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Nich Grimshawe plus 1 badge hunt

How’s the hunting going?

It is Day 8 already which means we have reached the second week and there are still lots of badges to be found.

Nick Grimshawe is certainly having a good badge hunt so far and has been using his mailing list of subscribers to promote his badge and also using his badge to promote his mailing list.

Clever eh?

Basically if you are not on his list then you have to join and leave a comment on his Be-Inspired Facebook Page to get the badge.

If you are already on the list then you will have received an email from Nick directing you to his Facebook page to leave a comment and claim his badge.

Nick then checks the comments and sends out the badge code link.

Clever stuff. Simple but clever. Nick’s is badge number 163 if you want to add it to your collection.


I think it would be fair to say that Nick Grimshawe is happy with the initial results of his Plus One Blog Carnival project…and rightly so.

Inspired by Jon’s Plus 1 Success, he set up this spin off program with the intention of getting members of the community involved and taking action.

Jon, Nick and many others will tell you that there can be no results without action.

Those marketers who promise you untold riches from doing nothing other than sitting back on the beach and watching the money pour in are selling an impossible dream.

If you are going to be successful in anything in your life, then you have to take action and start doing things.

Big names in the community including Winter Perkins, Sunny Suggs, Marian Gurowicz, Andrew Stark, Tom Wacker, Serge Cote, Adrian Gurgui and Keith Butterworth all contributed to the project by writing special blog posts for the Plus One Carnival.

Other members of the community participated by leaving comments and were asked to vote for their favorite post – Sunny topped the poll by picking up 56% of the vote.

Here are some other interesting numbers from Nick’s blog carnival…59 comments were received to the blog posts…there were 13,200 hits to the main page and 59,000 XP was awarded to those who left comments on the blog posts.

Community events like this help get everyone who takes part noticed. Getting noticed is a huge part in building up relationships and becoming liked and trusted.

And all these parts together add up to building a business, making sales and putting your online activities to best use.

Nick Grimshawe ON TELive

It is thirsty work appearing on TELive…just ask Nick Grimshawe.

The first non-TE owner guest on Jon’s Tuesday interview slot, he spoke about the training he has offered in CTP.

Essentially it is a training program for a training program and his program – Learn with Nick – has really helped a lot of people understand what CTP is all about and made him a leader within the industry.

He said that he wanted to help other people to use CTP after using it himself and finding that it was an ideal way to get into the online working from home industry.

One of his ‘secrets’ to getting the best out of CTP was ‘never to give up on your referrals’ and to constantly work on building relationships with members of your downline.

He said the biggest stumbling block for people coming online for the first time was coping with the ‘information overload’ which was both overwhelming and confusing.

Nick said the ‘drip feed’ method of allowing people to learn in stages was important to helping people get the basics right and building a strong foundation for their online business.

He said: “It is really important for people to understand what they are doing and to understand what the sites they join actually do.

“People must understand what a traffic exchange or a mailer does first before they can take the next steps and CTP is very good at allowing them to do that without getting overwhelmed.”

If you missed Tuesday’s TELive you can catch up here: Learn With Nick Earn With Nick

TELive sees Jon Olson put his hand in a paper bag

“Be creative,” we often say when we are talking about ways you can make CTP Teams more fun, exciting and rewarding for yourself and your team mates.

Right now if there was the title ‘King of Creativitity at CTP Teams’ then Nick Grimshawe from Learn With Nick and who leads CTP Masters would certainly be up for the crown.

Here is why. Nick wants to build his list so that he can have a community of subscribers that he can connect with. Traditionally list building is, perhaps, a little bit boring and not terribly creative. “Sign up for my list and I will send you a free report which you probably won’t even read,” is the industry standard.

But what if list building could be fun and exciting…so much so that it got everybody talking.

Well then you would have to do something like this…

Nich Grimshawe brown bag promo XP giveaway

And perhaps make a splash page to promote it which looks something like this…

Nick Grimshawe brown bag

(The background to this promotion is that Matt Badura, the leader of SurfAholics Alpha, had recently launched a promotion to give away 50,000 XP for people signing up to the team blog.)

So the pages were promoted and Nick watched as people signed up to his list. It was a creative campaign and Nick could have just chosen a winner and announced it on his blog and ended it there.

But he had a trick up his sleeve. He wanted to see if he could get Jon Olson to announce the winner on TELive. Now Jon gets requests to do this or that every single day and he cannot possibly do all of them so there was a need to really get his attention and make him really want to announce the winner on the show.

This is how he did it:

  • Nick printed out the names of all the people who entered his brown bag promo.
  • He cut them into strips of equal size and placed them all in a brown paper bag.
  • He melted some wax and used it as a seal to ensure the bag was not tampered with and that everyone could see that it was not opened until the time was right.Nick Grimshawe seal on brown bag giveaway
  • The whole package was sent to Jon Olson by post with a request to open the package and announce the winner on TELive and Jon instantly said “yes.”
  • So now you know why Jon had his hand in a paper bag on TELive yesterday.

Jon said the campaign was one of the most creative he had ever seen and TELive effectively became the Nick Grimshawe show.

In the end Nick decided to sweeten the deal by giving away 75,000 XP if the winner was a member of a CTP Team.

Jon pulled out a paper strip and the winner was…Gary Schmitt from The Strays.

winner of nick grimshawe brown bag challenge

This is how Nick stood out from the cr0wd and got himself noticed…what are you going to do to get yourself noticed?

Great promo Nick and well done Gary for winning.


Learn With Nick

I think it may have been said before that CTP is not exactly rocket science. It is all very straight forward actually as most people reading this blog will understand.

However we must not forget that it is designed to help those people who have just either stumbled online into the traffic exchange community or are converts from the “shiny object” school of messing up online.

A lot of these people are daunted by this strange world of clicks, badges, splash pages, auto-responder codes, opt-in codes and tracking.

So Nick has done something about it and created a program called, quite simply, Learn With Nick, where he helps people make the most out of CTP.

Nick is also giving out XP with his program as an incentive for people to join and to actually go on to use it and learn. So he is using gamification elements within a program which helps people use a program which is highly gamified itself.  As Jon might say “let that marinate for a moment or two.”

So how do you earn XP from Nick’s program. Well each learning step comes with a quiz and for successfully completing the quiz you can earn XP.

In addition when Learn with Nick members complete the regular Certified and Expert status within CTP they will receive a 10,000 XP bonus just for doing so.

Great thinking here. So the incentives work by rewarding people who take action and the more action his members take the more they are rewarded.  Sounds great to me. What do you think?

Yesterday’s TELive was a blast. Jon and I highlighted some of the creative ways you guys have been using XP as an incentive and this inspired others to do more.

Jon gave some books away and we had a laugh with Matt Badura about his unofficial official birthday, if that makes any sense.

There were also some more great examples of people being creative with XP such as…

Richard Arblaster, leader of #ovendogs, who gained new Twitter followers by giving away XP for the first person who followed him on the social networking site.

Richard Arblaster

Nick Grimshawe, CTP Masters team leader, who wasted no time in ensuring that the spotlight did not stay on SurfAholics Alpha after its leader Matt was giving away 50,000 XP to build his list.

He produced this awesome page…

Nick Grimshawe brown bagI am amazed how quickly he got it up there…brilliant work. Witty and creative. Click on the page and check out Nick’s offer.

Finally I held up on camera the hand-written design for the Matt Badura Unofficial Birthday splash page I asked Valentin to design earlier in the day.

Jon suggested that the hand-drawn version would make a great splash page too…so I went back to Valentin Mavrodin and he came up with this…

Yep Jon was spot on, it is another great page.

hand drawn birthday matt baduraI love all this creativity. I just love it.


It is time that there was a CTP Teams post written by…YOU. Especially after my last post was so long, I thought this post could be written by you in the comments.

So here goes. In the comments answer this question…

“Thanks to CTP Teams…”

This post was inspired by a blog post where Nick Grimshawe told how CTP Teams had made “…surfing a lot more fun than its ever been.”

Nick Grimshawe blog screenshotSo over to you guys. Fill in the blank…”Thanks to CTP Teams…”