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Tag:  Stefan Berg

Tag: Stefan Berg

So we have already heard Valentin from SurfAholics Alpha sings in the dark.

Karen Kuty from Wake Up Now most certainly sings but I have not heard any CTP Teams-related songs from her…perhaps that will happen.

Stefan Berg, also from the Alphas, sings and plays guitar. Not only that but he has composed, recorded and sung his own team song and uploaded it to his YouTube channel.

Go Team SurfAholics is the song and you can also find it right here…

And there’s more.

Alphas team member Howard Fullmer did this special splash page to promote the video for this team.

Stefan Berg SurfAholic Alphas team page song splash page from Howard Fullmer

I think it is fair to say that giving away CTP XP is really catching on. People love finding creative ways to give it away and, of course, people love receiving XP.

So here are just a random selection of some of the ideas I have seen so far.

“Bondsman” Raymond Wooten is giving away XP for those who join his site and for those who read his daily emails. He is currently promoting these offers with a dedicated squeeze page so look out for that.

Bondsman gives away XPLead Magnet Stefan Berg is giving away 100,000 XP today…sounds interesting…details on the splash page below…

Stefan Berg XP giveawayAnd Matt Badura remembered that someone had a birthday coming up soon but could not remember who. So for the past week he has been saying “Happy Birthday” to everyone in the SurfAholics Alpha chat room.

So we decided that today would be Matt’s official birthday – a bit like the Queen of England who has a real birthday and an official birthday, well now so does Matt.

And to mark the day Valentin from the Team Alpha made this special splash page…

Matt Badura Birthday Splash Page Birthday XP GiveawayThe page links to Matt’s offer where he is giving away 50,000 XP to one lucky subscriber who signs up to their CTP SurfAholics newsletter.

Join SurfAholics newsletter screenshot

There are many more offers out there already so keep an eye out for them. Keep being creative. Keep being awesome.