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CTP Teams leaderboard tue dec 9

With the exception of CTP Renegades, if you look at the Premier League leaderboard right now, then not one single team is in the place they finished last week.

Most notably Alphas are not first, Lucky 13 are not second and Uber Surfers are not third. There are also no wild bonuses in play at the moment to give teams mega boosts so this is certainly a really interesting way to start the week.

The top two teams have both got more than one billion points already, but this time it is Lucky 13 who have the lead over SurfAholics Alpha. It is a relatively slim lead but it is a lead none the less.

In addition very little separates Renegades, Uber Surfers and Surf Lovers in fourth, fifth and sixth places respectively.

In the Overall table, Hunters, first in the Competitive League, are sitting strongly in sixth place while second placed Dream Team are just two places below them in eighth.

You guys are shaking things up this week. Let’s see where this is going.

CTP Teams Last Weeks Standings on Monday December 1 2014

I don’t think anyone will disagree with me that the numbers for CTP Teams as last week rolled to an end on Sunday night are the most amazing to date.

It says a lot when I say that Surf Lovers finished tenth overall with 926 million points while WealthBuilders were in ninth place with 970 million points.

Every other team in the top ten had more than one billion points – in some cases much more than one billion points.

Here is how they ranked:

– More than one billion points but less then two billion: Cash Surfing Network and Bonz Brigade.

– More than two billion points but less than five billion: The Strays.

– More than five billion points but less than 10 billion: CTP Renegades and Kore4.

– More than 10 billion points  but less than 20 billion: Uber Surfers.

– More than 20 billion points but less than 40 billion: Lucky 13.

– More than 40 billion points but less than 80 billion: Nobody.

– Greater than 80 billion points: SurfAholics Alpha.

The huge numbers were made possible because of the bonuses which were gained during the Black Friday 2014 sales event and these bonuses will be active this week too so look out for even more dramatic totals.