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Tag: CTP Duels

Nobody has seen Tim for a couple of days but he is busy working.

I am sure he won’t mind me sharing this short extract from his latest work with you all.

One of the Golden Hens of XP looked through his keyhole about an hour ago and caught a glimpse of what was on his screen.

According to the off duty hen, it was the following sentence repeated many times…

“Remember – Duel has an ‘e’ not an ‘a’.”

I have no idea what that means but I guess it must be important.

Personally I could not care less whether it is Duals or Duels…the important thing is what they represent.

They are another way of fostering team cooperation and of building team spirit and those things are good because they are also good for business.

Brenda summed it up really well when she was dealing with a question in Skype chat from someone who commented that sometimes the duels (or duals if you prefer) took place while they were sleeping.

She said: “We realize we have members all around the world and in many different time zones…… we know that not every team member will be awake each time there is a duel for their team… one of the purposes is to get the teams communicating better.”

Better communication…now there is a thing.

Worth giving some very serious thought I would say…

Throughout history people the world over have loved a good duel.

I know this is true because The History Channel tells me so. It says: “From the Middle Ages until the late the 19th century, pairs of quarreling men—and, in some cases, women—regularly settled their disputes with duels.”

Times have moved on since we settled disputes with duels and these days it is the competition of the duel that is enough…disputes and bloodshed are no longer necessary.

So we are bringing duels to CTP teams.

In fact Tim, our resident dual master, came up with the idea while tending to his lawn and got it all up and running yesterday.

CTP Team Duels

The current and most recent duels can be seen on the new Team Duels page.

Two teams go head to head against each other for short, intense battles over. Currently they are set over three hours so keep them really short and sweet but future duels could be longer…or shorter.

The type of duel is determined randomly and the winner is the team which clocks up the most points during the challenge.

You will be hearing more about duels in the weeks and months ahead but I wanted to get this post up to ensure you know that the ancient art of dueling is alive and well and at home in CTP Teams.