passed the half a billion points mark already and the Alphas are closing in on it.

There has been a huge start also this week for Dream Team which is top of the Competitive League and is outperforming many Premier League teams right now to move up to fifth place overall.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the OutKasts – the team that can never win – didn’t win last week’s contest after all. We came in 16th overall and that is where we remain right now.

No matter where you are in CTP Teams, have a great week ahead everybody. Good luck and remember to have fun.

Top Five in CTP Teams at end of S2 W6 D7

Uber Surfers took more than just top honors when they wrapped up the week in first place yesterday…

They also took SurfAholics Alpha team member Howard Fullmer from their main rivals and welcomed him on board with open arms.

Now – at the half way point in this season’s contest – the Alphas have just the narrowest of leads – as they are just one point clear of Ubersurfers.

Lucky 13 came in third yesterday and are also third on the season’s leaderboard. Cash Surfing Network were fourth last week and Renegades fifth, however their positions are reversed in the season points table.

Dream Team, Ultimate Surf Warriers and Adkreator move up to the top league this week and have been replaced by The Strays, WealthBuilders and TERacing League.

So now as we are into the second half of the season let’s see if we can make it as fun and exciting as the first half was…something tells me this will not be too much of a problem. Have fun everyone.



Ubers top CTP Teams Premier League at end of S2 W3

As winning streaks go, it is another CTP Teams record for SurfAholics Alpha…19 week unbeaten run at the top of the CTP Teams Premier League.

However all winning streaks must eventually end and Week Three of Season Two saw the Alphas dislodged from first place by on-form Uber Surfers.

The Uber Surfers were in first place for most of the week, were pushed back to second as the Alphas pushed forward for the win but snatched the lead back towards the end of play.

Lucky 13 took third place once again, with Renegades fourth and CSN fifth.

Hits WorkForce, Ultimate Surf Warriors and In To Win all moved up from the Competitive League and were replaced by TE Racing League, The Strays and Surf Lovers.

As we enter Week Four of Season Two it is very tight at the top of the Season Table with Alphas just one point ahead of the Ubers and Lucky 13, five points off the lead in third place.

The Top Ten on the Season Table looks like this:

Season Points in CTP Teams at the end of S2 W3

So once again as we enter a new week at CTP Teams, good luck everyone and have fun.

It is nice with two rival teams bond so well with each other. I have been looking closely at Lucky 13 and Uber Surfers both yesterday and today and one thing really stands out…how close these two teams really are to each other.

Like a couple on the floor of an old fashioned dance hall, where one goes the other follows.

These screenshots taken yesterday and today should demonstrate what I mean.

Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 neck and neck in CTP Teams Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 neck and neck in CTP Teams s2 w2 Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 neck and neck in CTP Teams s2 w2 Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 neck and neck in CTP Teams s2 w2 Uber Surfers and Lucky 13 neck and neck in CTP Teams s2 w2

The last shot is particularly striking…when that was taken virtually nothing separated the two teams at all…it must have been quite painful then with all that stepping on each other’s toes!

And talking of close…another two teams were getting very close earlier on this morning…step forward Renegades and Dream Team.

Little to separate Renegades and Dream Team in CTP Teams S2 W2 battle

CTP Teams S2 w1 top five winners

In the end it was a rather easy win for SurfAholics Alpha as they got Season Two off to a dream start by claiming top spot in the Premier League.

And with a 12 billion point gap over second placed Uber Surfers it was a fairly dramatic opening statement.

Lucky 13 came in third but Kore4 was not that far behind them and there was another big gap between fourth place and fifth placed Renegades.

CTP Teams S2 Wk2 D1 top five table in Premier League

A few hours into week two and we find Ubers in third behind Lucky 13 in second and Alphas still out in front. Alphas are the only team to one billion points already but that situation won’t last for too long.

Dream Team are in fourth place and fifth placed WealthBuilders are doing very well – having moved up from the Competitive League this week.

Finally the Season Points table is now active with the positions the teams finished in yesterday determining how many points they received.

Given that the last placed team gets one point, the second last team gets two points etc then the placings for the Season Points table is exactly the same as the order the teams have finished in as shown by the Last Week Standings table.

As ever good luck to every team this week and have fun.

CTP Teams Season Points table after one week of Season Two




S2 w1 top of Premier League table at CTP TeamsIt has been, to say the least, an interesting week at CTP Teams…especially for the teams at the top.

Uber Surfers, which formed last year by breaking away from Bonz Brigade, effectively merged with their old team when William Millar disbanded his Bonz team which resulted in him and two others joining Ubers.

There were lots of gasps of surprise at this development but Ubers leader Walter Mulder is quick to spot advantages for his team and pounce when the time is right.

If the move ruffled any feathers in the SurfAholics Alpha camp then we will never know but it does not look like they were very much troubled by recent developments.

First placed Alphas are currently 11.5 billion points ahead of their nearest rivals and 31 billion points ahead of third placed Lucky 13.

In the Premier League eight of the ten teams have now broken the one billion points barrier, and a ninth team, Cash Surfing Network, is very close with 0.99 billion points. In the Competitive League only Hunters have more than one billion points.

With ten hours to go there is still all to play for and the final hours of a weekly contest can be very fast and furious indeed.

Maybe after yesterday’s events Uber Surfers might have considered renaming themselves Uber Bonz Brigade?

Yesterday William Miller disbanded Bonz Brigade to join what is currently the second best team in CTP Teams and team mate Colleen Fitten also joined him in the season’s first shock double transfer.

Today in a triple transfer Deborah Cook has filled the last remaining space in the team which has quite a useful bonus stockpile built up right now…more than 2,600%. However whether that helps them catch first placed SurfAholics Alpha which is currently nine billion points ahead remains to be seen.

These are certainly three very good signings and shows that the CTP Teams environment is fluid and dynamic. The contest is well and truly on.