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After a short absence to allow Jon to attend to his wedding, TELive made a return to our computer screens this week.

Jon talked about his wedding (naturally), shared some funny stories and even shared a picture or two with the TELive community.

Here is one of them…the slightly nerve-wracking first dance.

jon wedding dance first picture

The dry ice machine is a particularly cool touch I think.

Also on TELive this week we had the return of the one and only Justin Ledvina.

Jon and Justin on TELive

Justin made an appearance to give the TELive audience an exclusive update on how he was progressing with his Ostrich Effect book project.

He has put a lot of time and effort into getting this book just right and it promises to contain a wealth of information that any budding online (or offline) entrepreneur needs to know.

So welcome back TELive – for those of you who don’t know this is the show for the traffic exchange community. Live and totally unscripted it is always both unpredictable and always fun.

Jon and Marcus on TELiveOK so I am not quite sure what happened at the end of yesterday’s TELive.

I remember the show being full of great content, useful training material, a bit of fun and laughter and then Marcus wanted to say a few words.

This was not jumping off a ladder Marcus, it was not even setting himself on fire Marcus, it was super serious Marcus.

Wearing his crisp white Legacy t-shirt, he was a man on a mission, with a serious message to impart.

Maybe I was a little tired after a long day at the computer but, I must admit, I didn’t fully understand every single issue he raised.

But there is good news.

Today’s TELive is the one where Jon interviews someone from the industry and today the special guest just happens to be Marcus Wahl.

His Legacy partners Ken and Rodney will also be there and this looks to be a very interesting TELive indeed.

I will certainly be there. TELive is at 4pm Eastern today. Don’t miss it.

Nick Grimshawe ON TELive

It is thirsty work appearing on TELive…just ask Nick Grimshawe.

The first non-TE owner guest on Jon’s Tuesday interview slot, he spoke about the training he has offered in CTP.

Essentially it is a training program for a training program and his program – Learn with Nick – has really helped a lot of people understand what CTP is all about and made him a leader within the industry.

He said that he wanted to help other people to use CTP after using it himself and finding that it was an ideal way to get into the online working from home industry.

One of his ‘secrets’ to getting the best out of CTP was ‘never to give up on your referrals’ and to constantly work on building relationships with members of your downline.

He said the biggest stumbling block for people coming online for the first time was coping with the ‘information overload’ which was both overwhelming and confusing.

Nick said the ‘drip feed’ method of allowing people to learn in stages was important to helping people get the basics right and building a strong foundation for their online business.

He said: “It is really important for people to understand what they are doing and to understand what the sites they join actually do.

“People must understand what a traffic exchange or a mailer does first before they can take the next steps and CTP is very good at allowing them to do that without getting overwhelmed.”

If you missed Tuesday’s TELive you can catch up here: Learn With Nick Earn With Nick

Jon Olson and Tony Tezak on TELive

Tuesday’s TELive where Jon interviewed Tony Tezak from Tezak Traffic Power and Lucky 13 was a joy to listen to.

In fact it was so good I would have to say it must be one of the very best TELive shows ever.

I listened to it twice…once when it was live on Tuesday and again before writing this blog post.

It was good because Tony, one of the most knowledgeable people in the TE industry, gave some of the best information that I have ever heard.

Some of what he said must have been uncomfortable for some to listen to, perhaps very uncomfortable indeed at times…but it was information which needed to be said.

If you didn’t watch the show, and you have more than a passing interest in the traffic exchange industry, then I would strongly suggest that you set a side a full hour without interruptions and watch it as soon as you can.

Have a pen and paper to hand to take notes too because there is a lot you can learn from Tuesday’s talk.

Jon later described it as the most important TELive that he had ever done so, that alone, should tell  you that it is some awesome content from one of the most known, experienced, successful and well liked people in the industry.

Find out more including a link to Tuesday’s TELive with Tony Tezak:

The Most Important T.E. Live I’ve Ever Done…

Well today is going to be a bit different for everyone…the first day in two weeks that we are not collecting badges with Bill’s face on them.

But there are still plenty of badges to collect…in fact there is not too far to go now until an amazing 25 million badges will have been collected by members of CTP.

I am not going to predict when it will happen but with 24.18 m badges having been collected up until n0w, that day can’t be too far away.

As for the badge hunt, well it was the biggest ever and I think many would agree that was also the most successful.

I am sure Jon will have a lot more to say about that in TELive today so be sure not to miss it at 4pm Eastern today.

Season Three at CTP Teams is still going strong with lots of activity throughout each of the divisions.

Alphas, Renegades and Hunters remain the three teams which have not dropped a single point all season and it is very possible that they could continue that trend right up until the end of the season.

Obviously it is not guaranteed but with each passing week it looks like an ever more certain bet.

The ‘easiest’ team to catch right now is Easy Team in the Wealth Builder Division as it has just a seven point lead over second placed Surf to Earn.

Most of the other top teams are nine or ten points clear of their nearest rivals…except Hunters in the SiteXplosion Division which is currently the hardest team to catch, having opened up an 18 point lead over WealthBuilders 2.0.

No matter where your team is in CTP Teams another amazing week awaits to enjoy yourselves and have fun.

It is the first day of Week Seven at CTP Teams and Jon is very excited.

Last week’s cash contest could not have gone any better and today he gets to choose the winners during TELive…and that’s less than an hour away. (4pm Eastern)

Be sure to be there to find out if you are one of the winners.

Meanwhile SurfAholics Alpha, Renegades  Hunters and maintained their unbeaten runs last week and therefore remain the only three teams with the maximum weekly points – 30 points after six weeks of competition.

Uber Surfers climbed one place up the table in the Legacy Hits Division, things stayed the same at the Pharaoh’s Army Division while Ultimate Surf Warriors also climbed up one place in the Ragin’ Redneck Division.

WealthBuilders 2.0 and Lucky 13 Too both advanced in the SiteXplosion Division, Team Wealthy was the only team to move upwards in the GPowerSurf Division while there were no movers in the Wealth Builder Division.

In the catch all Cup of Traffic Division the top five teams were unchanged when it came to their share of the weekly points compared with the previous week.

The biggest drop this week was for The Hermits Own which fell from sixth place to 22nd place while Surfing To Success was the biggest winner with a three place increase to 16th place in the division.


Jon Olson announces the latest addition to the TimTech team on New Nerd Tuesday at TELive

The Emperor has returned.

Tom Wacker, the former emperor of TimTech, is back.

The news was announced by Jon in today’s “New Nerd Tuesday” edition of TELive.

Tom has been a regular in the TE community for some time now and is well-respected by all, so he makes an ideal new addition to the team.

Tom will be the latest addition to the TimTech support team so if you send in a support ticket it may be that you get a reply from our former emperor.

Here is how the news went down in TELive…

Tom Wacker joins TimTech announced in TELive today

Jon said: “We are delighted to have Tom as part of the team. He knows this industry inside out and has always been a loyal supporter and friend to TimTech.

“Being part of this community is important to all of us at TimTech and so Tom really is an ideal fit and it is a very exciting day for us when we are able to welcome a new nerd to our community.”

One of the first questions we got was whether Tom will now step down from Lucky13.

As far as we are concerned that is totally up to Tom. If he wants to stay with the team then that is fine by us but if he wants to join The OutKasts, the team that can never win, then we are cool with that too.

So welcome on board Tom. It is going to be great.



With Season 3 of CTP Teams almost upon us, this would be a good opportunity to explain all you need to know about the competition.

CTP Teams is open to every member of CTP to take part in, regardless of your background or experience.

Joining a team:

There are two ways to get yourself on a team.

1. Join an existing team. Some teams are open – you can simply join right away. Some are full and others require approval by the team leader before accepting new members.

2. Start your own team.  You will need to be a Kore4 member to start and lead a team as this is one of the exclusive benefits of our ultimate upgrade. This means you must continue with your Kore4 membership for as long as you want the team to remain active. If you downgrade from Kore4 then your team will be disbanded unless you can find a non Kore4 member to upgrade in your place and become team leader. If you do downgrade from Kore4 we will notify you and explain the options open to you.

Team size:

When a new team is started it is limited to five members. For each additional Kore4 member on the team, the team size increases by five members up to a total of 25 team members.

1 x K4 = 5

2 x K4 = 10

3 x K4 = 15

4 x K4 = 20

5+ x K4 = 25

Season Three:

– There will be 6 competitive divisions and a 7th for all remaining teams.

– Each of the top 6 divisions will have 5 teams in each, the winning team from each division will win a cash prize

– All remaining teams will be placed in the ‘catch all’ Division 7 and there will be a prize for the winner of that division.

– There will be a minimum of $5000 in real cash prizes and Season 3 will begin on Monday April 6 at 00.00.01 Eastern – ie immediately after the end of the two-week pre-season.

– The season will run for six months and end at 12.59.59pm Eastern on Sunday October 4, 2015.


The pre-season starts on Monday March 23 at 00.00.01 Eastern and will run for two weeks. During this time the team points earned will determine which of the divisions the teams will be in for the main season. At that point the divisions will be fixed and teams will not move up or down divisions during the season.

During the main season each team will be ranked within their divisions according to the amount of team points they have earned in any given week.

The week will end at 12.59.59pm Eastern on Sundays, whereupon the team points total will reset and Season Points will be awarded within each division according to the following formula.

first placed team – 5 points

second placed team – 4 points

third placed team – 3 points

fourth placed team – 2 points

fifth placed team – 1 point

The winning teams at the end of the season will be those teams who have gained the most season points within their particular division.

Badges and XP:

A special word about badges. Our number one complaint for Season Two was that XP was being awarded for being both the King of a badge and for having the team flag on a badge. The number one request for Season Three was that it should start on a level playing field for all with the king and flag bonuses reset to zero.

It is impossible to reset the kingships of badges without taking the badges away from people but we are not taking badge kingships away from anybody. If you as an individual CTP member claim a badge more than any other individual member (averaged over the last 30 days) then you will remain king (or queen) of that badge.

The badge kingships are an individual award and from Season Three, they will have no XP bonus associated with them. This way people get to keep their kingships but no team gets a head start on the rest of the competition by having members who have badge kingships.

For Season Three team flags will be the way teams can gain bonus XP for collecting badges. Flags are like kingships, except that they reward the team and not the individual. If the combined membership of a team has claimed a badge more than the combined membership of any other team then they will get their team flag on that badge and gain an XP bonus for each badge claimed by the team.

This bonus will be reset to zero at the start of the pre-season so that each team has an equal opportunity to get their team flags on badges. It will be reset to zero again at the end of the pre-season in time for the start of Season Three proper.

XP Bonus that teams have paid for will not be reset…because they have been paid for.

Social Media:

You can follow all the news and happenings of  CTP Teams by reading this blog, by liking us on Facebook or following the official Twitter account.

We’re about to take CTP Teams to the next level and can’t wait to welcome you on board. Get ready as this is going to rock.

Jon will be going over all this during a special edition of TELive today (Friday) at 4pm Eastern.

CTP Teams Season Three is coming splash page

Last TELive for Patrick Griffin as writing work calls

It looks like that I have finally been silenced…for now at least.

Yesterday was my last TELive and my lips are well and truly sealed.

I wish there was some huge drama to hint at but there is none at all.

Quite simply I have a huge amount of writing to do right now  and it was felt that the five to six hours of pre-TELive preparation that Jon and I have to do each day could be better spent.

The endless meetings as we work on the scripts, rehearse our off-the-cuff jokes, book guests, organize publicity, deal with fan mail and the celebrity appearances was getting just too much for me.

OK so none of that really happens, ever. But I do have lots of writing to do and that is what I will be concentrating on from now on.

So I would like to say many thanks to all of you who turned up every day to listen to my words of wisdom, well to my words at least.

I am sure I will be back from time to time for some guest appearances and to update you on the British football scores.

OK now time to find out if removing that masking tape is going to hurt.

Remember TELive with Jon Olson is 4pm Eastern Monday to Thursday (and sometimes at other additional random times too.)


This is the second post of the day inspired by yesterday’s TELive.

During the show I mentioned a couple of recent blog posts by Lucky 13 team member and Sports Nerd Scott Wright where he spoke about fear of failure.

These posts are quite long but well worth reading and I will put links to them both below.

However the basic idea behind Scott’s posts was (i) discussing the idea how fear of failure had paralyzed him into inaction and stopped him doing the things he really wanted to do and (ii) how he proposed to overcome his fear.

When you don’t take action nothing happens. Period.

When you take action something happens. This could be good or bad. People might laugh at you, hate on you or hold you up to ridicule for example.

You may partially fail, spectacularly fail or never even quite finish what you started or you may have some success, moderate success or amazingly awesome success.

The point is you will never know until you try.

Jon mentioned Exploding Kittens in TELive. Exploding Kittens is a new card game of all things and it was launched on KickStarter yesterday.

The people behind it had hoped to reach their $10,000 funding target in 30 days…they reached it in 20 minutes.

As of now – just one day in to the campaign – they have done just a little better than ten grand…they have raised more than $1.6M…and more money comes in every minute.

Your goal is to find your own Exploding Kittens and if you have to fail once, twice, or 1,000 times along the way then…so what?

Exploding Kittens on KickStarter

Read more: The Sports Nerd – Fear Why Does It Control Me?

Lucky 13 – Fear Part Two