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CTP Teams top teams at S2 W10 D3

As we prepare to say goodbye to Season Two of CTP Teams we are seeing a real change from last week where SurfAholics Alpha quickly built up a massive lead on the rest of the pack.

This week it is super close throughout the two leagues and especially at the top where Uber Surfers have been swapping places with Alphas on a regular basis – right now the two top teams could not be more equally matched.

As the screenshot above shows, it is even closer between many of the teams, especially from places five through to 12.

This is an exciting end to an exciting season and, as ever, I am not making any predictions. In fact this week I am not even going to predict whether Lucky 13 will end up in third place.

SurfAholics Alpha win S2 W9 in CTP Teams

Season Two of CTP Teams is now in its final week and everything is still to play for.

A few minutes ago SurfAholics Alpha took week nine in what was one of the easiest weeks of the entire contest but will Week Ten prove to be such a pushover for the winning team?

A margin of 40.6 billion points to 23.6 billion points earned by second placed Uber Surfers really is a dramatic win but it neither guarantees a win in the final week nor does it mean that winning week ten will be easy for any team.

With just one more season point than Ubers, a win this week would seal the season for the Alphas while a win for Ubers would see both teams level on points.

CTP Season Points for top three teams at end of S2 W9 in CTP Teams

I was right in saying that Lucky 13 would come in third place this week and I will stick my neck out and say they will also come in third place this week too.

Hits WorkForce, Dream Team and In To Win are the three Competitive League teams who all made it into the upper league for the final week of this current season so well done to them for the achievement.

The OutKasts didn’t win anything this week and this makes them happy…this is a team which revels in its inability to win anything…ever.

As we enter the final week of CTP Teams this is how the leaderboard looked just a few seconds after the clock struck midnight…

How CTP Teams leaderboard looks in first few seconds of S2 W10 D1

With so little data to go on the numbers are rather meaningless but it is still interesting to see how things look in the early stages of a week. Maybe it is more accurate to say that it is interesting to me at least, of not to others.

As always have fun with the final week of this season and now our thoughts are already turning to Season Theee. There will be more details of what the new season has to offer just as soon as everything has been finalized.

Have a great week everyone.

Lucky 13 Win CTP Teams S2 W7 contest

There is no doubt that Lucky 13 went all out to win last weeks CTP Teams contest…and win it they did.

Former team leader Tom Wacker said as much as his show a week ago today and the team put all they had into securing victory.

It is the first time in season two that any team other than Uber Surfers or SurfAholics Alpha has come in first. Alphas won the first three weeks, Ubers won the next three and Lucky 13 have claimed week seven.

I had an idea that this would be a fiercely fought contest and I was right. All through the weekend the top two teams flip flopped on the leaderboard as no sooner did one gain a slight advantage than the other took it away again.

There was to be no run-away victory again this week and while, at one point, it looked as though the Ubers had done enough to claim victory, Lucky 13 snatched it at the end.

Tom Wacker, writing in the Lucky 13 blog today, said: “It was an epic, hard fought battle, but the L13 beat out the Ubers and SAA to win their first week of the season.  It was really, really close, and wasn’t finally decided until the very stroke of midnight.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be a member of Lucky 13 this week.  We took on the challenge and every single member busted a gut to achieve our goal.  What an effort and what a week. It was a very good run, and we can be proud of ourselves as a team.  We really did well.”

There was, once again, a huge points gap between the top three teams and the rest of the pack. CSN came in a comfortable fourth but the points spread in the teams immediately below them was relatively narrow.

Dream Team, Beginners and Winners and In To Win all moved up a league yesterday; they had their places taken by The Strays, Surf Lovers and Bad Surfers.

We are now into  week eight of the current season which means there are just three more weeks to go. Right now the top of the Season Points table looks like this:

1. Uber Surfers – 451 points

2. SurfAholics Alpha – 450 points

3. Lucky 13 – 443 points

4. Renegades – 430 points

5. Cash Surfing Network – 424 points

So as we enter a new week, keep going strong no matter where you happen to be in CTP Teams and, above all, have fun.

See you all for TELive at 4pm Eastern. Hope you can make it.

Alphas and Ubers level on season points as we enter week seven for season two on CTP Teams

As we enter week seven in Season Two of CTP Teams there is absolutely nothing to separate the top two teams which remain level in every way.

SurfAholics Alpha and Uber Surfers both have three weekly wins and three second places under their belts which leaves them both in joint first place on the Season Points table.

Lucky 13 – which has consistently come in at third place for each of the last six weeks – is, not surprisingly, also in third place on the Seasons Points table.

Uber Surfers has amassed a larger number of bonuses during the season, so right now at least, it does look to be the stronger of the top two teams. That is not to say that an Uber victory is guaranteed as anything could happen in CTP Teams.

This week Lucky 13 has started strongly and at the time of writing (9.30am Eastern) the team is just shy of one billion points. Ubers have passed the half a billion points mark already and the Alphas are closing in on it.

There has been a huge start also this week for Dream Team which is top of the Competitive League and is outperforming many Premier League teams right now to move up to fifth place overall.

It will come as no surprise to anyone that the OutKasts – the team that can never win – didn’t win last week’s contest after all. We came in 16th overall and that is where we remain right now.

No matter where you are in CTP Teams, have a great week ahead everybody. Good luck and remember to have fun.

Ubers top CTP Teams Premier League at end of S2 W3

As winning streaks go, it is another CTP Teams record for SurfAholics Alpha…19 week unbeaten run at the top of the CTP Teams Premier League.

However all winning streaks must eventually end and Week Three of Season Two saw the Alphas dislodged from first place by on-form Uber Surfers.

The Uber Surfers were in first place for most of the week, were pushed back to second as the Alphas pushed forward for the win but snatched the lead back towards the end of play.

Lucky 13 took third place once again, with Renegades fourth and CSN fifth.

Hits WorkForce, Ultimate Surf Warriors and In To Win all moved up from the Competitive League and were replaced by TE Racing League, The Strays and Surf Lovers.

As we enter Week Four of Season Two it is very tight at the top of the Season Table with Alphas just one point ahead of the Ubers and Lucky 13, five points off the lead in third place.

The Top Ten on the Season Table looks like this:

Season Points in CTP Teams at the end of S2 W3

So once again as we enter a new week at CTP Teams, good luck everyone and have fun.

Top ten leaderboard for Season Two of CTP Teams after two weeks of play

After two weeks of play in Season Two, we can take a look at the leaderboard to see the current state of play.

Just two points separate the top three teams, the fourth and fifth teams are just two points apart and the sixth and seventh placed teams are level on points.

It is still early days in the competition and there is still everything to play for. Hunters is the only team in the top ten which is not in the Premier League and the top three are SurfAholics Alpha, Uber Surfers and Lucky 13.

Check out the full table for yourself to see where your team is and good luck for the coming week.

CTP TEams Premier League top three at end of S2 W2

They have a new leader for the new season at CTP Teams and SurfAholics Alpha have already made their intentions known.

With two wins in the first two weeks, it looks like they want to claim this season every bit as much as they wanted Season One, which they won comfortably.

Interestingly this week, (well interesting for numbers fans at least) the Alphas finished about 1.5 billion points ahead of second placed Uber Surfers which, in turn, finished about 1.5 billion points ahead of third placed Lucky 13 which was also about 1.5 billion points ahead of fourth placed Renegades.

We also said goodbye to Kore4 which disbanded last week after some internal differences but I am sure many of its former members will find homes on other teams.

Very little separated fifth place Dream Team, Cash Surfing Network in sixth and seventh place WealthBuilders last week.

It was even closer for The Strays and Surf Lovers in places eight and nine but there was a significant gap between those two teams and tenth placed TE Racing League.

So now we are in week three of season two and the Premier League is back to its full compliment of ten teams with CSN, The Strays and the TE Racers all moving up from the Competitive League.

As there were only nine teams in the top league at the end of last week it was just the bottom two which moved down a league this week – Hunters and Surf To Earn.

Lucky 13 Too finished in 25th place overall last week, in their first week in the contest; now with three members it will be interesting to see what they can do this week.

As always, have a great week ahead on CTP teams and remember to have fun, build relationships and work together as a team.

New for Season Two at CTP Teams is Team Flag awardWell we started off a new season of CTP Teams with something of a bang.

First we had the week off where most people decided to do anything but put their feet up and relax.

And then today we decided it would be a good idea to introduce a nice little non-controversial twist to Season Two with a new Team Flag award for badges.

The idea is that teams who collect badges more than other teams now get special bonuses which last for one season only. It is like a regular kingship but one which only lasts for one season.

We introduced it quietly to see how long it would take people to notice the change…and the change was noticed in mere seconds.

The screenshot below shows why it was noticed so quickly:

Hunters cash in from Team Flag Award day one glitch

Not only did it give Hunters an instant 5,000+% bonus but it also gave UberSurfers a bonus of, wait for it, 7,982% and the other teams were scratching their heads trying to work out what had just happened.

This is how the new Team Flag Award works:

1. A team will be awarded a Team Flag on a badge if the team has collected that badge more than any other team.

2. For each Team Flag awarded that team gets a 2% bonus

3. Any given badge can only have one Team Flag linked to it at any given time

4. The bonus lasts from the time the Flag was awarded and runs until the end of the season at which the Team Flag bonus is reset to zero.

Team Flag Awards were introduced today and so today was the earliest that any badge collecting activity resulted in Flags being awarded.

So for any given season the team which has claimed a badge the most will control the Flag for that badge. For another team to take control of the flag, they simply need to claim that badge more times than the current team. You can think of it as “Kings” but the entire team contributes versus it being one person being King.

So what was all the fuss about then?

Well for a short while the system was a little messed up and it resulted in huge amounts of team points being given out for an hour or so. Basically rather than adding 2% for each new badge claimed it was multiplying the bonus by 2% instead and the numbers soon got a little insane.

So while it caused fireworks for an hour or so, averaged out over the entire ten week season it will have virtually no impact at all.

As of now everything has been fixed, CTP Teams has a cool new bonus, the new season is off to a flying start and we are all excited about how you guys compete in the weeks ahead.

Good luck everyone and have fun.

P.S. Just to show that things are working the way they should the Hunters Flag Award bonus is now a much more realistic 98%

Team Flag Award for collecting badges on CTP Teams is new for Season Two

It seems hard to believe that the last days of the last weekly game of the first season of CTP Teams is upon us.

SurfAholics Alpha will win the week and the season…they have battled longer and harder than any other team to walk away with the title and have shown real team spirit since the very beginning of CTP Teams.

Being consistently good for month after month, having a strategy, demonstrating excellent team work and reacting quickly when things went against them are all factors in their success.

Right now the battle is on for second and third places for this week with Lucky 13 and Uber Surfers fighting it out between them for these places. When I checked yesterday Uber Surfers were in second and Lucky 13 in third place; a few hours ago the positions were reversed and as I write this update the positions have reversed once again.

Both teams have a lot of bonuses active right now and I am pretty sure that both teams will also want to finish higher than the other so it should make an interesting finish to the final week’s activity.

Uber Surfers is a team which came late to the contest but once they arrived they dominated the weekly contests and showed they could fight with the very best.

When the new season begins after a break of one week they will not suffer the same disadvantage of being late to the party and will certainly be a team to watch during the new shorter seasons.

Lucky 13 have done enough to take the runner’s up prize in the first season’s contest but has Cash Surfing Network done enough to keep third or could CTP Renegades snatch this from them?

What do you think will happen next season? Does your team have a strategy for season two? Feel free to share your thoughts below.