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S2 w1 top of Premier League table at CTP TeamsIt has been, to say the least, an interesting week at CTP Teams…especially for the teams at the top.

Uber Surfers, which formed last year by breaking away from Bonz Brigade, effectively merged with their old team when William Millar disbanded his Bonz team which resulted in him and two others joining Ubers.

There were lots of gasps of surprise at this development but Ubers leader Walter Mulder is quick to spot advantages for his team and pounce when the time is right.

If the move ruffled any feathers in the SurfAholics Alpha camp then we will never know but it does not look like they were very much troubled by recent developments.

First placed Alphas are currently 11.5 billion points ahead of their nearest rivals and 31 billion points ahead of third placed Lucky 13.

In the Premier League eight of the ten teams have now broken the one billion points barrier, and a ninth team, Cash Surfing Network, is very close with 0.99 billion points. In the Competitive League only Hunters have more than one billion points.

With ten hours to go there is still all to play for and the final hours of a weekly contest can be very fast and furious indeed.

Maybe after yesterday’s events Uber Surfers might have considered renaming themselves Uber Bonz Brigade?

Yesterday William Miller disbanded Bonz Brigade to join what is currently the second best team in CTP Teams and team mate Colleen Fitten also joined him in the season’s first shock double transfer.

Today in a triple transfer Deborah Cook has filled the last remaining space in the team which has quite a useful bonus stockpile built up right now…more than 2,600%. However whether that helps them catch first placed SurfAholics Alpha which is currently nine billion points ahead remains to be seen.

These are certainly three very good signings and shows that the CTP Teams environment is fluid and dynamic. The contest is well and truly on.

Uber Surfers team logoWilliam Miller has dramatically closed Bonz Brigade and joined second placed Premier League team Uber Surfers in a dramatic early twist to the start of Season Two.

He said it was time to disband his team which had been in and out of the Premier League and had not been performing as consistently well as he would have liked.

He told CTP Teams: “It was time for it to happen.  We never could get a firm foothold in the Premier League so instead of constantly wavering in and out I decided to let everyone go their separate ways.”

Uber’s leader Walter Mulder said it was a huge boost to his team. Colleen Fitten has also moved from Bonz Brigade to his team and it is believed that a third former member of the disbanded team may also follow suit to fill the last empty spot on the team.

Walter said: “We believe we have a dream team of CTP legends now with a combined power to make a real difference.”

Heavy Heart

In a final message to his Bonz Brigade members, William explained his decision to disband the team.

He wrote: “It is with heavy heart that I make the announcement that I am disbanding Bonz Brigade. This will allow those team members who are actually actively participating to join more productive teams and for those members who were less than active, to contemplate their next moves.

“I thank each and every one of you for your contributions. It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of you.

TimTech History

“I had hoped that the investment in the non Kore 4 members would push them to understand the importance of being upgraded and to continue participating at that accelerated level, but the results were far from what I had hoped for.

“Again, thank you all for participating, and may the new year bring prosperity to each and every one of you.

“William A. Miller II – Team leader of the Bonz Brigade as it passes into Tim Tech history.”

There are always twists and turns in CTP teams and this is a pretty major twist in week one of season two.

As always this is the place to come for news, gossip and scandal from the world of CTP Teams.

Here are some things you might hear time and time again if you spend any time listening to TELive…take action, be different, don’t follow the crowd, get yourself noticed, have a gameplan, invest in your business.

Yesterday William Miller – the leader of Bonz Brigade – did just that and the results started to come in almost immediately. Before I tell you what he did let’s first see what happened.

Take a look at the screenshots below to track the progress of Bonz Brigade over a period of just a few hours…

Bonz Brigade climb up CTP Teams league Bonz Brigade climb up CTP Teams league 1 Bonz Brigade climb up CTP Teams league 2 Bonz Brigade climb up CTP Teams league 3 Bonz Brigade climb up CTP Teams league 4

So as you can see there has been a rather rapid climb from William’s team to third position overall in CTP Teams. For the first time ever Bonz Brigade looks likely to smash the one billion weekly points barrier and only SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 have more points than Bonz Brigade right now.

What could possibly have brought all this on? Well William decided it was time to give his entire team a massive boost. In just one fell swoop he upgraded the 15 members of his team who were not Kore4 to the Kore4 membership level.

That’s right he paid for his entire team to be upgraded for Kore4 and as a result he was able to get the entire team a 6,000% points bonus for 24 hours. Nobody in the history of CTP Teams has done that before. Obviously William has his reasons for taking the action he did and it seems to be paying off for him big time. I am not sure if one of his reasons was to get people talking about his team but that is what is happening right now for sure.

Bonz Brigade 6000% bonus for Kore4 upgrades

Not only has William made his team a top three team but he has rewarded his members for being part of Bonz Brigade and put his team in the spotlight during the Black Friday weekend. Awesome stuff indeed.

P.S. Talking of Black Friday…there is only four hours and 45 minutes to go before we go live with the TimTech Black Friday 2014 spectacular…are you ready for it yet?


Increasingly CTP badges are what you make of them. Last week we told how SurfAholics Alpha team leader Matt Badura has four team-only badges which are used as in-house rewards.

However Matt was not the first to see that CTP badges can be used as rewards. William Miller from Surf Skeleton and leader of Bonz Brigade was also very quick to see the benefits of badges.

He uses them extensively throughout his sites, is king of 12 badges and has collected nearly 7,000 of them.

In addition he was one of the first to snap up the tiered XP badges and he has a huge raft of badges ordered for next week’s Bigfoot Badge Hunt. So it is fair to say that William knows a thing or two about the power of CTP badges.

If you have not seen this already, then William also has a very good way of leveraging CTP badges.

He has got half a dozen unique badges and gives them out in a very clever way as these screenshots below show…

William Miller exclusive CTP badges 1 William Miller exclusive CTP badges 2

So he has badges which people can get for joining his programs, two team badges and a sixth badge which is only open to those who already have the other five.

A very clever use of badges indeed.