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We had a look at the Premier League a moment ago so let’s do the same for the Competitive League…this time at 11am Eastern.

However as there are far more teams in this league and the data spread is very large we will display the data over three separate graphs.

This time we will use OnlineChartTool.com to draw the graphs.

This is how the top 15 teams are currently spread out…

Top 15 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014The bottom five teams in this graph are pretty much all on a level, there is a step up with just two teams on the next level,four on the next and then big points differences between the top four teams.

Let’s look at the middle 15 teams next:

Middle 15 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014

Here we see that there are bigger step changes between the teams with a relatively gentle climb up the graph until you get to the top four teams and then the climb gets quite steep.

Finally let’s take look at the teams which are currently at the bottom of the Competitive League.

Bottom 22 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014

This table neatly breaks up into three main sections. There is the bottom section where the last eight teams have no points at all. The next six teams fall into a middle block of their own and the teams towards the right hand side of the graph are all climbing at a decent rate.

It is the last day of competition for CTP Teams today so let’s see where we are in the Premier League right now at 10am Eastern which gives us just 14 hours left to go.

So it is time to head over to the website of the The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) – the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.

No I have not gone totally mad, this is the website where I found the online map drawing software in their Kids’ Zone section…so plugging in the current Premier League stats into their software I get this…

CTP Teams Premier League 10am EST Sunday December 28, 2014

And if we just focus on the top three we get this…

Top Three CTP Teams Premier League 10am EST Sunday December 28, 2014

SurfAholics Alpha cannot be caught. Even if the other two teams were allowed to combine their points as some superteam for the last week of the contest, the Alphas would still be in first place.

Can Lucky 13 move into second place though? Well the Uber Surfers have been increasing their gap over the last day or so so it will be a difficult challenge indeed but it is certainly not impossible.



It seems hard to believe that the last days of the last weekly game of the first season of CTP Teams is upon us.

SurfAholics Alpha will win the week and the season…they have battled longer and harder than any other team to walk away with the title and have shown real team spirit since the very beginning of CTP Teams.

Being consistently good for month after month, having a strategy, demonstrating excellent team work and reacting quickly when things went against them are all factors in their success.

Right now the battle is on for second and third places for this week with Lucky 13 and Uber Surfers fighting it out between them for these places. When I checked yesterday Uber Surfers were in second and Lucky 13 in third place; a few hours ago the positions were reversed and as I write this update the positions have reversed once again.

Both teams have a lot of bonuses active right now and I am pretty sure that both teams will also want to finish higher than the other so it should make an interesting finish to the final week’s activity.

Uber Surfers is a team which came late to the contest but once they arrived they dominated the weekly contests and showed they could fight with the very best.

When the new season begins after a break of one week they will not suffer the same disadvantage of being late to the party and will certainly be a team to watch during the new shorter seasons.

Lucky 13 have done enough to take the runner’s up prize in the first season’s contest but has Cash Surfing Network done enough to keep third or could CTP Renegades snatch this from them?

What do you think will happen next season? Does your team have a strategy for season two? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


During 2014 we have shown beyond doubt that members of  CTP Teams have real stamina. Just look at the points earned by the likes of SurfAholics Alpha, Lucky 13 and Uber Surfers week in and week out for the awesomeness of people on CTP Teams.

We know you can take the punishment of an extended contest, but for 2015 we decided to shake up things quite dramatically in order to make participating in CTP Teams even more fun and exciting for both new and existing players.

So instead of having one annual contest, we will have a number of seasons throughout the year which will give more people more chances to win.

To keep everyone their toes, not all seasons will be of equal length so some may be more of a sprint where others are more like a mini marathon. It means that different strategies may be needed for different seasons but we will always tell you in advance what is going to happen so that you can work out your best plan of attack.

Season Two Explained

The last blog post explained how the marathon $5,000 Season One will come to an end and this post will set you up for Season Two…

Start date: Season Two will begin on Monday January 5 at 00.00.01 Eastern. This means there will be a week between the end of Season One and the start of the next season to allow teams to recover, regroup and reorganize themselves if they need to.

End date: Season Two will end on Sunday March 15 at 23.59.59 Eastern which means it will run for ten full weeks.

How to win: Each week teams will earn team points which will both determine their position on the overall leaderboard and whether they qualify for the Premier League or the Competitive League – this will work exactly as it works right now. Where a team finishes at the end of a week in relation to all other teams in CTP Teams will determine their standing at the end of the season. The last placed team will get one point, the second last placed team gets two points, the third from last gets three points and so on.

It is these weekly points which will determine the positions at the end of ten weeks and thus determine the winners. There will be no separate monthly competition for these shorter seasons and the prizes for Season Two are still to be determined but as soon as they are then they will be revealed here.