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Lucky 13 has lost its emperor.

Some might say that losing an emperor is rather careless but it happens from time to time.

Thankfully he was found safe and well by a sharp-eyed TimTech associate and given a new home on the inside of the organization.

The emperor in question is Tom Wacker who founded Lucky 13 and was its leader during the epic battles that took place between his team and SurfAholics Alpha in Season One of CTP Teams.

He stepped down after being joining TimTech in his new role as a member of the support team and has written about his decision to do so on his blog.

As Tom points out there was no pressure on him to leave the team but he felt it was the correct thing for him to do in the circumstances.

I think I will be right in saying, that despite this development, Tom’s heart will never be too far from Lucky 13.

Read more: Tom Wacker blog: Ch Ch Ch Changes

Jon Olson announces the latest addition to the TimTech team on New Nerd Tuesday at TELive

The Emperor has returned.

Tom Wacker, the former emperor of TimTech, is back.

The news was announced by Jon in today’s “New Nerd Tuesday” edition of TELive.

Tom has been a regular in the TE community for some time now and is well-respected by all, so he makes an ideal new addition to the team.

Tom will be the latest addition to the TimTech support team so if you send in a support ticket it may be that you get a reply from our former emperor.

Here is how the news went down in TELive…

Tom Wacker joins TimTech announced in TELive today

Jon said: “We are delighted to have Tom as part of the team. He knows this industry inside out and has always been a loyal supporter and friend to TimTech.

“Being part of this community is important to all of us at TimTech and so Tom really is an ideal fit and it is a very exciting day for us when we are able to welcome a new nerd to our community.”

One of the first questions we got was whether Tom will now step down from Lucky13.

As far as we are concerned that is totally up to Tom. If he wants to stay with the team then that is fine by us but if he wants to join The OutKasts, the team that can never win, then we are cool with that too.

So welcome on board Tom. It is going to be great.


Late surge from SurfAholics Alpha put them top on S2 W8 D7

I knew I shouldn’t have made predictions. As soon as I pressed the “send” button on the last teams update post I said as much to myself.

I wrote: “Right now Ubers are first with a sizeable lead over the Alphas and Lucky 13 are third. If I was a betting man, that is how I would predict the top three teams to remain on Sunday night…”


Then I wrote: “…however CTP Teams is far from predictable so I won’t be placing any bets.”


Just look what SurfAholics Alpha has done in the final day of this week’s contest…they have added rocket fuel to their activity and leapt from third place to first in a single bound.

Not only have they gone into first place but they are so far ahead of the field that could anyone catch them now? Alphas are currently on 42 billion points compared with “just” 22 billion for second placed Ubers and 7 billion for third placed Lucky 13.

Talking of Lucky 13, I should have paid more attention to their team member and CTP Teams expert Tom Wacker because he predicted this on Monday.

On his show he said he felt that this would be the week that the SAA’s pounced and put in a concerted effort to win Week 8…and it looks as though this is what happened.

Exactly what the SAAs did remains unclear…you can’t fault a team for wanting to keep their strategy secret. However they insist that they have played within the rules and that the whole team was involved in the push for first place.

So am I going to predict a win for the Alphas? Not quite. I am not getting caught out like that twice in one week…but I will be paying very close attention to what Tom Wacker has to say tomorrow.

Sometimes in life the answer to a slightly confusing splash page can be found…in another splash page.

Actually it is a very good marketing trick that has been tried and tested and works very well.

1. Say something to capture people’s attention.

2. Ensure that the ‘something’ you say really does capture attention and leaves your audience a little confused.

3. After a suitable time (and maybe after more than one teaser page) reveal what was going on and what you would like people to do.

Also remember that we are not necessarily talking about Mensa-level puzzles here (although I can see that working if done right).

This was Tom’s original page:

Tom Wacker Getting Bombed video splash page

It would not take a huge amount of brain power to work out that he was promoting the CTP Sub Game for this coming Friday.

But here’s the thing. Saying “I’m getting bombed on Friday the 13th!” and including a video almost compels you to want to find our more.

It also means that you will subconsciously connect that date with the thought that “Tom is doing something on this date.”

So what is going on.

Well it turns out that is more than just Tom…it is a Lucky 13 thing.

It would appear that four of the traffic exchanges associated with the Lucky 13 team have all got together to host the Sub Game this coming Friday.

This strikes me as a very good idea indeed. Creative, original and fun. I like it.

P.S. Right at the start of this blog post I said that sometimes the answer to a slightly confusing splash page can be found in another splash page…well the ‘reveal’ to Tom’s original page is shown below.

Lucky 13 TE owners have the bomb splash page

A Fine Whine Sweeva splash page by Tom Wacker

It would appear that Tom Wacker knows a thing or two about fine wines.

While not a consumer of fine wines, or indeed any other wines these days, I suspect he may have enjoyed a glass or two in the past.

It is not immediately clear why he has been running a video splash page on Sweeva this past week talking about wine tasting.

In fact I am not entirely sure that it is about wine tasting at all really.

Maybe you could make your own minds up.

One thing is certain…these funny video splash pages certainly cover a wide range of subject areas.

Keep them coming.

Tom Wacker Fine Wine Sweeva splash page 1

Tom Wacker Getting Bombed video splash page

January has gone and now that we are into February, for some at least, our thoughts turn to love and romance.

This certainly seems to be the case for Tom Wacker whose latest video splash page comes on a background of red love hearts.

He also wears an eye-patch and says he is getting bombed on Friday the 13th.

I am confused about it all. Not for the first time has a splash page confused me and I am sure it will not be the last either.

Does anyone know what Tom is up to here?


It was hard, thankless work but someone had to do it.

For three solid years former Lucky 13 leader Tom Wacker toiled away on an exhaustive online survey for the good of the traffic exchange industry.

He wanted to find out what made advertisers tick, what they liked to put on their splash pages in order to get your attention and he was most diligent in his research.

As Tom put it himself: “Over the past three years I have viewed hundreds of thousands of splash pages, landing pages, copy pages and more than a few unidentifiable pages. I have kept meticulous track in several categories, and the secrets are just about to be revealed.”

So what did he find? Well his research revealed that girls with big boobs (GWBB) seem to come out on top, if you pardon the expression, when it comes to the vast majority of traffic exchange adverts.

But Tom was not content with that one finding alone because his tireless research on your behalf led him to identify several subsets of this overall category.

He identified, for example, the following four important groups:

A: GWBB and a fist full of $100 bills.
B: GWBB and perfect teeth. Often with a really stupid surprised look on their faces and a fist full of $100 bills.
C: GWBB and perfect teeth in an exotic beach setting. Often with a laptop computer, but not necessary to complete the scene.
D: GWBB with perfect teeth in a mansion. Less common than the first 3.

So that is what came out top of his survey but he has also shared the adverts which came second, third and fourth during his journey through many hundreds of thousands of splash pages.

Does GWBB feature elsewhere in his survey results? You bet she does but I won’t spoil the surprise for those of you who have not already seen his full set of findings.

Find out more: TomWacker.com – Survey Results: Surprises



I like metaphors and I also like extended metaphors as long as they are done well.

Former Lucky 13 leader Tom Wacker has used his blog to compare really badly-run traffic exchanges to a really badly-run restaurant.

He keeps the metaphor going in a blog post which is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, but as is often the case with humor, there is a serious message which underlies the entire post.

There are too many bad restaurants in this world…ones you would just take one look at and move on down the street.

There are also too many bad traffic exchanges in the world…ones that really don’t deserve any customers at all.

So check out Tom’s post…have a laugh and never, ever, feel tempted to open a bad TE of your own. There are far too many out there already.

Further Reading: Tom Wacker.com – If TEs Were A Restaurant

Lucky 13 CTP Teams badges leaderboard at end of Season One

I must admit that I didn’t see this one coming…Tom Wacker has decided to step down as Lucky 13 leader and pass the reins on to team member Lynn M.

Tom made the official announcement on his team blog with the post “Ch Ch Ch Changes” which is also a reference to one of David Bowie’s classic singles if I am not mistaken.

Tom, who will remain a member of Lucky 13, will surely be remembered as one of the most successful of CTP Teams team leaders of all time, having spearheaded the only team to pose any real threat to SurfAholics Alpha in the first season of the contest.

tom wackerHe wrote: “I didn’t get run out, I didn’t get pushed out, and I managed to get out before I burned out. This season has certainly been the highlight of my online career. What a run it has been.

“I got to know an entire group of people better than I could have under any other circumstance. I think every single member of the team has helped me out in one way or another. The co operation and willingness has been truly amazing. I can, in no way, express enough gratitude to the Lucky 13 and TimTech for this incredible opportunity. I just don’t have the words.”

Paying tribute to rival teams he wrote: “We’ve had some epic battles with SurfAholics Alpha, The Strays, CSN and the UberSurfers. Much to it’s credit the Lucky 13 has risen to every challenge and stayed the course for the entire season without let up. A testimony to the caliber of the members of this team.”

Well as time for changes go the end of a season makes as much sense as any and it looks like Lucky 13 will be in safe hands with Lynn.

I suppose the funniest line in Tom’s post is the one where he says he didn’t get pushed out or run out of town…any team that would depose Tom as a leader is a team that does not deserve success; those are two scenarios that would never have happened.

I reckon the truth of the matter is to be found in the phrase “I managed to get out before I burned out” because running a leading CTP Premier League Team is far more stressful and time consuming than it looks.

It can be fun, I am sure it can be frustrating at times, most certainly demanding (of both time and mental energy), rewarding, maddening, challenging and most probably a lot of other things besides.

Tom has been a great leader, of that there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind. Here are some of the Lucky 13 statistics by way of illustration of what I mean:

Second place in weekly competitions – 13 times. (Quite appropriate all things considered I feel)

Third place in weekly competitions – 12 times.

Other trophies gained – 11 times. Those “other” team trophies include being first in weekly contests three times and being second in the monthly competition six times.

It takes great leadership and a great team do have a list of achievements like that. Tom has helped make Lucky 13 a force to be reckoned with within CTP Teams and he will be missed as a team leader. Lynn M has a hard act to follow but something tells me she will most certainly rise to the challenge.

Well done Tom for helping make Season One at CTP Teams as memorable as it was and good luck Lynn…let’s see what you can do with Season Two.

Further reading: Ch Ch Ch Changes.


Lucky 13 top CTP Teams Premier League wed dec 10

I have it on very good authority that Lucky 13 leader Tom Wacker was looking forward to making an announcement on his regular Spreecast this week.

Unfortunately Spreecast does not always tend to be the most reliable of platforms and while he was seen, he could not be heard. It seems that not all the comments people were posting were getting through either. The only way I could get my own comment being seen was by logging out and logging back in again.

But what was it that Tom wanted to say?

I think it was something like: “I am really pleased to see that Lucky 13 is in top place at CTP Teams” or words to that effect.

Well it is now Wednesday and I have just checked…and Lucky 13 are still top. Not only that but they are extending their lead too.

So there you go. Who needs Spreecast when we have the CTP Teams blog?