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Jon Olson's Plus One Success
It is another Monday and not only is it Week 15 in the current season of CTP Teams but it is the week that YOU could crush it in the Plus1 Success referral contest.

The contest is already underway and will run for two weeks with $300 of prizes up for grabs:

– $175 for the winner

– $75 for the runner up and

– $50 for third place.

All you have do is refer members to +1 Success contest and for every member you refer, you will get a point when they rebrand their copy of the ebook.

At the end of the contest then the three people with the most points will share the $300 prize pot.

This is something which any one of you could win and should be a huge incentive for you to build your downline in this great new product from TimTech – the first new program in two years.

Just log into +1 Success today and click on ‘July Contest‘ for all the details and to see the current leaderboard.

At the time of writing this post the top ten leaderboard looks like this:

Plus 1 Success Referral Contest Leaderboard

The contest runs from Saturday the 11th of July to midnight Eastern July 26th so there is still plenty of time to get started and even to win one of the cash prizes up for grabs.

Why not make getting onto this leaderboard one of your challenges for the week ahead?

CTP money badge giveaway promo

Here is something I bet you were not expecting…

Starting Monday morning at 00.00.01 Eastern there is going to be a virtual money badge explosion.

These are coins which are normally securely locked away and guarded by an army of XP elves (they are the elves who also make the XP when they are not on guard duty in case you didn’t know.)

But from Monday we are setting them free to roam the TimTech traffic exchanges at will.

They have been told that they have a week to do as they please….but with freedom comes a price.

Should they survive a week then they win their freedom forever and they are free to roam the internet, wide and far, for as long as they wish.

We will miss them but we wish them well on their journey…should they get to survive the week that is.

Because also from Monday we are unleashing a vociferous army of coin hunters to track them down and claim these money badges as their own.

These coin hunters have already proved how good they are at collecting badges so the coins need to be extra cunning to survive.

Oh and by the way those coin hunters include you.

If you find a money badge while surfing our traffic exchanges, it is yours. Claim it and keep it, then go after the next one, and the next one and the next…

There will be $500 worth of newly-released money badges to hunt down…how many will you get your hands on?

…you have to add another 20 names to the Top 100 leaderboard.

Jon’s latest weekly promotion has really caught the imagination of CTP Teams players.

The idea was that there would be random $20 prizes up for grabs this week and that all players who reached the 400 million points threshold by midnight Eastern tonight (Sunday) would be entered into the prize draw tomorrow.

In an extra twist Jon decided to add extra prizes based on the number of people who qualified for the draw.

The result was that all 100 people on the Top 100 leaderboard qualified for the draw so we had to extend the board to show 20 more names in case more people also qualified.

Right now at 10.30pm Eastern 103 people have earned more than 400 million individual points this week which is an absolutely amazing achievement.

The next ten names on the list all have more than 300 million points and the remainder all have more than 250 million points which shows how strong CTP Teams is right now.

Don’t forget to come along to TELive at 4pm Eastern tomorrow (Mon) for more news about the winners.

We always love it at the CTP Teams blogging basement, when we hear of teams and team members making good use of our stuff.

Robert Arnold has clearly got a lot of well-deserved attention and praise for his really inventive series of promotions which we recently highlighted on this blog.

However you don’t have to be a program owner in order to do cool things with existing CTP tools…anyone can do so.

And one of the latest people to do so is Hunters founder Valentin who recently launched a month long promo which is running now and continues until February 10.

In his promo he is giving away:

– 20,000 CTP reward points, 200 wand charges, 30 D batteries, 100 tokens, 100 mini prize cards and  150 C batteries.

This sounds like a good way to leverage the power of CTP for me. Good luck with the promo Val.

Valentin promo giving away CTP XP and other goodies

After yesterday’s marathon $5,000 prize giveaway, you could be forgiven for thinking that we might stop giving things away for a while at least.

But no…there is time to squeeze one last prize from TimTech in the coming days. Officially this is a rest week between the end of Season One and the beginning of Season Two which begins in a week’s time.

So if you want to take a break and just relax for a week then that is totally fine and nobody will think bad of you for it.

However if you want to continue earning team points, and by the looks of things, lots of people are doing so, then we have a random prize to give away.

One lucky Premier League member of CTP Teams will be awarded a random prize of $25 just for competing in CTP teams this week.

We know who you are. Well we know who is surfing and completing challenges and earning team points but we don’t know who is going to win yet…but it could be you.

The prize is an individual prize. Whoever gets it gets to keep it. Well after rewarding the teams yesterday we thought it was only fair that an individual member gets a little something for themselves also.



Bigfoot Badge Hunt new logo screenshot 1

Are you ready for the Bigfoot Badge Hunt? Like all TimTech badge hunts it is going to be awesome and you really must not miss out on this one.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the #TimTechBadgeHunt Twitter contest to name the promotion and congratulations to Matt Badura from SurfAholics Alpha for coming up with the winning answer.

We showed all of the entries to all of the magical XP-laying animals in the kingdom and asked them to flap their wings for each one.

Matt’s entry got the most flapping and squawking that he was judged to be the winner and Jon confirmed it with his casting vote.

So what is happening…

Starting from September 22, the Big Foot Badge Hunt will begin and we’re giving away $500 in cash prizes and huge amounts of CTP XP.

This is the FIRST badge hunt we’ve ever done that will incorporate CTP Teams and XP so it should be the busiest hunt in the history of our contests. This means HUGE traffic, opt-in’s, activity and so much more for everyone involved.

How can you leverage this?

1 – Buy a badge! This is the easiest way to experience the power and activity of CTP Teams. You do NOT need to be a program owner to take part, of course program owners will benefit HUGE but this is open for affiliates and owners alike.

2. Hang out in TE Live all next week – We will go over tricks and tactics on how to put badge ownership to work for you. This promo works best when the badge partners get creative on how they award and hide the badges. Don’t worry – we’ll give you some great ideas 😉

3. Get Your Teams Involved – This is going to be one of the most exciting badge hunts we’ve ever done simply because, teams will be competing. It will be awesome to watch and we expect 2 weeks of lots of fun and discovery.

Don’t delay, become a badge partner today for only $25! We also are doing a special where if you buy 4 badges we give you the 5th one free….The more badges you have, the more traffic, sales, optins and referrals you can expect.

Let’s rock the Big Foot Badge Hunt!