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sweeva summer sale bannerWhat tongue twister? I hear you ask.

Well what about this one…the Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Try saying that out loud as fast as you can five times in a row.

Repeat after me…

Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Sweeva Summer Sizzler Sale.

Well done.

Now give yourself a reward and pick up 10,000 Sweeva credits for just five bucks.

But you better hurry as this tongue-twister, I mean offer, only lasts for 48 hours.


I have spent a couple of days traveling so I am a bit late with this post but it is time to look at some of the stand-out splash pages from last week’s Sweeva Surf Party.

There were a lot of great pages and here are some of them…

Goodbye Cats – Hello Phoenix

Goodbye Cats splash page

Strays Team Bee are now more but they have not gone away you know…they are now known as Team Phoenix.

Dove of Peace

Dove splash page

This was the week where SurfAholics could not make up their mind whether to be nice or nasty…this was them being nice.

Follow Mr Face

Mr Face splash page

An invitation to follow Mr Face on Twitter. It is one I have accepted. Have you?

Ubers Strike Hard

Ubers splash page

OH no…more beans and farting unicorns.

Ubers Getting You Down?

Ubers getting you down splash page

Bad Alphas this time round as they poke fun at some of their CTP Teams rivals.

Big Boats

Big boats splash page

…and it did not take too long for the Ubers to respond to the Alpha jibe.

We’re Awesome

We're awesome splash page

Seems like the Alphas are not shy about blowing their own trumpet.

Cool Beans

Cool beans splash page

…then again The Ubers are also not shy about saying how great they are.

Already Taken

Already taken splash page

This made me smile. Funny page.

Thanks For Watching

Thanks for watching splash page

And it is back to being nice again from those Alphas. I even get a mention. Thanks guys.

Shape Of Things To Come

Shape of things splash page

Clever page. I like this one a lot.

The Sweeva Surf Party is almost upon us once again…it happens at 4pm Eastern today in the TELive room.

So this would be a good time to remind you of some of the the most eye-catching pages from last week’s event.

SAA Member Spotlights

SAA Member Spotlight splash page

SurfAholics Alpha did something interesting. Not only did they come joint first in the team event, they also showed a series of splash pages including interesting facts about their members. The page above features Sabrina Traversa but there were many more shown.

We Fart XP

SAA splash page We Fart XP

Ah those Alphas and their fascination with Unicorns and farting. I still haven’t got to the bottom of that one if you excuse the pun.

Meet An Uber Surfer

Meet an Uber Surfer splash page

Not to be outdone Uber Surfers wanted people to get to know their members too. I like these team pages promoting individual members.

SSC Logo

Lucky 13 splash page promoting SSC

A very nice page from Lucky 13 promoting the Sunshine Surf Club. Very visually striking graphics.

Cute Pug

Cute Pug splash page for the Sweeva Surf Party

Boris used this animated pug graphic and an exclusive award of XP for Surf Party viewers to make his offer. Very clever and a great way to use the unique hour of the advertising week on Sweeva.

Blank Page

Blank page splash page

Minimalist stuff here from Aaron Green.

Unicorn Hunting

Uber Surfers Season Three Splash Page

Another Ubers page and another team picking up on the unicorns and farts fixation with some members of CTP Teams.

Sweeva Surf Party

CTP Renegades promotes the Sweeva Surf Party splash page

And finally, this post would not be complete without a page from Norbert Ladner. This is a timely reminded that the Sweeva Surf Party is almost with us again. See you at 4pm Eastern for some more. Be there.

I don’t know what it was with last week’s Sweeva Surf Party but it seemed that most people’s thoughts had turned to animals…both real and imagined.

There was also some gentle digs between the Ubers and Alphas and a lot of very eye-catching, well-designed pages on show once again.

So let’s unleash some of the animals…

Thank You

Thank you splash page from SAAs

For some reason the Alphas wanted to thank this white unicorn…nothing wrong with that at all. Unicorns like to be thanked just like the rest of us I guess.

Road Trip

Road trip splash page by CTP Renegades

This page just rocks. Just look at the branding going on here…Kore4, CTP Renegades logo, the team splash page and none of it looks out of place. The Kore4 logo is particularly striking indeed.

Looks like the mouse had a lucky escape too by the looks of things.

Bigger Boat

Bigger Boat splash page by SAAs

Rivalry between teams is good, especially when it is done in good humor like the page above. Keep it up teams.

A Hamster Dies

A Hamster Dies splash page by SAAs

It seems that the Alphas don’t just have it in for the Ubers…they don’t much care for hamsters either. A good page again although I don’t really know what it all means.

To Sea

To Sea splash page

Funny. Slightly odd. And featuring more animals, some of which are wearing nerd glasses.

Team Stray Bee

Team Stray Bee splash page

An Easter Splash page would not be the same without a collection of animals so this did not disappoint. Good showing from the Strays Team Bee in both of the Sweeva Surf Parties this season by the way. Keep it up.


Penguins splash page by Boris

In keeping with the week’s unofficial animals theme, Boris used a short video of penguins to promote his CTP XP Mania promotion. Go penguins.

And finally…

Well it seems that I wasn’t the only one not the memo about the animals theme so I will leave you with this non-animal splash page from Norbert Ladner.

New Season

New Season splash page by Norbert Ladner

So don’t forget the next Sweeva Surf Party takes place tomorrow (thursday) at 4pm Eastern in the TELive room…don’t miss it and be sure to get your bids in so that your pages are seen.

Sometimes you have to be there to realize the full awesomeness of some event or other.

And while you can talk about it afterwards…there is nothing like actually being there to experience what happened.

Thursday’s Sweeva Surf Party was one of those occasions and the event in question was the following splash page which was shown by Boris Petricevic.

SSP Live XP Offer from Boris dechuck

As you can almost see, he offered CTP XP for those who signed up to his CTP XP Mania list…and he cleverly branded the promotion so that the page was also a team page for Lucky 13.

What you can’t see is the way he did it because there is nothing on his video.

That is because there was never any recorded video there at all…Boris appeared live on Sweeva at the Sweeva Surf Party and explained his offer in person.

Except that nobody could hear him because his microphone was not working…but he thought of that too and had written out his message on old ‘silent-movie style’ caption cards instead.

This is something which Jon has been suggesting people should do for years and until now nobody seemed prepared to even give it a try.

Anyone who was at the Surf Party will realize what a massive impact this ad had. In fact I felt really sorry for the next two advertisers on Sweeva because Jon and I were still talking about Boris’s page for at least the next two pages which came along. It really was that good.

It was the final Sweeva Surf Party before Season Three officially begins on Monday and the competition, both for the individual prizes and team prizes was intense.

The contest was so intense that it came down to the final pages in the last minutes of the Surf Party to decide the winners for both categories.

SurfAholics Alpha took the team honors for the second week in a row, CSN was second and Lucky 13 was third.

John Novak took the individual contest, Carl Belcher was second while Ken Locatelli and Sig Skele tied for third place.

This coming Thursday sees the first Sweeva Surf Party of the new season so it is time to start thinking of that already. It will be fun.

Thursday saw the return of the Sweeva Surf Party where individuals and teams battled it out to show their creativity and earn some valuable XP in the process.

For those of you who are new to the Surf Party is is a great way for CTP Teams members to spend an hour on Thursdays. Not only because it is fun but also because you get the same amount of XP as the amount of credits you bid to get your page shown.

Although this surf party started with very little notice, there was a huge competition right from the outset…and a lot of winners.

It was great so see some excellent and unique splash pages once again…more about those in a future blog post, and it is always thrilling to see the creativity that has come to symbolize the Sweeva Surf Party and those who make it so great.

For the teams SurfAholics Alpha started out strong and very soon had a massive battle with Renegades as both teams fought hard for top spot during the entire hour.

In the end it all went down to the final page seen as the Alphas effectively locked their rivals out with a one minute timer on their last page shown and took first place with just one page view.

CSN came in third after a long battle with Lucky 13 which started off strongly but CSN kept the pressure up right to the end to claim third place.

As far as individuals were concerned there was a massive contest and a record eight people winning XP for getting their pages shown.

This is how it ended:

1. Sabrina Traversa.

= 2. Monica Wilson, Matt Badura, Eric Burgoyne and Scott Rohn

= 3. Boris P, Marian Gurowicz and Kathy Dyer.

For both teams and individuals first place gets 50k xp; second place gets 25k xp and third place gets 10k xp.

We will do it all again next Thursday at 4pm Eastern in the TELive room.

Hope to see you there.


On Friday Jon decided to being the Sweeva Surf Party back and it was a huge success.

Sadly I missed it as I had to leave my computer to fend for itself in a dark and unheated room while I went and interacted with people offline.

Now I must be old fashioned, perhaps horribly old-fashioned but on those rare occasions when I socialize with others then I actually talk to them.

However it is really fascinating, at least to me, to observe those who have grown up with hand-held digital communication as the norm.

Many of this generation seem less comfortable interacting with those around them but will spend all their time interacting with their friends online via various social apps on their smartphones.

Anyway what has that got to do with the Sweeva Surf Party? Well absolutely nothing at all as it happens. But if you have been paying attention you will recall that I said I missed the Surf Party so I have to talk about something on this post!

Sweeva Surf Party news is that it looks like this will be a monthly event, on Thursdays rather than Fridays, with the next one taking place on Thursday March 12 at 4pm Eastern.

So hopefully that sounds like a good plan for everybody and I will do my best to turn up for the next one.

But before I go there is only time to honor the stand-out page of Friday’s Surf Party…step forward Norbert Ladner from Renegades with this awesome contribution:

Norbert Ladner Renegades Vitamines splash page for SSP

Well done sir.

There is no Sweeva Surf Party today as Thursdays have reverted back to the normal TELive Spreecast show.

However this is a good opportunity to look at some of the pages which stood out for me in last week’s Surf Party, so here they are…

Kore4 Is Hot

Kore4 Is Hot splash page

Yes indeed Kore4 is hot but so is this page. Another classic page by Norbert Ladner. The pages in this series which unfolded throughout recent Sweeva Surf Parties are amongst the best I have ever seen anywhere in the industry.

You Have Been Summoned

Summoned Lords of Lothar splash page

Talking of hot, Lords of Lothar is the hottest new traffic exchange to open up in quite some time. Great idea, great site and great owners – this really is one to watch.

Lords of Lothar – Scott’s Epic Video

Lords of Lothar - Scotts Epic Video splash page

AQnd talking of Lords of Lothar…Scott Rohn clearly likes making videos and clearly had fun making this epic production. Scott has a truly unique style and if you have not seen this video then it is well worth a watch.

SAS Like

SAS Like Splash Page

This is a real life example of why we say simple is good. It is simple and clever with a plain dark background and the picture is not just there for its own sake but to actually convey a message. Look how the picture becomes an integral part of the main message of the ad in the “Give us a like” headline. And just to ensure people really get the message, it is impossible to miss the big orange arrow pointing to the Facebook like button. Again, this is one of the best pages I have seen in the TE industry.

Those Renegades have done it again…there is no stopping them when it comes to the Sweeva Surf Party team event.

For the third week in a row CTP Renegades have taken first place – this week they won by just two pages – with Lucky 13 making a late challenge for top spot but leaving their run just a little too late.

These two teams were a long way ahead of SurfAholics Alpha and Uber Surfers who tied for third place in a surf party which was dominated by 60 second timer pages.

This was good because it gave Jon and I a chance to relax a little bit and actually count reasonably accurately for a change. (Brenda only had to step in once and correct my counting errors!)

Eleven teams were represented in the party this week – two up on the previous week and three more than the week before that.

In the individual event there was the usual jockeying for position and, once again, it was the final few pages that decided the winning order.

Here is how it ended up…

1. Monica Wilson – 12 pages

2. Elina Balashova – 11 pages

= 3. David McKay, Boris Petricevic and William Miller.

Great job everyone – let’s do it all again in another week’s time.

A bit later than normal, but we always get there in the end. Here is a look at some of the more eye-catching splash pages from the last Sweeva Surf Party.

 CSN Team Sweeva

Screenshot 2014-09-30 17.40.25

Cash Surfing Network used this as their main teams page this week…the warning at the end was correct as CSN had 32 pages shown and this page made up the majority of those views from what I can remember.

SSP Badge #35

SSP Badge #35This was one of a number of pages advertising the Bigfoot Badge Hunt. I have seen a lot of clever pages where people are using the TEs to promote their badges and the offers they have for collectors to gain them.

It is always nice to see topical advertising at the surf party and right now there is nothing more topical than The Bigfoot Badge Hunt.

Kore4 – Best Blend For Your Business

Kore4 best blend splash page

I love these pages and this was my favourite page of the entire evening. Real talent and design skills have gone into this page. It certainly turned heads.

CTP Masters

CTP Masters team video splash

I always look forward to Nick’s videos. This page is a promotion for CTP Masters. Nick says on his video, that CTP Masters may not be the top team in the league but that it is “…the team with the most heart.”

Whether other teams would agree with his sentiments is open to debate but what is not open to debate is that it is a mark of a great team leader to take the time to make a special video message to give his team members such a public pat on the back. Great job.

Bigfoot 1

Bigfoot 1 splash page

This was another page for the Bigfoot Badge Hunt…nice, vibrant colors which make you want to stop and take notice of the page.

CTP Badges

Lynn Bigfoot Badge Hunt video squeeze page

The final page today is a video splash page and yet another page for the Bigfoot Badge Hunt. Lynn’s pages are always good and this is no exception.

Well done to everyone who took part and made the Sweeva Surf Party so much fun…and don’t forget that there is time to collect more badge hunt badges so hunt them down…I know there are some new ones which have recently been uploaded.

See you all at the next Surf Party in a couple of days time.