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I have just looked down the list of all 64 teams and do you have any idea how many are currently in the same position as they ended last week?

The answer is…seven. With three weeks to go in season two there is a huge amount of activity right across the two divisions and that is exactly how we wanted it to be.

It also looks like Uber Surfers didn’t take too kindly to Lucky 13 claiming top spot last week and I wouldn’t be surprised if they have vowed to do all in their power to try to ensure it does not happen two weeks in a row.

I have no insider information for this conclusion but looking at the points gap between the two teams I suspect I may be right.

Uber Surfers lead CTP Teams S2 W8 D2

Yesterday Tom Wacker predicted that SurfAholics Alpha would make a move to claim this week…that very well may be true but with Ubers coming out of the gate at a fast and furious pace it will not be easy.

We spoke about CTP Teams quite a lot in TELive yesterday, it is amazing how this competition has grown and become so vibrant in just a few short months.

We also spoke about Kore4 – the ultimate TimTech upgrade and Janelle then surprised everyone by deciding to offer 2 million XP for anyone who decided to join Kore4.

I thought it was a great offer, but not everyone was at TELive yesterday and not everyone follows Janelle on twitter, although they really should.

So I thought I would use the power of the CTP Teams blog to make it even better.

I want as many people as possible to see how a Kore4 upgrade could make a difference that the offer will be extended until midnight Eastern on Friday.

Why do I want to do this? Well I think now would be a good time to prepare for CTP Teams Season Three…and getting that Kore4 upgrade sorted out right now while you plan your team strategy may just give your team the advantage to make a real impact next season.

So if you want all the amazing benefits of Kore4 and 2 million XP as a nice extra bonus then now is the time to act. Get in touch with Janelle (or send a support ticket) when you upgrade and she will sort out the bonus XP for you.

Jon sent out an email the other day that really caught my attention.

The headline was “1410 Reasons To Love The Start Of 2015” and I remember thinking that this was a rather odd number to focus on. (Yes I know that 1410 is actually an even number but hopefully you know what I mean.)

I couldn’t imagine that he was going to list 1410 reasons why 2015 had started off well but if the challenge was set then I am sure someone could write that list.

When I read the email this is what I discovered:

“We had over 1400 new members join ClickTrackProfit in the first 7 days of 2015. And here’s the best part, over 90% of those members went to upgraded members at Kore4 !”

Two things are important about this sentence. The first is that there is a lot of new blood coming into CTP and this is great for our continually evolving community and for all of our existing members.

If you are one of these new members and are reading this now then welcome to CTP, it is a great place to be so make full use of it. If you have any queries then do not hesitate to ask, as we really want you to do well online. Your confusion ends here.

The second point is that TimTech is often criticized for building its own downline in programs, although for the life of me, I can’t think why this is something to be critical of.

However if you are upgraded in Kore4 then you may have noticed that some of these new members are now in your downline. As Jon pointed out, 90% of these new members were passed on to Kore4 members. Pretty impressive I would say.

CTP is only as good as the community from which it is made and it is so successful because you guys are so awesome. Sincere thanks to each and every one of you for being part of this little section of the community, we appreciate you all.


There are many ways to reward your CTP downline and help make them know that you value them and care about their online success.

A welcome email, a battery or two, an invitation to talk on Skype or to come to TELive are all great ways to make a new member feel welcome.

But what if you want to go all out to reward someone in your downline? Well gifting a CTP upgrade has been one option for some time now and it has proved very popular indeed.

However from now on you can go one step forward and gift a Kore4 upgrade – the highest and most awesome sauce upgrade it is possible for anyone in your downline to get.

Maybe you could do this as a prize in a contest you have organized for your downline or to reward a member for doing something super awesome or for any other reason you choose.

Gifting a Kore4 CTP upgrade to your downline

Gifting a Kore4 CTP upgrade to your downline 1

Suppose someone is sitting on the fence and don’t really know whether Kore4 is for them or not. Gifting them a month-long Kore4 upgrade takes away their reason for fence sitting and shows that they have a pretty caring upline member who wants them to succeed.

 How To Gift A CTP or Kore4 Upgrade To Your Downline

  1. Log into CTP, click on “Affiliate Toolbox” and then click on “View Downline”
  2. Find the CTP username you want to give the upgrade to and click the “Gift Upgrade” tab.
  3. Next select whether you want to gift a month’s CTP Upgrade or Kore4 Upgrade and click the appropriate Buy Now button
  4. Finally let your downline member know how awesome you are and ensure they get the most out of their gifted upgrade.


Justin Ledvina makes a friend on his Alaska trip

Thanks to everyone who entered the caption contest over on the What Justin Did On His Holiday blog post.

I know that initially publishing the post without any pictures didn’t help, sorry about that, but we got it up and running properly in the end.

So Justin called up some of the barrel dogs (sounds like a good name for a CTP Team) to help him decide on who who should win and these are the results…

1 Russell Stockley – “So that’s where all the beer from the barrels went, mate that’s a damn shame, I am sure that the dogs would have pulled those golf buggy’s a lot faster had they drunk the beer rather than tip it into this ravine.”  50,000 XP

2 Terry Allison – “Ah man!!! I guess there is no boating today for us!” 25,000 XP

3 Stephen Whittle – “Justin: (sobbing) Can’t believe I have to leave all this beauty and go back home to those Timtech idiots
Other Guy: (with great sympathy) I know….your life sucks.”  15,000 XP

Ken Wolff, Barbara Erickson and Karen Kuty also each got 10,000 XP for entering.

Thanks to everyone who entered and the XP has already been awarded to you all…and as you are all Kore4 members you each received four times the amount of XP shown here.

Kore4 gave you more!


Eric Goettman facepaint still

It is nice to get things right and it seems I more or less hit the bullseye with my thoughts on Eric Goettman’s “facepaint” splash page which was first seen at Thursday’s Sweeva Surf Party.

So how do I know…well Eric has kindly confirmed it to anyone who has signed up to his list for the mystery promotion.

He has also revealed a few more interesting facts:

  • Eric had the idea for the project just the day before the Surf Party
  • He made the Surf Party videos to “…let people know that I was working on something.”
  • The advert was only finished five minutes before the start of the Surf Party
  • The project is still being developed and is described by Eric as “Not game changing by any stretch of the imagination, but will hopefully be very useful to some.”


Jon Turnbull CTPOK so it is about time I featured another random member…well not quite random.

I chose Jon Turnbull from Kore4 (the team) because he is one of the first people to use the new method of promoting CTP and Kore4 (the upgrade) by using CTP XP.

Jon is upgraded in Kore4 himself so he is ideally placed to explain the advantages of an upgrade to potential new members.

That is a huge nugget right there, by the way, it is always a good idea to be upgraded in the programs you promote, wherever possible. After all it is a little difficult to promote the advantages of upgrading in a program to others if you have not seen the need to do so in that program yourself.

Jon has done something I always love to see CTP members do…he has recorded a video to promote Kore4.

Not only that but it is his first video which is where the “video virgin” reference comes from in his “Keep Calm And Go Kore4” campaign.

Keep Calm And Go Kore4

And this is the video…

Good luck with it Jon and let us know how you get on.

Kore4 Kitty drinking milkYesterday we revealed that The Strays had become the first  all Kore4 team in CTP. Well done once again, this is a CTP milestone which no other team can ever achieve.

While it is not a huge surprise that The Strays claimed this honor, it is surprising that SurfAholics Alpha team leader Matt Badura provided the push to make it happen.

When The Strays formed, a select group of SurfAholics, hand picked from both the Alpha and Bravo teams, were tasked with the job of tracking down their secret lair.

A second team discovered when the only non-Kore4 cat liked to leave the hideout to take a break and each night an Alpha or Bravo agent would leave out a fresh saucer of milk…with the promise of more treats  if the kitty upgraded to Kore4.

Milk and tasty fish snacks followed and the final stray was close to upgrading but always held out for more so Matt made him an offer he could not refuse…

He provided a saucer of the creamiest milk in the neighborhood and sweetened the deal with 200,000 CTP XP.

The XP was the clincher as the cat hotfooted it back to the lair and upgraded to Kore4 within seconds…he didn’t even wait to lick the last remnants of milk from his whiskers.

So why did Matt do it. Well it seems that Matt went a little crazy when he discovered that Thursday was his Official Birthday.

He said: “Well if you guys wanna make it my birthday than that’s fine by me, but on my birthday I Party and Go Nuts. NUTS? Yeah crazy , coo coo, no care in the world.

“I mean I just gave Patrick Doolin from The Strays a gentle little 50,000 XP PUSH to upgrade to Kore4. Ohh wait, I guess he just got 200,000 XP since he is KORE 4.

“Well looks like the strays will be the first Kore4 only team, and here’s to winning your second week.”

Would you also like 50,000 XP from Matt? Well you have until tomorrow (Sunday) to be in with a chance.

Click on the picture of Matt’s head below to find out how.

matt badura headshotOne last thing though…there is no more milk left…just XP. The cats polished off the last of the milk.


Strays are all Kore4

BREAKING NEWS: The Strays are now the first all Kore 4 team…so well done cats.

This means that they started the week top of the Premier League and they are now virtually certain to finish the week in top spot too. Well with a gap of 120 million points between them and second placed SurfAholics Alpha I think I am fairly certain in saying that this week is theirs.

The Strays are all Kore4

However there is a really, really, really interesting story about how they became all Kore4…and I will share that with you tomorrow.

But for now…well done Strays.


Yesterday in TELive Jon and I discussed something which we both feel would be awesome…a CTP Team (or teams) made up entirely of Kore4 members.

It came on the back of a suggestion I made that the team called Kore4 would be ideal to be the first team to be all Kore4. Now obviously they don’t have to do this, no team has to do this but, here is the point, any team could do this and I suspect some team will.

It would be interesting to see what effect, if any, an all Kore4 team would have on the dynamic of the competition. (At least for me as I am interested in game dynamics.)

But it looks as though there are people seeing the massive potential to be the first all Kore4 team within CTP Teams. Ken Wolff from Wake Up Now believes his team could be the first to gain this status.

CTP Team - Wake Up Now

In a comment on this blog he said:

“The plan is definitely to all team members to B K4. One member at a time. We all work to find the next two members ready to sign up 4 K4…

“Once the whole team is upgraded to K4 we will share strategies to reach out in other communities using Safelists, TEs, and social networks like Adlandpro, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more. BTW…we do have a couple of spots open or soon to open on our team if you would like to be on a team that is moving to the top!?”

This all sounds very interesting indeed.