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Tag:  Jon Turnbull

Tag: Jon Turnbull

Jon Turnbull CTPOK so it is about time I featured another random member…well not quite random.

I chose Jon Turnbull from Kore4 (the team) because he is one of the first people to use the new method of promoting CTP and Kore4 (the upgrade) by using CTP XP.

Jon is upgraded in Kore4 himself so he is ideally placed to explain the advantages of an upgrade to potential new members.

That is a huge nugget right there, by the way, it is always a good idea to be upgraded in the programs you promote, wherever possible. After all it is a little difficult to promote the advantages of upgrading in a program to others if you have not seen the need to do so in that program yourself.

Jon has done something I always love to see CTP members do…he has recorded a video to promote Kore4.

Not only that but it is his first video which is where the “video virgin” reference comes from in his “Keep Calm And Go Kore4” campaign.

Keep Calm And Go Kore4

And this is the video…

Good luck with it Jon and let us know how you get on.