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A change, they say, is as good as a rest but I would care to disagree. With the amount of changes going on within CTP Teams lafely there has been no time for sitting back and relaxing at all.

One of the latest changes was announced with this rather cryptic splash page…

The Strays What Is It splash page

This was followed up with a much bigger clue in a second splash page…

The Strays Is It A Bird splash page

And this second splash page linked to the CTP profile page of Kris Rogers from The Strays…except that if you look closely she is not Kris Rogers from The Strays…

Kris Rogers CTP profile page

Because the logo with the cat and the bee on her page links to here…

CTP Teams new team Strays Team Bee launched 290914

So after all of this pictorial detective work we discover that The Strays – currently in fourth place in the Premier League – have been joined by a new team – Strays Team Bee – which in one day have leapt up 24 places to be 20th in the Competitive League.

Strays Team Bee join CTP Teams Competitive League

So talking of changes let’s see if I have this right. First of all there was a team called Crazy Cats People and Virginia Herron was on this team but the led a break away group called The Strays. Then after some time Virginia stepped down as leader of The Strays and then left them only to join Strays Team Bee a short time later.

And that is just one person! This all goes to show that CTP Teams is dynamic, vibrant, active, competitive and on the move like a fast-flowing river.

Good luck to these new cats and good luck to every member of CTP Teams because you guys really put the awesome sauce into this already awesome community.

As anticipated on this blog, the rivalry between Lucky 13 and The Strays is indeed hotting up.

Almost as soon as I write a post predicting that it would then The Strays fire off their response to Lucky 13 squirting water on their fur. (Don’t you just hate it when someone squirts water at your fur?)

Anyway this is what The Strays have done…

The Strays v Lucky 13 ad campaigns for CTP Teams

“We don’t rely on LUCK, we rely on teamwork and effort,” is the message from The Strays in response to the “losers” advert from their feline rivals the day before.

And I love the scratchcard theme…scratchcard…lottery…luck…get it?

I would really love to see this play out at a forthcoming Sweeva Surf Party…these two teams have awesome members who really understand what this is all about and they are having great fun in the process.

Utterly fantastic stuff.

Last week saw the battle between The Strays and Lucky 13 for top spot, and as we know, Lucky 13 held on to their lead all week.

Naturally there was rivalry between both teams during the week…just as you would expect there would be from two very competitive teams.

Yesterday in TELive I mentioned this splash page which Boris made about rivals The Strays:

Losers jibe from Lucky 13 to The Strays

Some people thought the headline was a bit harsh, as did I when I first heard about it. But, having seen the page, I can see that this is nothing more than gentle ribbing.

Now it is the time for The Strays to respond…to keep the rivalry going. Nobody gets hurt, nobody is attacked personally, but it brings something of a competition within a competition if you like.

Jon had a great idea for this week’s Sweeva Surf Party (let’s hope we can get him out of his new hot tub in time for the SSP!) and said a battle of the splash pages between these two teams would be awesome.

It sure would. And with The Strays now with a new leader maybe they are already planning their next move.

Watch this space as they say.

What is going on with The Strays? It would appear that there are some changes taking place at the huge communal apartment they share at a mystery location somewhere in Middle America.

Last time I looked I was sure Virginia was in the big basket closest to the catnip marked “Leader” but not any more.

The leader’s basket is now occupied by Patrick Doolin and Virginia has moved to one of the designer Kore4 baskets.

New leader at The Strays

The Strays seem to be taking well to the new change…they are currently top of The Premier League behind SurfAholics Alpha and Empower World Team.

Patrick Doolin CTP


The awesomeness coming out of CTP Teams right now is utterly amazing.

If you checked out the Lucky 13 Meet The Team video yesterday then take another look at it today…it has a beefed up ending which takes this to yet another new level.

This is the video with the new ending…

Jerry Iannucci – you are one of the funniest guys online.

Jerry Iannucci on Lucky 13 video

In other news have you seen how the top of the Premier League looks right now.

Well this is how it looked late on Tuesday night when I wrote this post…

CTP Teams Premier League Screenshot

Screenshot updated to show position at 8.20am Eastern today:

Battle for the top at CTP Teams

Look at Lucky 13…look at The Strays – cats and humans in a mega race to accumulate points.

So I looked for clues as how they might be doing so well and I didn’t have to look too hard. These screenshots give a clue as to the amazing amounts of bonuses both teams are picking up right now.

First Lucky 13…

Lucky 13 CTP Teams BonusesAnd now The Strays with even more…

The Strays CTP Teams BonusesI love CTP Teams.

What is it with CTP Teams and singing? It seems that teams are falling over themselves to show their musical talents.

The latest team to get in on the musical action is The Strays with The CTP Strays Rock! which was written and produced by team-member Kris Rogers.

The CTP Strays Rock! still

The video rap appears on YouTube and there is even a shot in the video where The Strays pay tribute, if that is the right phrase, to their origins…

The CTP Strays Rock! still 1

To check out more about how the video came about then see Kris’s blog post – Rapping It Up and to check out the video then see below.

It is actually a rather infuriatingly catchy song. “We are The Strays We are Awesome…We are The Strays…”

Well done Kris.

We all know that XP is really fashionable…after everyone wants to use them…either to collect for team points, or give away or both.

But The Strays team leader Virginia Herron has taken being fashionable and XP to a the ultimate level with a really creative way of giving the points away.

As you may know, Virginia runs Poshsperity, her own online fashion boutique. (We recently spoke about the importance of updating your CTP profile page and she uses that link to promote this online business.)

Anyway she is giving away 5,000 XP for purchases of $50 or more with an additional 3,000 XP up for grabs to anyone who does a YouTube video on their purchase.

So this takes in word of mouth…social media…peer approval…smart move I think and a smart use of XP from The Strays leader.

Click on the screenshots below and check out her online boutique.

Virginia Herron fashion sitePoshperity screenshot



The Strays are settling inThe Strays are settling in…and they want everyone to know. Well with two weeks at the top of CTP Teams I would say they are settling in quite nicely.

However they have just put this blog post up to say they are settling in. This is how it began…

“We are settling in as a solid team but these Kore 4 bonuses are going to be interesting. The Surfaholics just had the edge with 2 bonuses to our 1. I am still gathering intel about the Kore4 renewal dates. If you don’t know then go to Sweeva in the member stats area and it tells you.”

I would certainly recommend that you read the post but it is an excellent example of how to communicate with your fellow team members. Lots of very useful information indeed.

Then no sooner has I read this post then, as if by magic, another blog post swirled around my screen. It looked amazingly similar. Settled In was the headline and it began like this:

“We are settled in as a solid team and we have these Kore4 bonuses figured out. The Strays just had the 1 to our 2 which was a nice bonus glad you guys took advantage of it. We have most of our database complete just need to verify which of their members are on their first second or third renewal. I won’t ask you for your upgrade dates as those are all registered, but make sure to visit Sweeva and get your 10 a day done.”

So what is going on? Could it possibly be SurfAholics Alpha’s Team Leader Matt Badura having a friendly poke at his pals The Strays? I think, somehow, that is exactly what is going on here.

I love this good humored rivalry between teams…it is settling down to be most entertaining indeed.

Kore4 Kitty drinking milkYesterday we revealed that The Strays had become the first  all Kore4 team in CTP. Well done once again, this is a CTP milestone which no other team can ever achieve.

While it is not a huge surprise that The Strays claimed this honor, it is surprising that SurfAholics Alpha team leader Matt Badura provided the push to make it happen.

When The Strays formed, a select group of SurfAholics, hand picked from both the Alpha and Bravo teams, were tasked with the job of tracking down their secret lair.

A second team discovered when the only non-Kore4 cat liked to leave the hideout to take a break and each night an Alpha or Bravo agent would leave out a fresh saucer of milk…with the promise of more treats  if the kitty upgraded to Kore4.

Milk and tasty fish snacks followed and the final stray was close to upgrading but always held out for more so Matt made him an offer he could not refuse…

He provided a saucer of the creamiest milk in the neighborhood and sweetened the deal with 200,000 CTP XP.

The XP was the clincher as the cat hotfooted it back to the lair and upgraded to Kore4 within seconds…he didn’t even wait to lick the last remnants of milk from his whiskers.

So why did Matt do it. Well it seems that Matt went a little crazy when he discovered that Thursday was his Official Birthday.

He said: “Well if you guys wanna make it my birthday than that’s fine by me, but on my birthday I Party and Go Nuts. NUTS? Yeah crazy , coo coo, no care in the world.

“I mean I just gave Patrick Doolin from The Strays a gentle little 50,000 XP PUSH to upgrade to Kore4. Ohh wait, I guess he just got 200,000 XP since he is KORE 4.

“Well looks like the strays will be the first Kore4 only team, and here’s to winning your second week.”

Would you also like 50,000 XP from Matt? Well you have until tomorrow (Sunday) to be in with a chance.

Click on the picture of Matt’s head below to find out how.

matt badura headshotOne last thing though…there is no more milk left…just XP. The cats polished off the last of the milk.


Strays are all Kore4

BREAKING NEWS: The Strays are now the first all Kore 4 team…so well done cats.

This means that they started the week top of the Premier League and they are now virtually certain to finish the week in top spot too. Well with a gap of 120 million points between them and second placed SurfAholics Alpha I think I am fairly certain in saying that this week is theirs.

The Strays are all Kore4

However there is a really, really, really interesting story about how they became all Kore4…and I will share that with you tomorrow.

But for now…well done Strays.