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Jon Olson reviews 2014 te community in HEN

Jon Olson has ended the year in his customary way by reviewing 2014 from the point of view of the traffic exchange community.

He points out that traffic exchanges have been delivering traffic, in one form or another, since the late 90s, and while some love them and others hate them, they show no signs of going away.

In his blog post Jon paid tribute to the traffic exchange community, members of CTP Teams and the audience which still flocks to TELive every day.

Speaking of CTP Teams he wrote: “…the awesome sauce people that make up CTP Teams. Seeing and working with these folks each and every day this year made me so confident in the future of traffic exchanges.”

He singled out Lords of Lothar as the best new traffic exchange of the year and named Kore4 as his favorite product of the year with Landing Page Monkey coming a close second.

The Legacy Hits team was named as traffic exchange owners of the year for their dedication, constant promotion and for the way they look after their members.

Looking ahead to 2015 Jon wrote: “…2014 has opened my eyes to the crazy industry that we all love so much. We’re still here. We are still growing. We are still delivering the hits. Let’s make 2015 the best year and continue to show the world how powerful the traffic exchange can be!”

Further reading: Hit Exchange News – The Annual Year In Review For 2014

After yesterday’s marathon $5,000 prize giveaway, you could be forgiven for thinking that we might stop giving things away for a while at least.

But no…there is time to squeeze one last prize from TimTech in the coming days. Officially this is a rest week between the end of Season One and the beginning of Season Two which begins in a week’s time.

So if you want to take a break and just relax for a week then that is totally fine and nobody will think bad of you for it.

However if you want to continue earning team points, and by the looks of things, lots of people are doing so, then we have a random prize to give away.

One lucky Premier League member of CTP Teams will be awarded a random prize of $25 just for competing in CTP teams this week.

We know who you are. Well we know who is surfing and completing challenges and earning team points but we don’t know who is going to win yet…but it could be you.

The prize is an individual prize. Whoever gets it gets to keep it. Well after rewarding the teams yesterday we thought it was only fair that an individual member gets a little something for themselves also.


Top three teams for Season One of CTP Teams

Christmas is over and santa is putting his feet up for another year…except that in the land of TimTech today is second Christmas.

Today is the the day that $5,000 gets awarded to the three top teams in CTP Teams…it goes to the teams who battled, toiled and put in many months of consistent effort to earn more points than any others over an extended time frame.

The prize was hard won and is very well deserved to everyone on the teams concerned and we are very happy to be able to award this prize today.

So here are the winners of the first ever season on CTP Teams…

SurfAholics Alpha badge leaderboard at end of Season One for CTP Teams

First Place: SurfAholics Alpha led by Matt Badura with 1,826 points.

Lucky 13 CTP Teams badges leaderboard at end of Season One

Second Place: Lucky 13 led by Tom Wacker with 1,783 points.

CSN trophy leaderboard for CTP Teams at end of Season One

Third Place: The Cash Surfing Network led by Eric Goettman with 1,634 points.


First place: $3,000

Second place: $1,500

Third place: $500

The prizes will be awarded to the team leaders named above to do with as they please. Matt, Tom and Eric could keep the prizes for themselves, distribute them among the team or do absolutely anything they want with them. However given the caliber of these three leaders I do know that whatever they decide to do will be equitable and fair.

TimTech’s CEO Justin Ledvina said today: “Since day one at CTP Teams, everyone here has been immensely impressed at the way this contest has taken off and how it has gone from strength to strength.

“We knew that there was a real community spirit within CTP and that team-work and the spirit of cooperation would be demonstrated by so many of our wonderful members.

“I want to pay tribute to everyone who has taken part in CTP Teams and, in particular, to everyone who was one of the winning teams. Having such an amazing community within CTP makes us all very proud to be part of this extended family.

“Well done everyone.”

CTP teams takes a break now for a week…well kind of. There is still good reason to be surfing and building up points this week…details tomorrow.


Lucky 13 CTP Teams badges leaderboard at end of Season One

I must admit that I didn’t see this one coming…Tom Wacker has decided to step down as Lucky 13 leader and pass the reins on to team member Lynn M.

Tom made the official announcement on his team blog with the post “Ch Ch Ch Changes” which is also a reference to one of David Bowie’s classic singles if I am not mistaken.

Tom, who will remain a member of Lucky 13, will surely be remembered as one of the most successful of CTP Teams team leaders of all time, having spearheaded the only team to pose any real threat to SurfAholics Alpha in the first season of the contest.

tom wackerHe wrote: “I didn’t get run out, I didn’t get pushed out, and I managed to get out before I burned out. This season has certainly been the highlight of my online career. What a run it has been.

“I got to know an entire group of people better than I could have under any other circumstance. I think every single member of the team has helped me out in one way or another. The co operation and willingness has been truly amazing. I can, in no way, express enough gratitude to the Lucky 13 and TimTech for this incredible opportunity. I just don’t have the words.”

Paying tribute to rival teams he wrote: “We’ve had some epic battles with SurfAholics Alpha, The Strays, CSN and the UberSurfers. Much to it’s credit the Lucky 13 has risen to every challenge and stayed the course for the entire season without let up. A testimony to the caliber of the members of this team.”

Well as time for changes go the end of a season makes as much sense as any and it looks like Lucky 13 will be in safe hands with Lynn.

I suppose the funniest line in Tom’s post is the one where he says he didn’t get pushed out or run out of town…any team that would depose Tom as a leader is a team that does not deserve success; those are two scenarios that would never have happened.

I reckon the truth of the matter is to be found in the phrase “I managed to get out before I burned out” because running a leading CTP Premier League Team is far more stressful and time consuming than it looks.

It can be fun, I am sure it can be frustrating at times, most certainly demanding (of both time and mental energy), rewarding, maddening, challenging and most probably a lot of other things besides.

Tom has been a great leader, of that there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind. Here are some of the Lucky 13 statistics by way of illustration of what I mean:

Second place in weekly competitions – 13 times. (Quite appropriate all things considered I feel)

Third place in weekly competitions – 12 times.

Other trophies gained – 11 times. Those “other” team trophies include being first in weekly contests three times and being second in the monthly competition six times.

It takes great leadership and a great team do have a list of achievements like that. Tom has helped make Lucky 13 a force to be reckoned with within CTP Teams and he will be missed as a team leader. Lynn M has a hard act to follow but something tells me she will most certainly rise to the challenge.

Well done Tom for helping make Season One at CTP Teams as memorable as it was and good luck Lynn…let’s see what you can do with Season Two.

Further reading: Ch Ch Ch Changes.


We had a look at the Premier League a moment ago so let’s do the same for the Competitive League…this time at 11am Eastern.

However as there are far more teams in this league and the data spread is very large we will display the data over three separate graphs.

This time we will use OnlineChartTool.com to draw the graphs.

This is how the top 15 teams are currently spread out…

Top 15 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014The bottom five teams in this graph are pretty much all on a level, there is a step up with just two teams on the next level,four on the next and then big points differences between the top four teams.

Let’s look at the middle 15 teams next:

Middle 15 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014

Here we see that there are bigger step changes between the teams with a relatively gentle climb up the graph until you get to the top four teams and then the climb gets quite steep.

Finally let’s take look at the teams which are currently at the bottom of the Competitive League.

Bottom 22 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014

This table neatly breaks up into three main sections. There is the bottom section where the last eight teams have no points at all. The next six teams fall into a middle block of their own and the teams towards the right hand side of the graph are all climbing at a decent rate.

It is the last day of competition for CTP Teams today so let’s see where we are in the Premier League right now at 10am Eastern which gives us just 14 hours left to go.

So it is time to head over to the website of the The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) – the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.

No I have not gone totally mad, this is the website where I found the online map drawing software in their Kids’ Zone section…so plugging in the current Premier League stats into their software I get this…

CTP Teams Premier League 10am EST Sunday December 28, 2014

And if we just focus on the top three we get this…

Top Three CTP Teams Premier League 10am EST Sunday December 28, 2014

SurfAholics Alpha cannot be caught. Even if the other two teams were allowed to combine their points as some superteam for the last week of the contest, the Alphas would still be in first place.

Can Lucky 13 move into second place though? Well the Uber Surfers have been increasing their gap over the last day or so so it will be a difficult challenge indeed but it is certainly not impossible.



It seems hard to believe that the last days of the last weekly game of the first season of CTP Teams is upon us.

SurfAholics Alpha will win the week and the season…they have battled longer and harder than any other team to walk away with the title and have shown real team spirit since the very beginning of CTP Teams.

Being consistently good for month after month, having a strategy, demonstrating excellent team work and reacting quickly when things went against them are all factors in their success.

Right now the battle is on for second and third places for this week with Lucky 13 and Uber Surfers fighting it out between them for these places. When I checked yesterday Uber Surfers were in second and Lucky 13 in third place; a few hours ago the positions were reversed and as I write this update the positions have reversed once again.

Both teams have a lot of bonuses active right now and I am pretty sure that both teams will also want to finish higher than the other so it should make an interesting finish to the final week’s activity.

Uber Surfers is a team which came late to the contest but once they arrived they dominated the weekly contests and showed they could fight with the very best.

When the new season begins after a break of one week they will not suffer the same disadvantage of being late to the party and will certainly be a team to watch during the new shorter seasons.

Lucky 13 have done enough to take the runner’s up prize in the first season’s contest but has Cash Surfing Network done enough to keep third or could CTP Renegades snatch this from them?

What do you think will happen next season? Does your team have a strategy for season two? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


Ad free CTP - Tim, Larry and Justin round off 12 Days of Christmas 2014

We have reached the end of the 12 Days of Christmas 2014 and it has been a great mini adventure.

During the 12 days we have had:

  • a barking reindeer
  • Santa nerd being chased by a dog
  • an unwanted pumpkin
  • cartwheels – north pole style
  • lots of cool freebees and sweet offers
  • and lots of laughs

Today Santa Nerd could not be with us as he is a little busy with his regular job this time of year so the last offer of the season is left to Tim, Larry and Justin.

It is a very interesting offer indeed but be sure to check the video out if only to see how really uncomfortable Tim looks as Larry repeatedly pats him on the shoulder.

Happy Christmas to everyone reading this and to your families too.


SantaNerd at his computer for 12 Days of Christmas 2014

Santa Nerd is old fashioned and much prefers pen and paper than modern new laptop devices. He finds them to temperamental, always demanding to be updated with this new software, this security patch or this batch of 102 downloads which will begin in 32 seconds and last for hours.

But he knows how these days lots of people make their incomes online and so computers are a vital part of their lives.

While me may like the simplicity of pen and paper, one thing he really likes is how easy it is with modern technology to track your results online.

The only thing that confuses him is why do many people actually don’t keep track of their statistics when it is so easy to do so.

But being Santa Nerd he has come up with a solution to that…the solution can be found in today’s special offer so check it out…and also don’t forget to pick up your rather awesome gift that he has left for you at CTP.

The 12 Days of Christmas 2014 is rapidly reaching its conclusion but there are still two more daily deals to come tomorrow and Wednesday. There are also two more thank you gifts from Santa Nerd and two more of his unique videos too.