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Tag:  Bills Birthday Badge Hunt

Tag: Bills Birthday Badge Hunt

Jon Olson on TELive

After more than 19,000 badges containing Bill’s face were claimed…we have our winner.

Thomas Sheets managed to find 241 of the 250 badges which had been distrubuted throughout cyberspace…an amazing achievement.

Jon announced the winner on yesterday’s TELive and Thomas as a very worthy winner of the $500 cash prize…so well done, once again, on being such an expert hunter of badges.

This was the biggest badge hunt in TimTech’s history and we think it went well…very well actually.

There will be more badge hunts to come…the next one should be around hallowe’en or thereabouts.

But we have a question for you all: “What could do to make the next badge hunt even better?”

We want to know how things could be better from the point of view of both the badge hunters and the badge sponsors.

Maybe there is something new we could introduce that would make the contest even more fun and exciting…something you would like to see but that nobody else has thought of yet.

In fact any feedback at all would be great…good or bad.

Janelle will also be reaching out to all the badge sponsors separately so if you have any thoughts or suggestions then she wants to know.

Thomas described the badge hunt as “fantastic fun” and that is a great way to sum it up.

It also helped raise money for charity, build up people’s online businesses, raise people’s profiles, put people into programs, get names on lists and so much more.

The badge hunt itself was just on for two weeks but the positive impact it could have is something which could last for a very long time indeed.

I don’t know about you but I am already looking forward to the next one.

The clock is ticking down on Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt and there is still all to play for.

Remember there is a huge cash prize for the winner and the badges that you collect over the next couple of days could make all the difference.

Or to put it another way…the badges that you fail to collect over the next couple of days could make all the difference.

This has been an amazing badge hunt on a number of different levels, not only for the successes that so many people have already had but also in that it has made this community even stronger and more vibrant.

It is also great to see that so much money has been raised for the Traffic Exchange Cares clean water appeal…nearly $800 was the last figure I saw but it could be even higher by now.

I see that there are still a couple of badges with no claim instructions on them…not sure if that it deliberate or an oversight but I guess there is still time to make them live…just.

There was a big nugget from Jon in his last email about the badge hunt when he wrote: “There is a lot of people within striking distance of the grand prize of $500…”

In other words…there really is still all to play for and the badges that are claimed this weekend could make all the difference.

Not only has this been the biggest and best badge hunt ever…it still is the biggest and best badge hunt ever.

You have one more weekend…use it wisely.

Remember when people used to say that collecting badges was silly?

I guess there are still those out there who still think this…but their numbers are getting fewer by the day.

There are people who still think the Earth is flat so I guess there are people who must still think that badges are silly and that they have no place in ‘serious’ online business.

Well Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt is all the proof that you need to demonstrate that collecting CTP badges does really work and really works well.

When I wrote about Lynn’s amazing results the other day I knew that these were not one off, untypical results. In fact if you know how to work a badge hunt to your advantage (as so many of you clearly do) then these can be the sort of results you can expect to achieve.

I asked other people for their results and these are some of the results that people shared…

Evelyn Kramer

“This is my second badge hunt and I already know the power of the hunt. So this time I wanted to use it to encourage new members into my TEs and especially my brand new 1 week old TE. It’s hard to say what one promo or action has done the most, but the “baby” has grown 3 times as fast as my first two. Surfing has been great everyday. Helping me deliver great traffic.

“The most fun has been using the Hunt to encourage Twitter followers and Google+ followers. It has really brought home the power of the Tweet and so far has gained me 160 new followers from within the CTP community.”

Eric Burgoyne

“I am very happy. For my first badge they must sign up for free to a 3 day free review account. So far 25 folks have done this. To get my second badge they must upgrade for 1 year $19.00. I thought during the badge hunt if I broke even during the entire hunt I would be happy.

“To my surprise I have already more than broken even as of Friday the 5th. Getting my name out there was my main goal, but now with 7 days left in the hunt my goals are even higher.

“This also my second badge hunt and that one as well I did better than I had planned on as well.”

Adrian Gurgui

“When I planned for the Badge Hunt campaign, I had in mind two sets of targets for my badges. One set was minimal, but if not met, I would have considered the entire promotion a failure.

“Fortunately, this set of targets have been met for both of my badges. In fact, I almost met this target for my first badge during the first day of the hunt!

“The second set of targets are more ambitious, but nothing unachievable. Practically almost hit the target for the first badge, but I’m expecting more since I’ve set the targets before I decided to include start pages promotion in the campaign. Second badge is a little behind at this one, but I’m confident the target will be hit there too.

“Besides that, I’ve collected a lot of information (and that’s not over yet) that should help me run better campaigns in the future.

“All in all, Badge Hunt offers a great flexibility and opportunity to connect the badge to virtually any task your imagination can conceive. That, plus the expectation created by a yearly event, plus prizes = success!”

Russell Stockley

“The Badge Hunt is always a great compliment to site owners and list builders alike. It always brings good results, It introduces CTP Members and new members to sites and people, It is a great vehicle for letting people know who you are and it is a great addition to site owners to value add features for their membership.
“The Community that revolves around the TE Industry is a very strong community and the Badge Hunts make them stronger.”

These are the views of four different people, with different approaches and different goals but all share one thing in common…they are all getting results from encouraging people to collect ‘silly’ badges.

Make sure the badge hunt also works for you and make the most of the rest of this week.

Top tip…once this badge hunt is over be sure to start planning on how you will make the next one work even better for you!


Today sees the start of week ten for Season Three of CTP Teams and the second, and final, week of the biggest badge hunt in badge hunt history.

In CTP teams we still have three teams with a perfect score – I have mentioned them many times but if you don’t know who they are then check out the Seasonal Standings tab in CTP and find out for yourself.

If you need a clue then you will be looking for teams with a total of 45 seasonal points because that is the maximum amount of weekly points that it is possible to have right now.

Season Three continues to be outstanding and this week should be really fun with the badge hunt still underway.

Talking of the badge hunt – 13,550 badges have currently been claimed – and today sees some new badges come online so make sure you get as many badges as you can to be in with a chance of winning the $500 cash prize.

Just one final thing to say on today’s short post…if you have badges in the badge hunt and you have not posted your clues yet then….what are you waiting for?

It totally defeats the whole object of the game if you have badges that cannot be claimed.

A quick look at yesterday’s post on how well Lynn did in just one week should be reason enough to make your badges live without delay.

Have a great week everyone and have fun collecting those badges.

If I was to write a post listing all the reasons why TimTech badge hunts are so great then I would be at my computer for a very long time today.

So, as we enter the final day of the first week, I will just give you one reason.

While looking at Twitter a few moments ago I came across this tweet from Jon…

badge hunt gets results tweet

So in six days Lynn brings in more than 260 new subscribers across three lists, signs up almost 200 new members AND generates $100 in sales.

Any one of those wins would be a great result but all three shows the power of badge hunts and shows just what can be achieved when these types of promotions are taken seriously as tools to boost an online business.

Is this result typical…well I don’t know but I certainly would not be surprised if others had obtained similar results from this badge hunt which has still got just over a week to run.

If you want to share your results so far then please feel free to do so in the comments below.

For now though, very well done to Lynn and well done to everyone who has taken part in this badge hunt…this is certainly one very strong and vibrant community.

As I write this we are coming up on almost 12,000 badges claimed in TimTech’s biggest ever badge hunt which means that, between us, we are collecting Bill’s Birthday badges at a rate of more than 2,000 a day.

This really is great going and there is still more than a week left to get collecting.

The badge hunt has seen the TELive Skype room come alive like never before so if you are not already in there then get in touch with Brenda and she will happily add you.

It is also generating a lot of interest in the programs , websites and blogs which are being promoted by badge hunt sponsors and fun for everyone taking part.

Debra Chism is doing a great job keeping the official/unofficial badge hunt blog updated with news and this has been a great resource to all so be sure to check it out regularly.

There is still more than a week to go and next week should be just as exciting, if not even more so, than this week so keep going after those badges.

A few badges have been and gone, most which have been available since Monday are still available and some will not become live until next week.

Happy hunting everyone.

I think badge hunts speed up time because this week has just raced by…it is Thursday already which means this week is coming to a close.

At CTP Teams the numbers continue to look great with lots of XP being claimed and lots of activity.

I think it is fair to say that teams, in general, have got into a routine because with only a couple of exceptions, every team is in exactly the same position as they ended last week.

The top four divisions, where there has been no movement, are more settled so there is a lot of room for teams to try something different and rock the boat a bit…especially during a badge hunt.

There is also a clear pattern developing now with team domination over their divisions. In the Legacy Hits Division SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 are very closely matched. Although the Alphas have managed to keep the upper hand so far this season, Lucky 13 are proving to be very strong competitors and its members really do want to be on the top spot.

In all the other divisions, the top team has generally opened up a large gap over the other teams but, in many cases, with more efficient team work probably not a gap which is too large to be overcome.

In the badge hunt, it is great that many people are really being creative with their clues and also thinking of new ways to promote their badges.

It is good that I am waking up every morning to clues in my inbox, telling me how I can collect badges. Those people who actively promote their badges will always do better than those who do nothing and just hope people find their badges.

Have a great Thursday everyone and have fun.


We are into Day Three of Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt and the contest is just awesome…actually it is beyond awesome.

It is all the proof that anyone could need that we are part of a real, vibrant, creative, switched-on community of talented individuals.

Not only is there a big cash prize up for grabs for the person who finds the most badges at the end of the two weeks…but there are hundreds of dollars in random prizes out there too.

While the prize money is good, it is not the main part of the badge hunt. The hunt is actually about two main things (well at least in my opinion) which are:

1. enabling the community as a whole to come together and grow together in a fun and exciting event

2. allowing individuals to get the results they want in the areas where they want to achieve results.

We have already had an all night Dance Party in the TELive Skype room on Monday night which was an amazing success and the unofficial / official blog is chronicling some of the major talking points as they happen.

We may be only three days in, but there has already been a lot to report…more than 7,000 badges claimed, happy badge hunters, happy badge sponsors, increased activity across the board and so it goes on.

People are also getting very creative with their badges. Some will appear randomly on traffic exchanges while others will appear after a set number of pages.

I particularly like the trend for some badges to be available on certain days, or at certain time periods only as this encourages frequent participation in the badge hunt.

It is great that there are so many badges on offer outside the traffic exchanges so that there are many different ways to collect badges.

If you have not taken part in this badge hunt yet then what are you waiting for? The party has already started and there is a lot of fun to be had.

In other news, Jon announced earlier today that both the Vaults N’ Keys and Sub Games are sold out for all of June while Daily Challenges are SOLD OUT until December…yes December.

The traffic exchange industry is having a great year which means there is every reason for YOU to have a great year too.

Keep hunting those badges.


Bills Birthday Badge Hunt 2015

It’s live.

The badge collecting has already started and will continue for two full weeks of fun and excitement.

There is a cash jackpot to be won, random cash prizes, XP giveaways, badge hunt blogs to check out, TELive will especially fun during this badge hunt, Russell Stockley has his badge hunt shows and there is so much more.

Badge hunts like this are so great for one main reason…it is when this community gets together and shows what it is made of.

It is made up of awesome individuals who have also shown how they work together as teams (just look at CTP teams to see proof of that) and who know how to advertise, how to leverage success and, perhaps most importantly, how to help out when others need a hand.

Badge hunts like this bring out the best in people and also help people shine and show off their skills.

There is something for everyone in this badge hunt so be sure to be part of it.

The options for collecting badges are greater than ever before so there really is no excuse for grabbing yourself a whole load of Bill’s birthday badges. How many can you get…10…20…100…150…all of them?

Finally if you have a badge and your clues are not live already then you are already missing out. The idea is to get those badges claimed by as many people as you possibly can.

Badge hunt time is here again…let’s have an awesome couple of weeks. Happy hunting.

OK so the biggest badge hunt in the history of CTP badge hunts begins in just a few short hours from now…so if you are hosting a badge you must ensure that your clues are up and running as soon as possible.

Every time we have a badge hunt some people forget to leave a clue at all or wait until near the end of the contest to make theirs live.

I don’t understand the mentality of this approach…you want as many people claiming your badges as possible.

The idea is to maximize your conversions…you want people to take some specific action or actions in return for getting a badge from you.

This could be sharing, liking or viewing a YouTube video (RocketResponder), joining or upgrading in a program (multiple sites) or well, virtually anything you like.

You can have fun with your clues if you want…for example it seems that Boris has had a bit of fun with this clue…

Boris badge hunt clue

Here Boris wants you to subscribe to any of his lists for information about how to claim the badge…unless your name is Valentin where you have to work quite a bit harder.

This made me laugh.

I think it is a reference to the really cool splash page Val made for the last badge hunt…the one that looked like an actual claim page but wasn’t one. Remember this one?

Vall claim badge page which was not a badge claim page

So with the badge hunt about to start…get your clues out there and the sooner the better.