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Wow…I know there are have been some crazy finishes in the history of these playoffs but this one takes the cake….


There was massive lead changes, billion of XP separating each team during the last few minutes and literally, with 2 seconds left on the clock….Team Phoenix pulled it out!

On behalf of the guys at TimTech, we can’t salute the teams enough for all their awesome sauce work!

SurfAholics Alpha reminded people why they are such a powerhouse and one of the legends of this competition. They kicked butt all season long and had a playoff to remember. Huge congrats to Terry and all his team!

The Undisputed and Reigning CTP Teams Champion…..Team Phoenix!!!!!

Team Phoenix

Tonight, belonged to Kris Rogers and her Team! Amazing playoffs. Amazing season. Amazing competition!

We hope everyone has an amazing Christmas holiday and get ready for Season 5….We’re going to take this competition to another level πŸ™‚

P.S. Special note: All prizes will be paid out this Wednesday instead of Friday because of the holidays!

​After months of hard fought battles….Over a week of intense playoff action…
​At midnight tonight eastern, we will crown a brand new CTP Teams champion.

​Team Phoenix, led by power players Ben Frazier, Suzanne Howarth & Greg Worley are in an all out war with SurfAholics Alpha and their all stars including Rip Van Sky, Ole Rasmussen and Terry Allison...
​It’s anyone’s game and the madness is sure to continue throughout the evening. You can keep track of the ​live scoring here and be sure to ​follow me on Blab for live coverage of the finals around 11pm eastern.
What team will win? Which players will step up huge for their team? It all comes down to this…​

EDIT: Crazy finish coming up…..

25 minutes to go and it’s neck and neck….


Another round in the books and another huge last second win by SurfAholics with a stunning win with only 10 seconds left on the clock…

They will match up against the reigning champions, Team Phoenix for what will be sure…A match for the ages!

We saw Easy Team put up a massive 288 billion CTP XP in the previous round but could only manage 12 billion in the semi-finals. Still a huge showing for a team that was on the outside looking in only a season or ago..A reminder that ANYONE can compete in these competitions. An amazing season had by Easy Team and a round of applause!!!

Cash Surfing Network came within 10 seconds of an appearance in the finals and this one must sting. However CSN will be back and I’m sure they won’t be denied again next season. Congrats to the entire team, and all the massive players they have on that squad. A huge congrats to them as well…

So here we go….


SurfAholics Alpha.

For all the marbles….

The finals start tonight…At midnight!

Good luck to all the players.

So here we are, down to the final four!

In what will prove to be one of the most intense 48 hours in CTP Teams history we have 4 juggernaut teams battling it out for a chance to compete for the title of CTP Teams champion!

First up, we have the reigning champion Team Phoenix, going head to head with the hustlers at Easy Team…This battle has already gotten off to a hot start and we will see how Coach Chism motivates her team down the stretch. Phoenix is no easy win, as the champs come into this round as the favorites. Who will come out on top???

Next up is a battle of two of the original power houses of the CTP Teams competitions. We have Cash Surfing Network going head to head with SurfAholics Alpha. Wow, what a battle this will prove to be, as CSN has an early lead I don’t expect this to last much longer…Both teams will be playing strategically going down the stretch.

The battle of the final four ends tomorrow night at midnight, so get ready for a crazy roller coaster ride…I expect lots of lead changes over the next 24 hours!

Good luck to everyone!

Wow….What a crazy finish to the second round….

Yesterday we saw 8 teams battle it out and 4 remain after one of the most intense endings we have ever seen in the history of CTP Teams!

We saw Team Phoenix once again RISE from the ashes and with a last second push, defeat the previously undefeated Lucky 13. A huge 25-0 record was what Lucky 13 had going in, but Phoenix once again showed why they are the reigning champs! Well done by Lucky 13 for a remarkable regular season!

In the second match, Easy Team snuck up and beat Renegades with another last second push. Down by multiple millions of XP, the team led by Debra Chism rallied and snatched the victory. They will now move on to face Phoenix in the semi-finals. Good luck!

The other match saw Cash Surfing Network out last Uber Surfers. This was a redemption of sorts for CSN as they lost last season’s playoff round at the last second, but they weren’t going down this time. Congrats to Ubers on a great playoff and season as well.

And the final match saw SurfAholics Alpha defeat a very determined and powerful Wealth Builders squad. Wow, what a great season for both teams but SAA’s move on to combat team CSN in the other semi-final match up.

All in all, this was one of the most exciting rounds in playoff history and it all gets started again in less than 24 hours…

Who will be moving on in Round 3 to compete for the title of CTP Champion?

And here we go….

After a wild and crazy round 1, we said good bye to some awesome sauce teams. Affiliate Prosperity, Ultimate Surf Warriors, Success Seekers, Beginners and Winners, Living Wealthy, Lucky 13 Too, In To Win and Journeyers each had an amazing season and deserve huge congratulations for a well fought first round. They showed up, gave it their all and some teams came very close to some major upsets. Good luck to all these teams in the next season πŸ™‚

Now…Is Round 2….

We have Lucky 13 faced up with Phoenix which could prove to be one of the biggest battles this round.

Renegades and Easy Team are going head to head in his round as well…

Next up Cash Surfing Network vs. Uber Surfers….Will Ubers recapture the glory of previous seasons?

And finally, Wealth Builders vs SurfAholics Alpha, get ready for an epic ending to this match up!

The round ends tonight at midnight and the competition will be intense….Who will win this round and move on to the semi-finals?

This is becoming quite a fun little tradition, but before the playoffs begin, we like to pick who we think will win each round….So in the spirit of the new tradition, I recorded my picks on who I think will win the first round of the CTP Teams Playoffs for Season 4….

After the recording, Justin jumped on cam and made a cool little side bet for the 4 teams going against the top 4 teams…If your team wins the first round, there is an extra $50 cash awarded to your team and if you beat Justin’s Easy Team, a nice little payday of $100 for the team that beats them…

So we’re calling on Affiliate Prosperity, Journeyers, Lucky 13 Too, and Beginners & Winners….The balls in your court πŸ™‚

Good luck everyone!!! Let the games begin….

Today I was doing a lot of soul searching and asking myself WHY, what is the real reason CTP Teams exists. The obvious answer and some folks might not like this, is to create a fun way for TimTech to create a revenue stream. This is business and we discovered when you put a healthy competition on top of business, good things happen….But then, I get news like this….

David McKay of the Renegades dropped me a line a few days ago and let me know that him and his team mate Norbert Lander have created a brand new splash page building service called Unique Splash. If you have ever seen Norbert’s work, you can understand why I’m beyond excited for this release.

Seeing arguably the best designer in the industry create something of huge value like this….Makes me one happy camper!

Unique Splash Page Design

But let’s dig deeper and see what truly took place here…

A few weeks ago, Norbert (and his wife), David and fellow Renegade Maya Van Doorn met up in Germany! Three team mates that have battled with other teams, grown as entrepreneurs and have been building REAL relationships in business and in life. WIN!!!

Norbert and David then go on to create a program that is filling a huge void in this business, and the way they met was through CTP Teams. WIN!!!!

Renegades have gone from being a ‘just for fun‘ team into real relationships. Real businesses. Real progress! WIN!!!

And it’s not limited to Renegades, go up and down the lists of teams in this competition and you will win action takers, driven entrepreneurs and so many stories like this….I’m beside myself! I absolutely love it! I’m so proud of every single member of this community and everything folks have accomplished!

So it hit me….THIS is why we started CTP Teams. Because years ago, Justin, Tim and myself got out of our comfort zone, met up offline and went on to create TimTech…You never know WHO you will meet online and when you start working together, great things can happen. For every badge collected, XP earned, Golden Egg uncovered….THIS is why CTP Teams exists!

After months of heated competition,the playoffs are set!

The teams know who they will face in the first round, and the challenges will be starting up on December the 10th for the 16 teams that made it to this season’s finals.


The teams will be competing for $2000 in real cash prizes and the madness will start this week Thursday!

Who will make the finals? Who will take home the top prize?

Which team will be Season 4 CTP Champions?