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SantaNerd at his computer for 12 Days of Christmas 2014

Santa Nerd is old fashioned and much prefers pen and paper than modern new laptop devices. He finds them to temperamental, always demanding to be updated with this new software, this security patch or this batch of 102 downloads which will begin in 32 seconds and last for hours.

But he knows how these days lots of people make their incomes online and so computers are a vital part of their lives.

While me may like the simplicity of pen and paper, one thing he really likes is how easy it is with modern technology to track your results online.

The only thing that confuses him is why do many people actually don’t keep track of their statistics when it is so easy to do so.

But being Santa Nerd he has come up with a solution to that…the solution can be found in today’s special offer so check it out…and also don’t forget to pick up your rather awesome gift that he has left for you at CTP.

The 12 Days of Christmas 2014 is rapidly reaching its conclusion but there are still two more daily deals to come tomorrow and Wednesday. There are also two more thank you gifts from Santa Nerd and two more of his unique videos too.

12 Days of Christmas 2014 - Santa Nerd fixes Larry's Christmas lightsIt is a well known fact that Santa Nerd is very busy this time of year. However it is a little known fact that he might just take the time out to fix your Christmas lights if he sees that they are not to his satisfaction.

This was exactly when Santa Nerd went to Larry’s house to film the 12 Days of Christmas 2014 videos the other day.

Santa Nerd was already not in the best of moods after discovering that Larry still had his Thanksgiving pumpkin on display but he let that transgression pass with only the mildest of verbal reprimands.

However when he noticed that the lights at the front of Larry’s house were not hanging straight he could not just let matters lie. He took action and sorted out the lighting display before doing anything else.

So be sure to login to CTP today to check out your free gift from Santa Nerd and the special offer he has put together forĀ  you for the 12 Days of Christmas 2014.

And make sure your Christmas lights are in order…or you might get an unexpected visit from Santa Nerd.

Finally don’t forget there is still time to claim your one million CTP XP in our Ultimate Landing Page Generator special promotion.

TimTech's Santa Nerd attempts a cartwheel for 12 Days of Christmas 2014

There is very good reason that Larry is standing well back from Santa Nerd…very good reason indeed.

Santa Nerd needs room…a lot of room. And just to make sure he does not get interrupted while he shows Larry what he is about to do, his reindeer have been strategically placed at either end of the road to bark at traffic which attempts to pass.

Santa Nerd, for the first time ever, has decided to reveal how Cartwheels are done at the North Pole. They are like traditional cartwheels that we all understand but with a twist.

It seems that on Thursdays it is traditional to do a North Pole Cartwheel before giving out gifts.

Talking of gifts…check out today’s deal (and the cartwheeling video) here – 12 Days of Christmas 2014 – and then be sure to log in to CTP to claim your special Christmas gift from Santa Nerd.

12 Days of Christmas 2014 - Santa Nerd Hates Pumpkins

Hey Larry, you are spoiling Santa’s shot…there is no need to check on your pet pumpkin right now.

And what is it with the pumpkin anyway? Surely you know that Santa Nerd gets extra grumpy when he is asked to sit next to a pumpkin?

And his reindeer hate pumpkins too…it makes them bark too much.

There is good news however…Santa Nerd loves everyone in the TE community and he also loves XP and StartXchange which may be a good clue about what today’s gift and deal are all about.

The countdown to Christmas continues…take part in 12 Days of Christmas 2014 right now.