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CTP Teams is about the PEOPLE! The community is the life blood of this competition and because of that, we have some true leaders in this business that share their valuable time and thoughts with us here at CTPteams.com.

Presley Mitchell

Presley Mitchell

I’m so happy to be here at CTP Teams Blog. A community built around a team concept is unique and a wonderful idea, and glad to be part of it.

I’m here to mainly cover the subject of being engaged with your customers, followers, or anyone you interact with. It’s absolutely essential to both forming valuable relationships, and to presenting your brand in a positive aspect. When people take how you communicate with them and represent yourself as the main impression they get of your brand it’s imperative to portray yourself in the best light.

So what better way to brand yourself than as nice, responsive, and truly interested in what other’s have to say.

It’s what I try to do with myself, my site, and of course with my advocacy group, “The Socialites” of TattooSocially.com

To interact with me just respond to one of the blog posts, visit my site, or Tweet me @TattooSocially


Carla Frey


I’m happy to be able to add some of my thoughts to this blog! I have always believed in the importance of personal development and being a lifetime learner. My roles are constantly evolving. When I stumbled into the world of traffic exchanges and learning to make money using my computer from home, I was hooked. This community has some of the friendliest, helpful and encouraging people and I grow daily as a result of being part of it.

I am an affiliate marketer, aspiring author, blogger, and coach to help others in their journey for financial freedom, and/or personal development. I look forward to connecting with the readers of this blog and being of service or just making some new friends. Hope to hear your thoughts on my posts.

To reach me:

Skype: carlysbiz
Twitter: @carlajfrey
email: EarnIncomeWithCarla at gmail.com

Be sure to check out Carla’s blog here!


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Are you interested in contributing to the CTP Teams blog? Drop Jon a note anytime and let’s see what awesome sauce you can bring to the table!!!!