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Category: training videos

Category: training videos

New training video added to CTP

There is a “must do” new training video in CTP and well-worth completing if you have not discovered it already.

XP Tasker has just launched and been added to CTP – it is a new advertising platform where users receive XP for completing various tasks.

This is the first program to be entirely build around CTP XP and it looks really good.

Log into CTP Training, sign up if you have not already done so, and add your username in the box provided to complete this training step You will find the training under ‘Free Videos‘ – oh and, by the way, it’s free and you get 1,000 CTP XP for every member you refer.

Also, we’ve added more programs to our Badge Mastery training section too, you will have to log in and check out Traffic Monsoon and SeaLifeHits, be sure to add your referral ID’s and claim your badges to complete your training.

New video training in CTP Teams from Jon Olson

New Business Mastery Videos in CTP Training area

Jon has added three more business mastery videos to the CTP training area…and they are well worth checking out.

This makes a total of 13 videos now available to view in this section, which is one of the most popular sections in the whole of CTP training.

Find out what TimTech’s Jon Olson has to say and how it can be of benefit to your online business efforts.

In the new videos you will discover…

– why being part of a strong, vibrant and healthy community will pay dividends for your ongoing online success.

– what vitamins and painkillers have to do with your business efforts and ultimate results and

– what Jon has to say about downlines and sales and his views on why so many enterprises get this all badly wrong.

If you are upgraded in CTP then these videos will be available for you right away and if you are a free member then the content in this one section alone is well worth the small price of upgrading.

Some people think CTP is all about badges but is about far more than just badges. Learning how to build your business and learning how to leverage the power of an awesome community are what CTP is really all about.

Jon Olson screenshot from new CTP Business Mastery training video

Jon Olson screenshot from new CTP Business Mastery training video.