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CTP Teams

The third season at CTP Teams and the rapid fire play offs have finally come to an end.

All the TimTech admin following this massive six months plus has also been completed and this is how things ended up.

Play off winners and prizes.

1. Phoenix – $1050 (This includes the regular prize money plus a $50 bonus from Justin for beating Lucky 13)
2. Lucky 13 – $500
3. SurfAholic Alphas – $250
4. Ubers – $250
5. CSN – $125
6. Renegades – $125
7. InToWin – $125
8. Wealth Builders $125

Season Tree winners and prizes.

Legacy Hits Division:

SurfAholics Alpha   $600
Lucky 13   $300
CSN  $200
Uber Surfers  $150
Wealth Builders  $100

Pharaohs Army Division:

Renegades $250

Ragin’ Redneck Division:

Living Wealthy  $250

SiteXplosion Division:

Hunters   $250

GPower Surf Division:

Affiliate Prosperity  $200

Wealth Builder Division:

Easy Team  $200

Well done to everyone who took part in this marathon season and congratulations to all the winners.

All the winnings have been paid out to the respective team leaders. How the prizes get distributed are up to the individual team leaders who have full discretion to decide how the winnings should be split up within the teams.

Next up is to work on Season Four and that is what we are busy doing right now.

It will be different from Season Three…there is definitely not going to be another six month marathon.

Exactly how different remains to be seen. That is what we are working on right now but expect big changes ahead.

Half the playoff teams are eliminated and the All Star List gets smaller also.  These are the players that propelled their teams whether they won or lost.

This list is based strictly on my perception of the Quarterfinal contest.  These players are the ones that, in my perception, stepped up big for their team at a critical time.

Listed In The Order of my Scattered Notes:

Gary Schmitt

Randy Sult

Rosy DiLuca

Robert Young

Eric Goettman

Bill Darton

Thomas Sheets

Evelyn Kramer

Stephan Berg

Suzanne Howarth

Boris Petricevic

Sig Skeie.

The last list was primarily based on points.  On this list, I tried to project the players that stepped up and provided a spark for their teams and spurred them to greater effort.

There is no doubt that I missed some.  More than a few.  I would be very interested to see who you think should have been put on this All Star List.  Go ahead and use the comment section to explain just how stupid I really am:)

Season Three has been a long, long season and many teams had simply just given up.

We can really understand why but we want to change all that.

Even at this late hour – the season ends on Sunday night – we want to bring back the energy and hunger to succeed to Season Three.

So for this week every single action counts and every team – regardless of their position in the contest right now – has a chance to win and to win big.

For this week only every team is playing for a chance to get into the play offs which begin on Monday.

The 16 teams with the most XP earned during this week will make the play offs.

This means whether you get there or not is based only on this week’s activity. This is a sprint to the finish and anyone could win.

As Jon explained on his own blog: “The top 16 teams, based on CTP XP, will compete for a 2 week playoff in a bracket format. No divisions, no leagues, just the top 16 teams that earn the most CTP XP this week get into the brackets on Monday.”

The playoffs will work like this based on the amount of XP the teams earn this week:

Team 1 v Team 16

Team 2 v Team 15

Team 3 v Team 14

Team 4 v Team 13

Team 5 v Team 12

Team 6 v Team 11

Team 7 v Team 10

Team 8 v Team 9

Basically we already know the teams which will win their respective divisions – that seems to have been settled some time ago – but ANYONE at all could make the play offs and you will be playing for hard cash money.

Remember, as far as the play offs are concerned there are no divisions or leagues – just teams competing against each other.

If you don’t take part then the top teams will probably win the play offs…but if you do then there could be some really massive surprises.

Further reading: Hit Exchange News – October 5th – The Playoffs Begin


We are into the final eight weeks of competition for Season Three at CTP Teams.

At this stage just two teams have managed to retain a clean sheet…maximum points for every week of the contest so far – SurfAholics Alpha and Renegades.

There are another 40 points up for grabs between now and the final day on October 4 so every point counts. This is the time to start your final push and see how much you can increase your team’s rankings.

It is still mathematically possible to overtake the Alphas in the Legacy Hits Division but they would have to suffer a catastrophic and long-term loss of form for that to happen.

Lucky 13 could still take Season Three honors if they won every week from now until the end and if the other teams also did so well in the division that Alphas finished no higher than fourth place for each of the remaining weeks.

OK, its not going to happen. Alphas and Renegades have played the game so well and so consistently that they are unlikely to face any major upsets.

In fact my prediction is that they win their respective divisions with a maximum total of 130 season points each.

But those two divisions apart, there is still a lot to play for in the final weeks of competition. How is your team going to do?


in w12 of s3 of ctp teams hunters drop a single pointIt is Week 13 at CTP Teams and last week produced a huge surprise for me, one of the biggest shocks of the season.

The SiteXplosion Division has suddenly become super competitive – perhaps the most competitive division in the entire contest right now.

It meant that for the first time since this season started, Hunters became hunted themselves and were chased away from the top of their division by WealthBuilders 2.0.

This also means that only two teams have maximum points right now – SurfAholics Alpha in the Legacy Hits Division and Renegades in the Pharaohs Army Division. Both have the maximum 60 seasonal points from the first 12 weeks of competition.

So the question now is…how long can Alphas and Renegades hold on to their unbeaten wins? Can they hold out for the entire season?

I think they actually might make it to the end of the season unbeaten but with Hunters taking a fall last week, I am not so sure.

However I am sure there will be an exciting week ahead. Of that there can be no doubt.

Don’t forget to tune in to TELive at 4pm Eastern for all the very latest news from Jon.


I think badge hunts speed up time because this week has just raced by…it is Thursday already which means this week is coming to a close.

At CTP Teams the numbers continue to look great with lots of XP being claimed and lots of activity.

I think it is fair to say that teams, in general, have got into a routine because with only a couple of exceptions, every team is in exactly the same position as they ended last week.

The top four divisions, where there has been no movement, are more settled so there is a lot of room for teams to try something different and rock the boat a bit…especially during a badge hunt.

There is also a clear pattern developing now with team domination over their divisions. In the Legacy Hits Division SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 are very closely matched. Although the Alphas have managed to keep the upper hand so far this season, Lucky 13 are proving to be very strong competitors and its members really do want to be on the top spot.

In all the other divisions, the top team has generally opened up a large gap over the other teams but, in many cases, with more efficient team work probably not a gap which is too large to be overcome.

In the badge hunt, it is great that many people are really being creative with their clues and also thinking of new ways to promote their badges.

It is good that I am waking up every morning to clues in my inbox, telling me how I can collect badges. Those people who actively promote their badges will always do better than those who do nothing and just hope people find their badges.

Have a great Thursday everyone and have fun.


It is the first day of Week Seven at CTP Teams and Jon is very excited.

Last week’s cash contest could not have gone any better and today he gets to choose the winners during TELive…and that’s less than an hour away. (4pm Eastern)

Be sure to be there to find out if you are one of the winners.

Meanwhile SurfAholics Alpha, Renegades  Hunters and maintained their unbeaten runs last week and therefore remain the only three teams with the maximum weekly points – 30 points after six weeks of competition.

Uber Surfers climbed one place up the table in the Legacy Hits Division, things stayed the same at the Pharaoh’s Army Division while Ultimate Surf Warriors also climbed up one place in the Ragin’ Redneck Division.

WealthBuilders 2.0 and Lucky 13 Too both advanced in the SiteXplosion Division, Team Wealthy was the only team to move upwards in the GPowerSurf Division while there were no movers in the Wealth Builder Division.

In the catch all Cup of Traffic Division the top five teams were unchanged when it came to their share of the weekly points compared with the previous week.

The biggest drop this week was for The Hermits Own which fell from sixth place to 22nd place while Surfing To Success was the biggest winner with a three place increase to 16th place in the division.


Legacy Hits Division standings after five weeks of competition in CTP Teams season three

As we enter the sixth week of this current season, there remain just three teams who have picked up maximum points in the contest so far.

SurfAholics Alpha, Renegades and Hunters all have the maximum possible 25 weekly points from the first five weeks of play.

Living Wealthy is in fourth place as the only team with 24 points and Raiders on the Storm is in fifth place (both in terms of weekly points gained so far) with 23.

Looking at the distribution of weekly points in the top two divisions – the Legacy Hits and Pharaohs Army divisions – it can be seen that the teams have settled into a clear hierarchy of positions with all five places pretty much settled right now.

This is not to say it will remain this way but is evidence that the teams have settled into a rhythm which currently keeps them where they are now. We also see the same pattern of points distribution in the GPowerSurf Division.

The lower teams still have a fair amount of time left in order to disrupt the rhythm of the teams above them so nothing is settled yet.

In the Ragin Redneck Division Living Wealthy has a narrowish three point lead at the top but just a single point separates the next two teams.

CTP Teams SiteXplosion Division weekly standings  S3 w5

In the SiteXplosion Division, while Hunters are way out in front, nothing at all separates Lucky 13 Too and WealthBuilders 2.0 and it is exactly the same for Dark Clickers and The Badge Seekers.

This means that apart from the first spot, this is the most open of all the main divisions right now.

The Wealth Builder Division is the only one where there is a tie for first spot, with both Surf To Earn and Easy Team level on 21 points and just two points separating each of the remaining two teams.

Finally the Cup of Traffic Division remains the one where anything could still happen. The top five teams are holding their own so far but are not at all safe from the teams below them.

There are some really exciting things happening in CTP Teams right now…be part of it and have fun each week as you compete.



Top 100 Players Tab at CTP Teams

The blue button which lets you see the Top 100 CTP Teams players is back.

This shows the players within CTP Teams who have individually collected the most points for their respective teams so this is a great leaderboard to be on.

It is even better now that Jon has announced the trialling of a new cash prize for individual players for Season Three…collecting XP is now both rewarding for your team and potentially very rewarding for you as an individual.

It is being trialled this week to see how popular it is and, if successful, then the new CTP XP Weekly Cash Giveaway could be a weekly feature for this season.

What happened was that Jon, who is not a massive gambler, still managed to end up $100 in profit after his recent trip to Las Vegas…so he wants to give that cash away to CTP Teams members.

Jon announced the new development at a special midnight edition of TELive at midnight to mark the start of Week Four.

So here is how it works…

The team points earned each week are obviously earned by individual members doing tasks to gain XP. Remember that XP can be awarded for many more ways than just surfing traffic exchanges so there is a huge potential to collect it.

So this week we want to reward the top three players who bring in the most weekly points for their teams as follows…

top points earner – $70

second placed points earner – $20

third placed points earner – $10

The winners will be decided by the places on the Top 100 leaderboard at the end of this week, ie 12.59.59 Eastern this coming Sunday night.

If you like this then we can do it again and again every week with cash prizes up for grabs on a weekly basis. It might not be $100 every week but we will keep you informed on this blog on what will be happening.

Remember that this is in addition to the $5,000 season prize pot, so as well as these additional prizes there will still be that cool 5k totally untouched and up for grabs at the end of the season.

Are you on the Top 100 leaderboard. Check it out now to see.

JOn Olson announces weekly cash prizes for CTP Teams Season Three

An honorable mention here to Russell Stockley from the Cup of Traffic Division who has already sent an email to his list about this latest development. This is what being on the ball is all about. Well done Russell.

We are into Week Three at CTP Teams and the numbers are looking good. The Seasonal Standings show that every single team has at least one point on the board which means that every team is taking part in the contest.

There is serious competition between teams in every division as players realise that their efforts really can make a difference this time round.

So now two weekly wins for SurfAholics Alphas in the Legacy Hits Division means that four other teams have to work super hard if they are to overtake them.

However their performance has absolutely no impact on any of the other divisions and teams can win or lose within their divisions based on their own performances.

So what do the early tables show?

The Legacy Division is the most stable so far…

1 o (1) SurfAholics – Alpha (25/25) 10
2 o (2) Lucky 13 (25/25) 8
3 o (3) UBER SURFERS (24/25) 6
4 o (4) WealthBuilders (25/25) 4
5 o (5) The Cash Surfing Network (24/25) 2

The teams finished the first two weeks in exactly the same positions so it will be interesting to see whether they will settle into the same routine for three weeks in a row. That would certainly suit the Alphas but the other teams in this division will want things to change.

In the Pharaoh’s Army Division it is not the same picture.

1 o (1) Renegades (23/25) 10
2 +1 (3) Strays Team Bee (25/25) 7
3 -1 (2) Dream Team (25/25) 6
4 o (4) BEGINNERS and WINNERS (23/25) 5
5 o (5) In To Win (23/25) 2

While Renegades have won for two weeks in a row, Strays Team Bee swapped positions with Dream Team and this is going to be a very competitive division indeed by the looks of things.

Things are a little closer in the Ragin’ Redneck Division.

1 +1 (2) Living Wealthy (23/25) 9
2 -1 (1) Ultimate Surf Warriors (22/25) 9
3 o (3) Adkreator (25/25) 5
4 o (4) Surf Lovers (25/25) 5
5 o (5) The Strays (15/20) 2

There is nothing to separate Living Wealthy and Ultimate Surf Warriors at the top while both AdKreator and Surf Lovers have the same amount of season points too. The Strays are still finding this division a little tough but there is still lots of time for them to shine.

Over at the SiteXplosion Division there is also a very intense competition going on.

1 o (1) Hunters (21/25) 10
2 +1 (3) The Badge Seekers (8/10) 6
3 -1 (2) Lucky 13 Too (14/25) 6
4 o (4) WealthBuilders 2.0 (7/20) 6
5 o (5) Dark Clickers (14/15) 2

Right now Hunters are the most highly skilled at hunting down team points but nothing separates the next three teams as Badge Seekers, Lucky 13 Too and WealthBuilders 2.0 all have six points a piece. Dark Clickers will need to click some more to have an impact on this division.

In the G PowerSurf Division it is another story again.

1 +1 (2) Team Wealthy (4/20) 9
2 -1 (1) Riders on the Storm (14/25) 8
3 o (3) Anime Art (19/25) 7
4 o (4) Affiliate Prosperity (15/15) 4
5 o (5) Dynamite Surfers (9/15) 2

Team Wealthy have a one point lead over Riders on the Storm who, in turn, have a one point lead over Anime Art. They are making it difficult for the bottom two teams to move higher but this is a long season and teams may find their early advantage being eroded as other teams switch tactics and start playing harder.

At the Wealth Builder Division we see a very similar points pattern to that of the SiteXplosion Division.

1 +1 (2) Surf to Earn (18/20) 9
2 +2 (4) Indulge Yourself (15/20) 6
3 o (3) SurfAholics – Bravo (12/25) 6
4 -3 (1) Easy Team (13/25) 6
5 o (5) BAD Surfers (15/15) 3

Surf to Earn are in the lead with nine points but the next three teams all have six points and Bad Surfers have three at the foot of the table.

The Cup of Traffic Division shows the most variation, which given the potentially unlimited numbers of teams it contains, explains why.

Here winning a week can make all the difference to the points and every team still has everything to play for. OfOnePlusOne are in the lead after a consistently good start but they are by no means safe at the top. Consistency over time is the key for CTP Teams and this applies right through the entire contest.

Welcome to Week Three and have fun.