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Half the playoff teams are eliminated and the All Star List gets smaller also.  These are the players that propelled their teams whether they won or lost.

This list is based strictly on my perception of the Quarterfinal contest.  These players are the ones that, in my perception, stepped up big for their team at a critical time.

Listed In The Order of my Scattered Notes:

Gary Schmitt

Randy Sult

Rosy DiLuca

Robert Young

Eric Goettman

Bill Darton

Thomas Sheets

Evelyn Kramer

Stephan Berg

Suzanne Howarth

Boris Petricevic

Sig Skeie.

The last list was primarily based on points.  On this list, I tried to project the players that stepped up and provided a spark for their teams and spurred them to greater effort.

There is no doubt that I missed some.  More than a few.  I would be very interested to see who you think should have been put on this All Star List.  Go ahead and use the comment section to explain just how stupid I really am:)

So here we go.  The first ever TimTech all playoffs All-Star Team.

The criteria for inclusion on this team is simple.  Those that scored the most got the biggest consideration.  Even more important was nomination by a team member or team leader.  The highest tribute is a nomination from an opponent.

Starting Line Up

These players were all nominated for the honor by their compatriots.

Listed in order of the way they are listed:

Aaron Green, Rob Paris, Linda Mayer, Chauncey Penfold and Evelyn Kramer.  Mona LaSala, Tim Hansen, Scott Rohn and Kathy Dyer.

Bench Players

Ben Frazier, Norbert Laudner, Marian Gurowicz and David McKay.  Tom Rasmussen, Leone Marizano, and Suzanne Howarth.


Maya van Doorn, Mihai Razuan Stotica, and Debra Chism.  Winter Perkins, Nick Grimshawe, Gary Calvert II, Randy Sult and Barbara Romming.

These are the people that drove an incredible competition that was the first round of the Playoff season.  In honor of their contributions the will receive a special badge specifically for the All Star team and never to be seen again.  Thanks to Bill Gorsci for the badges.

Any disagreements?  I fully expect some.  Please use the comment section to explain to me the error of my ways.

I’m just sayin’


Just a quick reminder that we added Landing Page Monkey to CTP earlier this week, so this is a good opportunity to check it out if you have not done so already.

It means that you have some new training steps to complete…but don’t worry as they are very simple and to the point.

You can find the new steps under ‘Training Steps’ and ‘Build Your First List’ – note that even if you had previously finished those parts of the training there are now two new items for you to do.

new ctp training steps

In the new Step 7 on the initial training segment, Jon explains that Landing Page Monkey is a squeeze page generator which will really help you build your lists.

There is a one-off $37 fee for Landing Page Monkey but once you start making lead capture pages to build your lists then this could be one of the smartest investments you ever made online.

Landing Page Monkey in CTP training 1

In the new video on the ‘Build Your First List’ section, Janelle explains how to link up Landing Page Monkey to your RocketResponder account so you can get up and running with getting new sign ups to your lists without delay.

There is nothing difficult or complicated here and in fact Janelle’s walk through literally takes just a couple of minutes.

Landing Page Monkey in CTP 2

Building your list is so critical to your future online that this is probably the best two minutes you will spend working online today.


Business mastery lessons at CTP

How is your CTP training going these days?

This is just a quick post to remind you to take a look at the training pages in case there are lessons there that you might have missed.

For example there were four new Business Mastery steps added quite recently…have you checked them out yet? If not then take the time to do so.

If you have not logged into training for a while then this is a quick reminder about what the different symbols mean.

– The green check marks will show when you have successfully completed that particular training step.

– The silver cog wheel shows for the next step that you are currently able to complete but have not yet done so.

– The gold padlocks are for content which is not yet available for you to complete. This is normally because you need to complete all of the proceeding steps before the later content is unlocked for you.

Topics covered by the four new videos are:

– back end selling and building your brand.

– why you should always keep up to date with your business training.

– the importance of sales goals and

– getting into the right mindset to build your list properly.

Be sure to log in and get up to date with your CTP Training if you have not already done so.

CTP Training business mastery video screenshot

Yesterday I highlighted some of the entries for Jon’s Twitter contest at the weekend. You can check them all out by using the Twitter hashtag #CTPXP.

There was one entry, however, which I didn’t show because I wanted to save it for a post of its own.

Step forward one Tame Bear with a little help from Peter Oakley and some really epic video editing.

This is the splash page…

In a world of average at best splash pages, every now and again something comes along which stops all in its tracks.

Tame Bear CTP Teams Season Three Splash Page

Click on the video, play it at the highest possible resolution, full screen if possible, and enjoy.

So we have all successfully survived the first week of Season Three – that is one down and about 25 more or so to go then.

The reactions to the new-look teams page on CTP has been overwhelmingly positive – the teams are now laid out according to their rankings in their individual divisions so that it is super easy to see how far from the top any team is.

Now that we are into the second week, here is a reminder about the scoring and how you can see how your team is doing over the season as a whole.

At the end of each week – at 11.59.59pm Eastern on Sundays – points are awarded for each of the divisions according to the following formula:

5th place – one point

4th place – two points

3rd place – three points

2nd place – four points

1st place – five points

Check out the new ‘Seasonal Standings” tab on the teams home page to see your team’s points total right now.

Season standings for CTP teams

When you want to see how many points your team has for this current week then just click on the ‘Weekly Standings’ button to be taken back to your current points total.

Note that only the top five teams get points, so the teams which fall outside the top five in the Cup of Traffic division will not get any points for the weeks they finish sixth or lower.

They can still move up and down the division on any given week and if a team with no points this week, finished in the top five next week then they will get points for that week.

The Week One divisional leaders are as follows:

Legacy Hits Division – SurfAholics Alpha

Pharaohs Army Division – Renegades

Ragin’ Redneck Division – Living Wealthy

SiteXplosion Division – Hunters

PowerSurf Divison – Team Wealthy

Wealth Builder Divison – Surf To Earn

Cup of Traffic Division – OfOnePlusOne

It is Week Two of Season Three and things are looking good.


As we get started with the pre-season for Season Three of CTP Teams, now would be a good time to help new members catch up on what some of the older hands already know.

To the end, we have trawled through all of the posts on this blog and pulled together some of the ones that people might like to read up on.

For each topic there will be a brief description of the subject covered and a link to the original post. So let’s go…

  • Sweeva is a good place to advertise and has proved very popular with CTP Teams – especially for teams competing for XP during the Sweeva Surf Party. Here is how to get your pages shown on Sweeva. How to make a bid on Sweeva.
  • Introducing the CTP Marketplace where you can trade CTP goodies with other members.
  • Who the sponsors are for Season Three of CTP Teams and what division they sponsor.
  • Information about forming or joining a CTP Team, key dates for Season Three and other cool facts you will want to know.
  • Social media…CTP Teams is on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Everything you could ever possibly want to know about TimTech promos…who they are aimed at and how you could benefit.

The next post will explain some of the many varied ways that you can earn XP with CTP Teams and, as ever, Jon will be happy to explain anything more you need to know on TELive every Monday to Thursday at 4pm Eastern.

With his ” King of the Safelist” survey getting lots of attention right now, Andrew Stark has also managed to raise his own marketing profile pretty well too.

So if the spotlight is shining on you then one might as well make the most of it.

And talking of spotlights…guess who just happens to have the Member Login Spotlight at CTP today…step forward one Andrew Stark.

Andrew Stark CTP Member Login Spotlight page


XP Bonus to celebrate CTP becoming four

Happy Birthday CTP. This week Click Track Profit – the online training program which helped revolutionise the TE industry – is four years old.

And what an amazing four years we have seen…the rise of social interactions, badges driving activity, diverse bite-size training, a raft of new games which have spread througout the industry, CTP Teams, the coming together of a vibrant online community and so much more.

It is amazing that we have managed to fit so much in to these four short years and we are already planning some of the awesome sauce goodies that will be part of the next four years.

But for now it is time to celebrate and we have thrown a party right across the whole of TimTech land.

So from now and right through until February 9 we would like to give you 10,000 CTP XP for every single dollar that you spend with TimTech.

It is as simple as that and there are absolutely no catches at all: $1 = 10,000 XP, unless, of course, you happen to be Kore4 and then we ramp things up by 400% – now every dollar is worth 40,000 XP for our Kore4 members.

So whether you need credits or tokens, a promo or an upgrade, then come celebrate with us and mark CTP’s fourth birthday.

Finally, we could never have done any of this without you, the loyal members who have helped put CTP where it is today.

Whether you have been with us from day one, or whether today is your day one at CTP, then many thanks to each and every one of you.

But where exactly is CTP at today? Well here are some numbers:

– $146,309 has been paid out in commissions

– we have just welcomed our 119,036th member to the CTP community

– 80 members have joined so far this morning (it is only 7am Eastern as I write this post)

– 476 members are online right now

– 958 members have logged in so far today alone

and one more thing…

You know those badges, the ones people said would never last and made us the laughing stock of the industry…

– 22,774,453 badges have been claimed. (I think CTP badge fans have had the last laugh after all.)

By the way, as the previous blog post has shown, now could not be a more opportune time to get a much-needed CTP XP boost.

Right throughout CTP Teams – from the top of the Premier League to the bottom of the Competitive League – teams could dramatically affect their rankings with very little effort indeed. See the screengrab below so see how close many of the teams are.

CTP has truly shaken up this industry and now you can let its fourth birthday celebrations shake up the rankings at CTP Teams.

Screenshot shows how close things are in CTP Teams S2 W5 D4


New training video added to CTP

There is a “must do” new training video in CTP and well-worth completing if you have not discovered it already.

XP Tasker has just launched and been added to CTP – it is a new advertising platform where users receive XP for completing various tasks.

This is the first program to be entirely build around CTP XP and it looks really good.

Log into CTP Training, sign up if you have not already done so, and add your username in the box provided to complete this training step You will find the training under ‘Free Videos‘ – oh and, by the way, it’s free and you get 1,000 CTP XP for every member you refer.

Also, we’ve added more programs to our Badge Mastery training section too, you will have to log in and check out Traffic Monsoon and SeaLifeHits, be sure to add your referral ID’s and claim your badges to complete your training.

New video training in CTP Teams from Jon Olson