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Tag: Richard Arblaster

Sometimes we are all so busy online that we fail to take even a moment or two out of your busy days to help others.

A huge example of how terribly wrong that approach can be was given by Jon Olson in TELive yesterday.

Jon was surfing some of the TimTech traffic exchanges when he noticed that a new member (we bring in lots of new members each and every day) asking for help in chat.

The briefest of exchanges took place with an old hand in the TE industry before the newcomer was brushed aside with the comment: “If you need to know any more then contact support.”

This is what happened next…

1. The newcomer stopped chatting and presumably went off to do their own research to find the answers they needed.

2. Over the following few hours the newcomer upgraded in the program he was asking about and then went in to make further purchases with TimTech.

3. The member who brushed him off got nothing from this…not a penny and neither did (s)he deserve to.

Now imagine if that member had actually taken the time to help this person, then who do you think would have benefited from the purchases which followed?

Opportunities like this must be missed on a daily basis because far too many members of “social” traffic exchanges have lost the ability to be social, or even friendly for that matter.

Interestingly Richard Arblaster touched upon this subject in a recent post on his NAFTE Chronicles blog in a post called “The Art of Conversation.”

In it he wrote: “It’s time to bring back the art of conversation in the Traffic Exchange chatrooms.

“I love to see people interacting in the chat, even though up until a couple of days ago I wasn’t participating that much in chat as I used to.

“There’s nothing more annoying than going into chat and see a whole column full of copy and pasted prize wins, sometimes from just one surfer.

“So let’s bring back the art of conversation and start interacting with each other and helping each other when a question is asked.”

Good timing Richard. Let’s start chatting again because it could pay dividends…and sometimes quite literally.

NAFTE header

In case you missed it #ovendogs leader Richard Arblaster launched his CTP Teams-inspired TE on Friday.

Not Another Flipping TE is now live and open for business. I am not sure why Richard chose to launch it at 11pm Uk time on a Friday night but as he said on his own blog post about it: “Yes it was a bit of a strange time to do a launch, but hey I don’t do things normally.”

Check it out. See what offers he has got going right now and don’t forget to collect his CTP Surf Badges too. Well a TE inspired by CTP Teams would have surf badges…go collect some.



On Monday Jon announced that there would be no TELive yesterday because he had to teach his ovendogs how to swim and I took the opportunity to watch the first semi-final match of the World Cup.

Jon’s ovendogs were getting all dressed up for their day out on the water…

dressed up ovendogs

While I witnessed what must go down as one of the darkest days in Brazil’s international footballing history…

Brazil v Germany screenshot

But at the same time #ovendogs team leader Richard Arblaster decided to fill the gap by putting on his own rival Spreecast TELive hijack…where he talked about, amongst other things, the weather.

Richard Arblaster TELive hijack

So British. We always talk about the weather. And no matter what the weather is, apart from perhaps one or two days in Summer, we always find it to be too hot, or too cold, or too windy, or too rainy or too dry.

So what is the weather like where you are?

And Richard, good job in taking action and stepping up…I actually had a feeling that somebody would do it…just don’t get too comfortable as the host of TELive.

So while #ovendogs might only be nine members strong and they are in 15th place in the Competitive League but they have a lot of love.

Richard Arblaster founded the team and he wants the whole world to know how much he loves his band of oven ready canines.

So how much does he love them…he loves them this much…

team ovendogs tshirt

How many other team leaders love their teams enough to wear the t-shirt?


Yesterday’s TELive was a blast. Jon and I highlighted some of the creative ways you guys have been using XP as an incentive and this inspired others to do more.

Jon gave some books away and we had a laugh with Matt Badura about his unofficial official birthday, if that makes any sense.

There were also some more great examples of people being creative with XP such as…

Richard Arblaster, leader of #ovendogs, who gained new Twitter followers by giving away XP for the first person who followed him on the social networking site.

Richard Arblaster

Nick Grimshawe, CTP Masters team leader, who wasted no time in ensuring that the spotlight did not stay on SurfAholics Alpha after its leader Matt was giving away 50,000 XP to build his list.

He produced this awesome page…

Nick Grimshawe brown bagI am amazed how quickly he got it up there…brilliant work. Witty and creative. Click on the page and check out Nick’s offer.

Finally I held up on camera the hand-written design for the Matt Badura Unofficial Birthday splash page I asked Valentin to design earlier in the day.

Jon suggested that the hand-drawn version would make a great splash page too…so I went back to Valentin Mavrodin and he came up with this…

Yep Jon was spot on, it is another great page.

hand drawn birthday matt baduraI love all this creativity. I just love it.


Well it seems like no sooner does one CTP Teams member make a video then everyone is at it…well not quite everyone. (If I have told myself once not to exaggerate I have told myself a million times or more.)

Richard Arblaster, leader of #ovendogs, recently announced that his formerly secret Project Insanity was to be a new traffic exchange called Not Another Flipping TE or NAFTE for short.

Now it seems he is ready to take Beta Testers for this CTP Teams-inspired traffic exchange as his video below explains.

This is good timing because The TEGuy himself Jon Olson has just written a post – 5 Ways To Make Your Traffic Exchange Better.

Hit Exchange News - 5 Ways To Make Your Traffic Exchange Better

Definitely worth checking out for both new and existing TE owners.

Not Another Flipping Traffic Exchange squeeze page

I am looking forward to seeing how this project progresses.