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Now you can sponsor CTP badges for a real advertising boost

I still laugh when I recall how people used to say that CTP badges would never catch on.

With more than 23 million of them claimed I think it is fairly safe to say that these badges are pretty well established within our community.

In fact there are many people who will not even consider surfing a traffic exchange unless it contains badges.

Claiming them is one thing but now there is something new you can do with CTP badges…you can sponsor them.

You decide which badge(s) you want to sponsor and then everyone who claims them while you are the sponsor will see your message…powerful stuff indeed.

Benefits of Sponsoring a CTP Badge

So why would you want to sponsor a CTP badge? Well because it is a really cool thing to do of course!

Also, and perhaps just slightly more importantly, just think of all the people who would be able to see your sponsor message each time they claim your sponsored badge.

Badge sponsors get to display a special Sponsor Message which is shown every time the badge is claimed!

It will also be displayed on the badge holders pages (which is also great for SEO by the way) and this means you will have a whole lot of eyes looking at your message.

As an additional bonus we will give you 100 CTP XP every time someone claims your badge. Just think what that could do for your team’s performance.

How To Sponsor a CTP badge

Here is how it works:

1. Login to CTP and go to the CTP badge sponsor page.

2. You will see a selection of some of the badges that are available to sponsor right now.

3. Click on the badge you want to sponsor and you will be taken to the payment page. It costs just $5 to sponsor the badge for one month. The badge will be held for you for five minutes to give you time to complete the payment process. If you don’t complete it or change your mind by clicking away from the page then the badge will be released for someone else to claim.Sponsoring a CTP badge

You will also find a link to claim a badge from that badge’s specific page…unless someone has already claimed it first of course.

Additionally when you claim a badge, then as long as someone else has not got there first, you will see a link allowing you to sponsor that badge too.

So this is a badge I found while surfing ThumbVu:

CTP badge on ThumbVu

So obviously I claimed it….

Now you can sponsor CTP badges right from the CTP badge claim page

And because this has not yet got a sponsor there is a link under the badge which would take me to the badge sponsor page.

Let’s take the Lobby Hits 50 page badge as another example.

One of the first CTP badges to be sponsored


When I claimed this I can see that Sunny Suggs has already sponsored this badge. Her picture, message, and the URL she wants to send people to also shows up.

Think of what you could do if you were the sponsor of your own favourite CTP badges.

But don’t spend too much time thinking because someone else may come along and snap up the badge before you.

Jon Olson and Tony Tezak on TELive

Tuesday’s TELive where Jon interviewed Tony Tezak from Tezak Traffic Power and Lucky 13 was a joy to listen to.

In fact it was so good I would have to say it must be one of the very best TELive shows ever.

I listened to it twice…once when it was live on Tuesday and again before writing this blog post.

It was good because Tony, one of the most knowledgeable people in the TE industry, gave some of the best information that I have ever heard.

Some of what he said must have been uncomfortable for some to listen to, perhaps very uncomfortable indeed at times…but it was information which needed to be said.

If you didn’t watch the show, and you have more than a passing interest in the traffic exchange industry, then I would strongly suggest that you set a side a full hour without interruptions and watch it as soon as you can.

Have a pen and paper to hand to take notes too because there is a lot you can learn from Tuesday’s talk.

Jon later described it as the most important TELive that he had ever done so, that alone, should tell  you that it is some awesome content from one of the most known, experienced, successful and well liked people in the industry.

Find out more including a link to Tuesday’s TELive with Tony Tezak:

The Most Important T.E. Live I’ve Ever Done…

There is no doubt that the traffic exchange industry loves a good badge hunt…and Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt promises to be the best ever.

Not only have we got more badges than ever before but it looks like people will be using this event in really creative ways to promote their programs or services.

With $500 in cash prizes and XP to be given away too, there is something in this badge hunt for everyone.

This page is a great example of how to leverage the excitement surrounding the badge hunt to promote a program – in this case AntSurf.

AntSurf promotes Bill's Birthday Badge Hunt

Click on the image above to see the full page.

Remember that the badge hunt begins on Monday…it is going to be epic.

It all starts…Bill’s Birthday Badge Hunt begins on June 1st and will rocket the teams in exciting competition, major team play and of course, hundreds of dollars in real cash prizes!

This is the first badge hunt of 2015 and here’s a few tips for some of you that may be experiencing their first ever hunt;

– Talk to your team! Be sure to be in contact with your team mates each and every day. Learn which sites have easy to find badges, where they are hidden and work with your teams to collect as many as you can. Remember, each team has it’s own unique game card as well to complete. The more badges your team finds together, the more you can win 🙂

– Surf the traffic exchanges now to get huge clues and hints on who is sponsoring badges for the hunt. Check out Val Mavrodin and Tim Hanson‘s splash / squeeze pages that show you examples of what to look for. Savvy badge sponsors will be in the traffic exchanges all this week giving you hints on how to claim the badges they have sponsored!

– Attend Traffic Exchange Live every day this week! I will be going over tips and tricks on how to get the most from this hunt including WHY you should be even more active in chat this week as we expect thousands of new members to join Click Track Profit. Hint – It’s a good place to be visible!

– Be sure to follow me on Twitter and look for the official badge hunt hash tag #CTPBadgeHunt – I will be giving away random prizes for people using that hash tag this week and of course, all 2 weeks of the hunt.

– Get ready! This may sound like a lot of hype and hoopla but believe me…A CTP Badge Hunt is unlike anything in the traffic exchanges! You are going to love it and it’s important to remember, even though this is a lot of fun and an exciting time…It’s a glorious chance for you to build your business, network with other hunters and step out of your comfort zone each and every day!

We can’t wait for June 1st and are looking forward to this hunt more than any other in the past. Keep reading the CTP Teams blog and let;s roll up our sleeves and get to work. This is going to be a blast!

It starts in a few hours…Midnight eastern tonight!!!

After a week of watching the standings and coming up with a game plan to create one of the most epic XP contests in history, we’re about to get started on 7 days of madness!

Here’s how it’s going to play out…

We’re giving away a minimum of 5 – $20 cash prizes to random Team Players who reach the minimum threshold of 400 million XP.

Simply hunt the internet for CTP XP, surf the traffic exchanges with Tiered XP, look for special giveaways and accumulate as much CTP XP as you can over the next 7 days. When you each 400 million CTP XP, you get entered to win!

But here’s where it gets really exciting…

Once we hit 50 total players that have reached 400 million CTP XP, we will add another $20 cash prize to the pool for every 10 players that hit the threshold.

For example, if we get 100 players that reach the 400 million goal we will be giving away 10 prizes of $20! If we get 150, that means 15 prizes of $20 and so on….

The contests starts tonight at midnight and runs until next Sunday evening. And the more players that get involved, the more prizes there will be. So make sure your teams know…We’re giving away real cash all week long!

Here’s a few tips to get the most CTP XP this week:

– Read this blog post that Patrick wrote that describes all the ways you can generate CTP XP
– Surf the TimTech traffic exchanges for the 100,000 and 500,000 XP badges
– Support the traffic exchanges that offer Tiered XP surf badges, you can rack up a lot!
Kore4 your account. Upgrade at RocketResponder. Join Trck.methis gets you a 500% bonus for your team!
– Look for offers, deals and bonuses while surfing from people offering CTP XP! You can rack up millions of points a day!

Good luck to everyone! We want to give away hundreds and hundreds of dollars this week but it only can happen if you let your teams know and everyone starts hunting 🙂

Let’s get busy!!!!

Special note: The draw for everyone that reaches 400 million CTP XP will be done using Random.org and live on Traffic Exchange Live – May the 18th

Easy Team joins CTP Teams for S4 W1 D1

Yesterday was the start of the two-week pre-season for Season Three and a great day to start a new team.

It was also the day that CTP Member Debra Chism decided to upgrade to Kore4 and launch her own team called Easy Team.

The reason that I know is that Debra announced her new team in CTP Chat and that is probably why she was able to pick up two new members almost immediately.

Debra Chism announces creation of CTP Teams newest team Easy Team in CTP Chat on day one of Season Three


And it was not long before people started to congratulate her on the first team to start on the first day of the new season…

CTP Chat conversation with Easy Team leader Debra Chism

Jon also mentioned the new team on yesterday’s CTP Teams special edition of TELive where the whole show was devoted to talking about the new season.

Also a special mention for Scott Rohn from Cash Surfing Network who recently signed up to Kore4 for the next 12 months because he likes the ultimate TimTech upgrade so much.

Scott is a regular at TELive, is well known for his creative splash pages and video splash pages and is a veteran of CTP who has already made a huge impact for his team during the first two seasons and is sure to do the same for Season Three.

Way to go Debra and Scott.


It must be hard to get results when you are bogged down in self-pity, jealousy or an overwhelming sense of how unfair everything is.

If you compound that with spending most of your precious time hating on those more successful than you, then those illusive results will be even harder still to find.

And as we all know, since gamification was added to traffic exchanges, the results have dried up for everyone in the industry…except that they haven’t.

In Jon Olson’s last blog post he showed that results are all around us…they are everywhere and finding them is not hard to do.

So, for example, it is a result when someone realizes that it is time to drop the self-pity and the petty jealousy and just get on with making the most of the cards they have been dealt.

It is a result when members of CTP are collectively $154,000 better off when measured by commission payments alone.

It is a result when people come together in CTP Teams and end up forging friendships and business partnerships.

It is a result when someone new comes into CTP chat and is given help and guidance by more experienced members.

It is a result when someone overcomes their fears and puts out their first splashpage, video or blog post.

It is a result when the first commission payment comes in.

It is a result when the next and the next and the next payments come in.

It is a result when we no longer look to what other people are doing and concentrate on what we are doing.

It is a result when we show up at TELive and learn something new or ask that question that was troubling us for months.

It is a result when we realize that with the CTP community we are never alone any more.

For even more examples of results check out Jon’s blog post: Hit Exchange News – Results! Results! Results!


CTP badges

I love reading the comments on this blog, especially as they cover a diverse range of views, opinions and points of view on subjects which are dear to all our hearts.

One comment which really caught my eye recently was this:

“The costs are heaping up and a newbie is learning.
“I spent tons and earn very little. What does badges really accomplish? Thanks.”

It was left on the Time To Reward Surfers With Our Biggest Ever XP Badges Yet post and is a question which crops up from time to time.

As I write this post 23,384,821 CTP badges have been claimed in the four years since the program was launched…that’s right more than 23 million badges have been claimed by CTP members to date.

From this we can infer that people really like collecting CTP badges so badges help keep up activity across the growing number of platforms which offer them.

Those who buy badges from us, including traffic exchange and other program owners, report that the investment more than pays for itself…so badges help generate income and activity across the community.

Badges have also helped bloggers, list builders, affiliate marketers, online newbies and many more diverse groups of people help achieve their online goals.

Just take a look at the huge demand for badges each time we have a special badge hunt promotion where people buy badges and leverage them to generate interest in what they are promoting.

Badges are also fun to collect and having fun is an important, but sadly all to easily forgotten, part of business. The reasoning behind this is that if you are not enjoying your online (or offline) work then you will not get the most out of it.

So, in short, badges help accomplish a lot more than you may first think. In fact, when they were first launched with CTP four years ago we did not even see how big they would become. And as for four years from now…well that is anyone’s guess.


Sometimes the time is right to do things really big…and this is just one of those times.

Recently we have rewarded our awesome customers for being so awesome so now it is about time we rewarded the awesomeness of our super surfers too.

Each of the TimTech traffic exchanges are unique in their own ways and I am sure everyone has their particular favorite or favorites.

While they are unique they all have many things in common…and today they have one more thing in common that you won’t find anywhere else in the traffic exchange community.

In fact you could search all over the known TE universe and never find the super new, totally awesome sauce, exclusive to TimTech…new Loyalty Reward Badges.

These badges are to reward you our loyal members who surf day in and day out and are the backbone of our community. They come with mega amounts of XP and we can’t wait for you to find them…as many already have.

They are so special that they even come with their own cool splash page…

New TImTech CTP XP Loyalty Badges for TimTech TEs

So there are now 100,000 XP badges at ILoveHits, ThumbVu and StartXchange and our biggest ever XP badge at Sweeva…500,000XP. Yes half a million XP for just one badge.

If you want to get them then you will have to surf more than 1,000 pages in order to do so…that way we reward the people surf the most…and because it will take longer to get through that many pages at Sweeva, that is why the XP is so high there. We wanted to really reward that level of commitment.

Exactly how many pages after 1,000 to find the badges will vary…but they are there and they are being claimed already.

Happy hunting and thank you for being such awesome surfers.

P.S. Special credit to Ole Rasmussen from SurfAholics Alpha who sparked this change. Ole was chatting to Jon and the discussion centered around how we could make the surfing experience better for our most loyal traffic exchange users.

As a result we now have new Loyalty Reward Badges. Thank you Ole.




Jon Olson promo video for Sea Life Hits

It is sad that very often in certain sections of the online community there are a lot of people who are all talk…and very little more than that.

It is easy to say you will do something, but often it is not easy to actually follow through.

Well when Jon announced in TELive recently that he would help promote owners who bought certain promo packages with TimTech he had every intention on following up on that offer.

Sig and Bradley at Sea Life Hits were quick to take up Jon’s offer and yesterday you may have seen the video he put together to coincide with them having the Daily Challenge yesterday. (In fact Sea Life Hits has the Daily Challenge every Thursday this month for all you advance planners out there.

Check out Jon’s video below and if you want to know how you could get Jon do do a video for your promo then send him an email.