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black friday 2014 bannerThis will be the first Black Friday at TimTech since the launch of CTP Teams so we want to mark the occasion in a really BIG way.

Not only do we want our customers to benefit but we also wanted to do something which would allow teams to benefit too.

We have come up with just a way to do that and we are sure you are going to like it.

It is the ‘Super Secret Plan of Making Teams Benefit From Every Purchase’ formula devised by Tm Tech’s super secret Black Friday group which is so secret that it does not even have a name.

All we can say for now is that your team will benefit from every purchase you make during the entire Black Friday weekend spectacular.

It will have the potential to change things up a lot and we are sure you are going to love what we have in store.

As ever there will be more details here closer to Black Friday. Not long to go now. This is so exciting.


ListNerds logo

So how would you like 5,000 credits at ListNerds? Great stuff if you are a Kore4 upgraded member because that is your bonus for this month. Now all you have to do is claim the reward.

Here’s how to claim:

  • Login to CTP and go to your Kore4 page -the link is right at the top of your screen.
  • Enter your ListNerds Username in the box provided.
  • Press the button marked “Claim Bonus!”
  • That’s it. You are all done.

claiming listnerds Kore4 bonus credits

claiming listnerds Kore 4 bonus credits