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Tag:  Spooktacular 2014

Tag: Spooktacular 2014

Happy Hallowe’en everyone! It is Friday October 31 which Halloween is upon us and Spooktacular 2014 has reached its climax for the year.

We wanted to go out in style and saved a really sweet Spooktacular deal until last…a ListNerd Business Account for only $14 per month.

Just in case you don’t know, the business accounts at ListNerds let you email every single member each and every day and at $14 per month for today only you will save 71% off the regular monthly price of $49.

There are more than 18,000 ListNerds members waiting to read your messages and this offer must close at midnight Eastern tonight.

We hope you have been tempted by some of our Spooktacular deals this year – we took great care to offer a wide and varied selection to appeal to as many of our customers as possible.

And now for the final reminder of the email…don’t forget that our very popular “Free XP Wheel Spins For Every Team Member” offer is still valid for this awesome deal too.

Just take us up on the cut price ListNerds business account offer and you will get a free XP Wheel spin for yourself and every single member of your CTP Team too.

It is our treat…no tricks involved. Have a totally awesome Hallowe’en.


We have reached Day Four of Spooktacular 2014 and the attention moves to traffic exchange advertising.

Today we focus on StartXchange and have a deal on one of the most popular ways to advertise there…the StartXchange start pages.

This normally costs $75 but until midnight Eastern tonight you can get it for just $35 – and remember every purchase comes with free XP Prize Wheel spins for every member of your CTP Teams team.

Spooktacular 2014 StartXchange

Watch out for another great offer tomorrow.


Spooktacular 2014 Day Three offer

Traffic Exchange ownership can be really tough at times. There is always more work to be done…more support tickets to answer and more problems to solve.

Yes it is fun but there is always more admin to take care of…but today that could change.

Today’s Spooktacular deal is aimed at traffic exchange owners and it is a good one…seven sub games a month for just $100 – a saving of $40 on the regular price.

Experience the power of the sub game and with this deal this is one more thing you can cross of your ‘to do” list.

Also remember that the XP Prize Wheel spin deal is still on (and will be throughout the Spooktacular promotion) – take any offer and get an XP Prize Wheel spin for yourself and every member of your team.

Spooktacular 2014 YT video still shot

Spooktacular 2014 is into day two and we have another amazing deal for you.

Yesterday the AdKreator deal had an amazing response to an amazing evergreen advertising tool.

If you are new to the industry and new to AdKreator then enjoy using it to make some really cool designs. If you are a seasoned veteran then you will know what a good deal you have got.

Today we focus on getting your splash pages or squeeze pages seen for no effort on your part. Whether or not you surf for page views (we understand that not everyone has the time of the inclination to surf) Doctor Traffic is an effective way to get your creations seen.

Use it to supplement y0ur surfing activities or to give your current campaign a boost for just as a means to do all the work for you…we will deliver quality traffic.

Doctor Traffic has already delivered more than 72 million hits to many thousands of successful advertisers so now is a great time to join them.

Until Midnight eastern tonight you can jump on our Doctor Traffic Spooktacular 2014 deal – 10,000 hits for just $17 – which is a saving of 65 per cent. With Spooktacular 2014 the treats just keep on coming.

Predicting an intense battle between Lucky 13 and SurfAholics Alpha last week wasn’t difficult but predicting which one would end up on top was not so easy.

By Friday both teams were virtually neck and neck and we know by now that both are very determined and laser focused when it comes to CTP Teams.

I am constantly amazed at how much effort the members of these two teams put in to the contest week in and week out.

They both seem to push each other to do more and more each week and both really enjoy the work needed to keep pace with the other. This week Lucky 13 pushed for the three billion barrier but it narrowly alluded them while the Alphas took first place with 3.35 billion team points.

The Strays were ahead of Uber Surfers when I last did a head count on Friday but they had swapped positions again by the end of the contest with Walter Mulder’s team taking third place and Patrick’s Doolin’s homeless kitties taking fourth spot.

A fine performance from the Hunters saw them climb back into the Premier League in seventh spot and a strong start to this week has seen them move up another two places to fifth at this very early stage in the game.

CTP Masters and Surf To Earn are also back in the top league while CSN, Bonz Brigade and Wealth Builders dropped down a league this week.


CTP Teams top 15 for week ending sunday october 26 2014

Monthly Winners:

In the monthly contest The Alphas came in first once again, with Lucky 13 second and Uber Surfers third and as ever there were Reward Points for the top 25 teams.

Once again well done to everybody who did so well over the entire month.

Today sees the start of a new week and a new month at CTP Teams so, as ever, good luck to you all.

Wherever you are in CTP Teams, enjoy yourselves and have fun taking part in the contest.

Spooktacular 2014:

Finally, just a reminder that Spooktacular 2014 is on all week with a new offer on every day between now and Friday. If you take advantage of any of the offers you can earn CTP XP prize wheel spins for  your entire team. Full details can be found here: Spooktacular 2014 is Live.

TimTech Spooktacular 2014 logo

The waiting is finally over because the five-day TimTech Spooktacular 2014 event is now live.

Jon Olson launched it at midnight Eastern with an hour-long “Spooky Night” Spreecast in the dark…or by the light of his iMac which was spooky enough to scare the kids and many adults for that matter.

Jon Olson launches Spooktacular 2014 with in the dark Spooky Night spreecastToo scary for words…ghost-like Jon Olson apparition launches Spooktacular 2014 at Midnight last night.

Spooktacular is one of our favorite times of the year where we are allowed to show our crazy side in the days leading up to Halloween.

In case you don’t know the drill, every day between now and Friday there is  a different awesome sauce offer with amazing deals on some of the most popular TimTech products.

The only scary thing, apart from ghostly Jon, is missing out on our Spooktacular deals.

The launch night deal – which runs all day – is a lifetime upgrade at AdKreator for just $77

Yes you read that right…a LIFETIME upgrade at one of the best evergreen programs in the industry for just $77. This will be the only AdKreator deal for this Spooktacular event so don’t miss out…once it is gone then it is gone.

We also unveiled cool new graphics on the Spooktacular offer page.

TimTech Spooktacular 2014 opened with lifetime offer for AdK
More people than ever before are using AdKreator and using it to make some awesome stand-out pages which really rock the traffic exchanges.

The recent Sweeva Surf Parties have seen really creative pages created on AdKreator plus lots of AdK fans advertising the program itself. Not only does it make advertising design simple but you can earn great commissions from this program too.

Another Spooktacular First

For 2014 we have decided to give a special bonus for every member of a CTP Team if any of the members takes a Spooktacular offer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy any Spooktacular 2014 deal and get one free XP wheel spin as a special bonus.
  • If you are on a CTP Team then every member of your team will also get a free XP wheel spin.
  • If two members of a team buy a Spooktacular deal then every member of the team will get two free XP wheel spins…and so on.
  • This gives a potential of 625 XP wheel spins per full team per day

Spooktacular 2014 is live for the next five days…check it out every day for some of the best TimTech deals around.

Finally don’t forget to be social and use the special Spooktacular 2014 hashtag #TimTechSpooktacular. We will be checking this during the week and there could be some random prizes for those using the hashtag.