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We had a look at the Premier League a moment ago so let’s do the same for the Competitive League…this time at 11am Eastern.

However as there are far more teams in this league and the data spread is very large we will display the data over three separate graphs.

This time we will use OnlineChartTool.com to draw the graphs.

This is how the top 15 teams are currently spread out…

Top 15 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014The bottom five teams in this graph are pretty much all on a level, there is a step up with just two teams on the next level,four on the next and then big points differences between the top four teams.

Let’s look at the middle 15 teams next:

Middle 15 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014

Here we see that there are bigger step changes between the teams with a relatively gentle climb up the graph until you get to the top four teams and then the climb gets quite steep.

Finally let’s take look at the teams which are currently at the bottom of the Competitive League.

Bottom 22 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014

This table neatly breaks up into three main sections. There is the bottom section where the last eight teams have no points at all. The next six teams fall into a middle block of their own and the teams towards the right hand side of the graph are all climbing at a decent rate.

Yesterday I wrote how many points, on average, each team member in the top ten teams of the Premier League was earning.

Today I thought it would be interesting to repeat the experiment for the top ten teams in the Competitive League and this is what I found.

Competitive League top ten teams as of wednesday august 20 2014

The above screenshot was taken at about 1pm Eastern yesterday (about the same time as the screenshot was taken for the Premier League post.

We can use the information above to find out, on average, how many points each member is adding to the team total viz:

  1. Surf Lovers – 25 members – 20 m points – 320,000 points per member per day.
  2. Dream Team – 23 members – 16 m points – 278,000 points per member per day.
  3. CTP Masters – 25 members – 14 m points – 224,000 points per member per day.
  4. TE Racing League – 24 members – 13 m points – 217,000 points per member per day.
  5. Plus One Everyday – 17 members – 8 m points – 188,000 points per member per day.
  6. Dr Kelps Racers – 21 members – 6 m points – 114,000 points per member per day.
  7. Wake Up Now – 25 members – 5 m points – 80,000 points per member per day.
  8. Beginners and Team Members – 25 members – 5 m points – 80,000 points per member per day.
  9. WealthBuilders – 16 members – 4 m points – 100,000 points per member per day.
  10. Hunters – 19 members – 3 m points – 63,000 points per member per day.

I hope that has proved an interesting look at the kinds of numbers that are required to keep the teams at either the top of the Premier League (yesterday’s post) and at the top of the Competitive League.

Obviously there will be variation within teams, not everyone will do an equal amount of work as everyone else, so some people may add more points than the average amount and others may add less.

At the end of the day it all works well with team work where each member of a team has a role to play and a task to perform.

Indulge Yourself logo CTP TeamsIt is time to look at another one of the smaller teams and today we look at Team Indulge Yourself.

This team was mentioned during a recent Sweeva Surf Party (the one before last actually) and I commented that I didn’t remember ever writing about them so I have decided to put that right.

The team is led by Russell Stockley – who is also well known for his weekly game show ‘Cuppa Time’ which you should all check out if you have not done so already. Also check out his blog Russell’s Ramblings which is well worth a regular read.

So as I write this, the team are in 14th place in the Competitive League and have 13 of a possible 15 members. Their team motto says they like to have “…fantastic, frivolous fun” which is obviously a good thing.

So here are seven facts you may not have known about the team:

  1. Indulge Yourself was formed on the first day that CTP teams became live
  2. It is made up of a mixture of CTP members and has consistently stayed in the Top 20 and in the first week it did make the Top 10.
  3. The main philosophy of Indulge Yourself is to have fun while also receiving benefits for being part of a much wider community.
  4. Members of Indulge Yourself have approached to join because they want to have fun ad not be pressured by other team members to be super active every day.
  5. Sometimes ┬ásome members don’t have time to be surfing everyday or maxing out the amount of points that they can get. So every now and then it is good to Indulge Yourself and take part in a group activity.
  6. Indulge yourself has won reward points every month which is shared amongst all the group members.
  7. Indulge Yourself Blog is at http://indulgeyourself-ctp.russellstockley.com/ which was created not long after the team was created.