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Tag:  Cash Surfing Network – Team1

Tag: Cash Surfing Network – Team1

CTP Teams current top three

As a journalist I love writing about firsts. That is what we focus on, some say way too much. We like superlatives. The first person to achieve ‘x’…the tallest building in the world, the deepest dive, the fastest car, the longest jump etc.

How about this for a first though, right here at CTP Teams.

Imagine being 60,000,000 points away from the team above you…it is Thursday and the team in question continue to pull away from you.

Most teams would probably say something like: “Well we can’t really do much this week, let’s concentrate our efforts on next week instead.”

And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that attitude, after all you can’t hope to win every single battle you encounter, there is also nothing wrong with saying: “Heck, we are only 60 million points behind, let’s do this!”

But if you do go for the latter there is only one way to achieve it…and that is from awesome teamwork with EVERYONE doing their bit. Your internet connection is slow?…tough, do your bit. You are feeling a bit tired?…tough, do your bit. The World Cup has just started and Brazil are playing fabulous, entertaining and spectacular football? tough, do your bit.

And so we come on to the epic battle between Cash Surfing Network – Team 1 – who have been leading the Premier League for most of the week – and SurfAholics Alpha who were determined that they would regain the lead.

At this point I might be expected to write a couple of hundred more words about how they did it but today I don’t have to…suffice it to say that not only did every team member do their bit but every team member went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that they turned a 60 million point deficit into a 20 million point lead.

Here’s how they did it…every single member of the 25-strong team completed the daily challenge…I don’t mean taking part in the daily challenge, I mean completing it all the way to Tier 5.

What’s team work…that’s teamwork and this is how it looks…

TeamWork SurfAholics Alpha Style

This isn’t about CTP Teams anymore it is about life. The message is clear, if you really want something more than the next person then you will find a way to get it.

The only question that now remains is whether Cash Surfing Network can fight back? This battle may not be won just yet.

CTP Teams snapshot

Cash Surfing Network – Team 1 looks to be on fire right now. Could they be making their run to be on top this week already?

They are currently in top spot and have a sizable gap between them and SurfAholics Alpha in second spot. The Alphas have easily closed such a gap in the past but what would happen if CAN was to double it? Another interesting week in store I think.

This is another example of team work in action. After all it is no concidence that four of the top five players in the Top 100 Players leaderboard are all from…Cash Surfing Network – Team 1. Well done guys.

CTP Teams Top 100 leaderboard snapshot