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Today I want to talk about something that I truly believe is such an important part of growing your success in your endeavors. Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” talks about the importance of the mastermind group. This topic is highlighted in almost every personal development book or program I have read or participated in.

However while I believed in the concept, I couldn’t quite figure out how to put together a group of people who would be interested in mutually helping each other in the online marketing group. After all, most of my offline friends eyes would glaze over when I tried to explain it.

With the emergence of Social Media and traffic exchanges like CTP creating more of a community, it makes the process so much easier to attain. So many of us don’t take full advantage of all the possibilities from being active in the programs we participate in. To learn and grow, a healthy exchange of ideas is key. Creating a mastermind group whether formal or informal is now easily within reach.

Watch and participate in Blabs, Skype groups, chat in the Traffic Exchanges. Find out what people want to achieve. Ask questions, you will be surprised how many people want to help you achieve your goals. When you find some people with similar interests or challenges you want to address, just ask… you may be surprised how quickly you can build your Mastermind Group. Just remember to see how you can help others…its NOT all about you, it’s all about HELPING them.

Have you had an experience with a Mastermind or would like to participate in one? I’d love to connect and see how I can help YOU. I look forward to your comments.

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Carla Frey


First thing first I want to thank Jon Olson for giving me the chance to be part of this blog. And now back to my question “So Are You Using Video Yet?” If you have I applaud You High Five and all that. If you haven’t and don’t plan to. I’m kind of curious has to why you have or will not adopt to the changes that are going on in the advertising sphere of traffic exchanges or any other kind of online advertising. It’s the age of Video  embrace it use it to your advantage. get out from behind the old way of advertising get in front of a camera and make a video. Your going to find out it’s actually fun and nobody is going to bite your head off . Hey if they do its only because they haven’t come around yet. Mark my words in a couple of years video pages are going to be the norm in traffic exchanges. So if you start now today. You will be ahead of everyone who keeps putting it off dog video camera

For me my first video I was extremely nervous making it and especially showing it. But you know what people like it. So then I was like this is cool. So I made another then another. Now all the sudden I’m not just a pitcher on a splash or squeeze page. I’m a real person. and you know what else video has really helped me with my branding. Maybe just maybe it could do the same for you

Over at my blog Scott Rohn’s Thoughts I did a couple of blog posts about doing video that could help you once you start making videos. It’s like Jon always says “Everyone should be using video in the advertising” Something like that. In one post I showed how you can get your video uploaded to You tube Super Fast. Then there is another post where I show you how to add your video to a squeeze page at adkreator and how to make it autoplay. Yes Autoplay if your video does not autoplay it will never be heard .

I’m ending this blog post knowing that there might be a few of you guys that do at least one video. To you that do I say thumbs up keep going. I also know that most of you won’t and that’s to bad

Thanks for Your Time


Scott Rohn



It was hard, thankless work but someone had to do it.

For three solid years former Lucky 13 leader Tom Wacker toiled away on an exhaustive online survey for the good of the traffic exchange industry.

He wanted to find out what made advertisers tick, what they liked to put on their splash pages in order to get your attention and he was most diligent in his research.

As Tom put it himself: “Over the past three years I have viewed hundreds of thousands of splash pages, landing pages, copy pages and more than a few unidentifiable pages. I have kept meticulous track in several categories, and the secrets are just about to be revealed.”

So what did he find? Well his research revealed that girls with big boobs (GWBB) seem to come out on top, if you pardon the expression, when it comes to the vast majority of traffic exchange adverts.

But Tom was not content with that one finding alone because his tireless research on your behalf led him to identify several subsets of this overall category.

He identified, for example, the following four important groups:

A: GWBB and a fist full of $100 bills.
B: GWBB and perfect teeth. Often with a really stupid surprised look on their faces and a fist full of $100 bills.
C: GWBB and perfect teeth in an exotic beach setting. Often with a laptop computer, but not necessary to complete the scene.
D: GWBB with perfect teeth in a mansion. Less common than the first 3.

So that is what came out top of his survey but he has also shared the adverts which came second, third and fourth during his journey through many hundreds of thousands of splash pages.

Does GWBB feature elsewhere in his survey results? You bet she does but I won’t spoil the surprise for those of you who have not already seen his full set of findings.

Find out more: TomWacker.com – Survey Results: Surprises



Sometimes we are all so busy online that we fail to take even a moment or two out of your busy days to help others.

A huge example of how terribly wrong that approach can be was given by Jon Olson in TELive yesterday.

Jon was surfing some of the TimTech traffic exchanges when he noticed that a new member (we bring in lots of new members each and every day) asking for help in chat.

The briefest of exchanges took place with an old hand in the TE industry before the newcomer was brushed aside with the comment: “If you need to know any more then contact support.”

This is what happened next…

1. The newcomer stopped chatting and presumably went off to do their own research to find the answers they needed.

2. Over the following few hours the newcomer upgraded in the program he was asking about and then went in to make further purchases with TimTech.

3. The member who brushed him off got nothing from this…not a penny and neither did (s)he deserve to.

Now imagine if that member had actually taken the time to help this person, then who do you think would have benefited from the purchases which followed?

Opportunities like this must be missed on a daily basis because far too many members of “social” traffic exchanges have lost the ability to be social, or even friendly for that matter.

Interestingly Richard Arblaster touched upon this subject in a recent post on his NAFTE Chronicles blog in a post called “The Art of Conversation.”

In it he wrote: “It’s time to bring back the art of conversation in the Traffic Exchange chatrooms.

“I love to see people interacting in the chat, even though up until a couple of days ago I wasn’t participating that much in chat as I used to.

“There’s nothing more annoying than going into chat and see a whole column full of copy and pasted prize wins, sometimes from just one surfer.

“So let’s bring back the art of conversation and start interacting with each other and helping each other when a question is asked.”

Good timing Richard. Let’s start chatting again because it could pay dividends…and sometimes quite literally.

That question was recently asked to Tim on his blog and it is something which comes up very frequently indeed.

This is part of his answer to that question. I put it here because I think it is of importance to everyone on CTP Teams. We really do have a really awesome community here and you should all be very proud of yourselves.

But back to Tim…this is what he said:

“We’ve built a really awesome community at ClickTrackProfit, and it’s a really active community. With CTP Teams, all the training steps, and of course the badges, anyone and everyone has fun with traffic exchanges and CTP.

“So if you’re on the outside looking in..  Jump in! Often times we’ll talk to new owners and they’ll think they aren’t big enough or we don’t know them enough or that there is some reason we won’t let them in. But it’s actually the opposite, we love getting new traffic exchanges and new owners in on the fun 😉

“There are a few ways you can do this, so the best thing is to talk to Brenda. She is our point person for owners to go to and plan how they want to integrate into CTP. And really the sky is the limit, or at least your imagination.

“We can help you launch your exchange, we can help you promote your exchange, we can help you figure out ways to make it better. The best part about having CTP is the people really are the best in the industry and they give us valuable feedback all the time.”

Click on the screenshot below to read Jon’s full blog post.

Tim Linden blogging about Traffic Exchanges

Well it seems like no sooner does one CTP Teams member make a video then everyone is at it…well not quite everyone. (If I have told myself once not to exaggerate I have told myself a million times or more.)

Richard Arblaster, leader of #ovendogs, recently announced that his formerly secret Project Insanity was to be a new traffic exchange called Not Another Flipping TE or NAFTE for short.

Now it seems he is ready to take Beta Testers for this CTP Teams-inspired traffic exchange as his video below explains.

This is good timing because The TEGuy himself Jon Olson has just written a post – 5 Ways To Make Your Traffic Exchange Better.

Hit Exchange News - 5 Ways To Make Your Traffic Exchange Better

Definitely worth checking out for both new and existing TE owners.

Not Another Flipping Traffic Exchange squeeze page

I am looking forward to seeing how this project progresses.