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If you know anything about the Traffic Exchange industry then you would have to agree that Jon Olson is something of an expert in this area.

So when he decides to share how to “crush it” with TEs then it really is time to sit up and listen.

He explained what he meant yesterday in TELive and also wrote a blog post to go with it – there is a link to the post at the end of this article.

Jon wrote: “I’ve maintained for years, the only two things you should be doing in the traffic exchanges is building your list and branding your name. Build & Brand is what I called it and it really is as simple as that.

“All results can be improved almost overnight when you focus on kicking butt with your squeeze page and really making an impact on the viewers and also working on an amazing auto responder series for your new subscribers.

That’s it!”

Jon goes into a lot more details on his blog, so if you have not already done so, check it out.

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Over at the SurfAholics Alpha team headquarters, the focus is all about performance and, more specifically, about rewarding performance.

This week team leader Matt Badura announced two new initiatives via the team blog.

Firstly team members are being asked to nominate one of their colleagues for a special “Peer Choice Award” which, as Matt eloquently puts it, is designed “to show those working their butt off a little extra love.”

Team members who go above and beyond the call of duty, as judged by their peers, will get a bonus while there is a cash award for the member with the most nominations; the cash award becomes active each time the Alphas win a monthly Teams contest.

In addition there are also Performance and Participation Awards which go towards how CTP  Rewards Points are divided among team members.

And again, when the Alphas win a month on CTP Teams, this triggers $50 of cash prizes which team members can share as set out below:

1) Overall top monthly ctp teams point earner – $10 cash
2) Overall top daily challenge % completion – $10 cash (ties decided by top points earned)
3) Overall top promos completion – $10 cash (ties decided by top points earned)
4) Peer choice award winner – $10 cash
5) 2 random prizes of $5 cash (qualify by earning at least an average of 15% in daily challenges during the month)

Would a similar plan work for your team? Are you already doing something similar? Let me know in the comments below.

I really do like the CTP Masters team blog – I am not saying it is the only one I like, far from it, but it is constantly interesting…even to an outsider.

I really like the way it constantly sets out the challenges ahead for the team and how they are going tackle them in order to get where they want to be.

It is refreshing to see a team blog which is honest and open and not just full of “you are all doing an awesome job” posts.

Take Friday’s blog post for example. Here Nick was telling how it annoyed him when he would get no reply after sending a private message to team members.

He also lamented that not taking part in the Sweeva Surf Party from the day before was a ‘missed opportunity” for the team. I agree with this. I think the Sweeva Surf Parties could be a massive opportunity for every team.

Don’t get wrong the post was not all negative but it is refreshing that a team leader is able to say “hey guys you did these things really well but you really dropped the ball here and here.”

This blog shows that CTP Masters is going places. This certainly is a team to watch.