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Traffic Exchange Live could have a new home and this means it could pull in more viewers than ever before…including people who don’t yet know anything at all about the TE industry.

Jon has recently been trying out a new platform called Blab and the initial experience seems very good indeed.

Now as with all things social, followers make a difference, so in return for following Jon on Blab he will give you 500,000 CTP XP which is a great return for a few seconds work.

Jon said: “Blab has got  some huge potential to be a game changing social network and will become the new home for Traffic Exchange Live. But most importantly, as early adopters of this site, we hope to pull in new customers, new members and new active surfers from outside of the T.E. world.

“So let’s make some history today and get people outside of the traffic exchange world, taking notice of our vibrant and powerful community.”

Simply let support know you followed us and presto….Instant CTP XP and, of course, don’t forget to check out today’s TE Live on Blab at 4pm Eastern.

It is easy to get social media very badly wrong.

Generally using it to push the “buy my stuff” message is using social media very badly wrong indeed.

Imagine walking up to someone in the street and saying: “Hey I just bumped into you in the car park ten minutes ago…my name is Steve and I have a great opportunity for you right now, let me take some time to explain…”

If you are like me you would make your excuses and leave and make a mental note to quicken your pace if ever you bumped into Steve again.

So why do so many people think it is quite acceptable to turn up out of the blue on Twitter, Facebook and Skype and immediately launch into a sales pitch?

Even if I wanted what they were selling I would never, ever, buy from someone who was so rude and inconsiderate as to presume I would be happy to just drop everything and listen to his or her random sales pitch.

It is like…get out of my face…and now you are blocked.

Jon had this happen to him earlier this week and spoke about it on TELive as an example of how not to use social media to win people over

The basic thrust of what the guy said to Jon on Facebook was:

“Hey I am not entirely sure what it is you do and I have no intention of actually finding out but I want to sell you stuff to help you do it better.”

Good luck with that pitch!

If you want to use social media to make sales then at least try to get it right.

Never, ever, go in for the sale right away, because this approach will not win you any friends.

Instead use social media as part of your overall strategy of building relationships because it is the relationships you develop with people which will allow you to make sales at a later date.

I think most people reading this blog post will understand this concept…now your task is to go out and help others understand it too.

If you have been to TELive recently then you might have heard Jon talk about one or more the following four subjects:

– listbuilding

– building a list

– building a list of subscribers

– adding subscribers to your list.

Actually they are all the same thing but you will have worked that out already.

Yesterday Jon had a bit of a mini rant about the lack of listbuilding going on in the industry right now.

Just look at any traffic exchange and you will see splash page after splash page but not so many lead capture pages.

People have got out of the habit of building lists and if you are in that category then it will hit your bottom line.

When you show a splash page then you have one shot of making a sale.

The person looking at your page needs to do the following things:

– notice your offer

– decide they want to take advantage of your offer

– be prepared to buy from you on the spot

So you have to catch the person at exactly the right time if you are going to get a conversion from your offer.

Now let’s look at a lead capture page and here is what needs to happen for you to get a result.

The person looking at your page needs to:

– notice your offer

– be sufficiently interested to give you their name and email address

Here are two massive, and I mean massive, advantages of this approach.

Firstly you don’t have to catch people when they are at the point of making a buying decision.

Secondly by getting people to sign up to your mailing list you now have the opportunity to

(i) build up a lasting relationship with your subscribers

(ii) market to these subscribers on a regular basis so that you can potentially make multiple sales from individuals over an extended period of time.

I am sure Jon will return and expand on this topic over the weeks and months ahead but, for now, the key message is that you really need to be building your lists and a cost-effective, easy-to-use and traffic exchange friendly system like Rocket Responder is an obvious choice of tool to do so.

Randy Ritter

Tributes have poured in for Randy Ritter, one of the true gentlemen of the TE industry, after he lost his battle with cancer.

He passed away at his home yesterday morning surrounded by his close family members and his death is a huge loss for the traffic exchange community.

Randy was diagnosed with cancer from a biopsy taken from lumps on his neck but medical staff were initially unable to determine exactly where it had originated.

He was treated with chemotherapy but the cancer was particularly aggressive and the decision was taken to allow him to be looked after at home by a hospice team and his family.

Right up to the end Randy was thinking of others, downplaying the seriousness of his illness and asking others how they were doing.

He was active on Skype, talking to his friends in the community, and on social media he was promoting the programs he believed in and supporting the people with whom he had built up such strong bonds.

Announcing the sad news yestterday, his family said in a statement: “After struggling with a very aggressive cancer the past few months, Dad finally found peace this morning.

“He passed a little after 8am and my Gram and I were there to say goodbye. We are already overwhelmed by an outpouring of love from family and friends near and far.

“We are also incredibly grateful for the amazing care we received from the Gentiva hospice team, especially our angel of a nurse, Amy Porter.”

The go fund me page which had been set up to raise money for Randy’s medical expenses will be taken down soon but a memorial fund will be set up through the funeral home to help with final expenses.

Randy was best known as the owner of Top Flight Traffic and for his inspirational Avenues to Success live webinars where he gave personal development tips and advice.

Yesterday Jon Olson described Avenues to Success as the seminars of the traffic exchange industry which everyone wanted to go to and he is spot on about that.

Randy’s mix of genuinely wanting to help people together with the passion and emotion he poured into every show made Avenues to Success a ‘must attend’ event.

They were certainly emotional events. Sometimes Randy would tell such personal stories about his own personal battles in life with addictions that he would have to fight through the tears as he spoke.

I know many people shed a tear or two right along with him…I know I certainly did and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I remember many late night Skype sessions when I would play virtual golf with Randy, Justin and Bill. Randy put as much energy and passion into his online golf games as he did into everything else he did in life.

We shared a passion for aviation – Randy loved the P51 Mustang aircraft in particular – and was always happy to share videos with me which he had found online.

Randy Ritter with some of  his family members


Jon Olson hosted a special edition of TELive in Randy’s honor yesterday where many members of the community expressed their sadness at his passing and their joy at having known him.

Jon said of Randy: “RIP Randy Ritter One of the good guys in the traffic exchange industry who was the first attendee to ever come and support Traffic Exchange Live so many years ago.

“His Avenues To Success weekly show was the highlight for many week in and week out within the community. He will be missed by so many.”

Marian Gurowicz credited Randy with being the inspiration for her popular Living Wealthy show. She said: “Randy was a big inspiration for me. When I started online, it was with the intent of doing self-development, but I got lost in everything else when I tried to learn about online advertising.

“Randy invited me to be a guest on Avenues to Success and that was the start of the Living Wealthy Show.”

Many tributes also poured in on Facebook and other social media sites.

Ernie Pinard said: “My Heart hurts, Randy was a dear friend and Inspiration to many. My thought’s and prayers go out to all the family and friends that are affected by the loss of this dear dear man.”

William Miller from SurfSkeleton wrote: “RIP Randy, you were a great friend and a fantastic member of the traffic exchange community. Your presence and contributions will truly be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

Randy’s friend David Martin, who was a regular guest on Avenues to Success, wrote: “…although his battle with cancer was ultimately lost, he fought it on his terms, in his way….I will miss you my friend, our talks about business, personal development, music and most of all when we would ramble on about nothing just “shootin the breeze…”

Scott Rohn said: “Rip Randy, just being able to say we were friends meant a lot to me.

“You were an inspiration to me. Your show Avenues to Success was something I looked forward to every week.

“Now as much as everyone is hurting, we know you are in a better place, and there is no pain for you to deal with anymore. Maybe you can do Avenues to Success for everyone in Heaven. Goodbye my friend, You will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.”

Brenda Broyles said: “Randy now has angels as his wingmen and he is able to fly those airplanes he so loved.

“Randy was the first TE owner that took notice of me when I was new and he even made a phone call to me one night after I had reported a bad site at TFT.

“Scared me to death but he only wanted the thank me for letting him know of the site. He will always be remembered and will always be looking over the TE community. My prayers to the family and we will meet again one day Randy.”

Randy truly left his mark in the traffic exchange industry and was an inspiration to us all. He was never afraid to speak his mind, to be himself and always put others first. He will be sadly missed.

Here is the bad news.

If only you had started building your list a year ago then you would be in a better position than you are today.

Here is the good news.

If you have not started already then you can start building your list from today, and if you have only done so half-heartedly until now then you can really put passion and effort into it from today.

Jon has repeatedly said that his main regret during his time online is not making list-building a priority from day one and Tony Tezak, another leading player in the industry, has said exactly the same on this blog.

RocketResponder for list building

If you missed yesterday’s TELive then do try and find time to watch the recording as Jon had some really great tips about how to communicate with your list of subscribers.

I think that this is a topic which will come up several more times in the weeks and months ahead so if you have any questions about any aspect of list building then bring them to Jon in TELive and he will answer them for you.

It is also great to see that the decision to award CTP Teams players bonus team points for building their lists is really catching on.

In case you missed it, you will get a 2% bonus for your team for each new name you put on your RocketResponder list.

It has been just a couple of days since this was launched and already it is having an impact on CTP Teams as these screenshots show…

Team CSN screenshot

Lucky 13 screenshot

This is a huge opportunity for you to build your business as you have fun with CTP Teams.

There had been complaints in the past that there was too much emphasis on people getting team points from making purchases or taking upgrades at the expense of others who were building their businesses.

Well there is no better way to build your business than laying the rock solid foundation of a healthy subscribers’ list.

Finally you can check how many new people you added to your list in a new “subscribers” column next to your name on your team profile page.

Members screenshot from CTP Teams

Using RocketResponder for list building makes sense

Look at this screenshot for a moment. What does it tell you?

“Well it tells me that TimTech are leading yet another affiliate contest…super yawn…very interesting…now tell me why I should care.”

Wow someone is in a bad mood today…what else does it tell you?

“Hmm that Tony Tezak is doing well too?”

No, no, no, you  are totally missing the point because today’s lesson is all about list building.

If you have been around this industry for any period of time then you will know that TimTech is pretty much at the top of any affiliate contest it enters.

In fact TimTech is so good at this, that some people ensure that TimTech is excluded from their contests for that very reason.

Yesterday in TELive Jon explained the number one reason why his company does so well in these contests.

It is because TimTech has been building lists of subscribers for many years and makes this a key feature of its business on a daily basis.

It is having a list that allows you to do things such as:

– educate and inform your subscribers about things they are interested in

– cement your position as an authority figure within your niche

– publicize your range of goods and/or services

– make sales

– make sales

– make sales

Thankfully we have sometthing at TimTech which allows us to do all this…it is called RocketResponder and you can take full advantage of it too for just $20-a-month.

How important is it to build a list?

Well put it like this. If you are working online (or offline for that matter) and not building a subscriber list then everything else you are doing could be for absolutely nothing at all.

Or as Jon explained in TELive yesterday: “Your vision going forward should be to stop focusing on getting 10 cents from surfing and start focusing on how to get 10 new subscribers instead.

“We made a mistake by not focusing on subscribers at the very beginning but it not a mistake we will make again and it is not a mistake we want you to make either.”

New RocketResponder feature for CTP Teams

We want to make it really easy for you to begin building your list so we had a bit of a brainwave.

We already know how much people enjoy being on CTP Teams and helping their teams do well. So we have introduced a new feature where you get a 2% team bonus for every new subscriber you bring into your own mailing list using Rocket Responder.

So you build your list, your team gets a bonus each time your list grows and everybody wins.

Jon said this feature was aimed at “bringing the focus back to BUSINESS in the traffic exchange industry” and that is exactly what you need to be doing if you are serious about making your online activities pay off for you.

How It Works

1. Join RocketResponder if you have not already done so.

2. Login to RocketResponder and enter your CTP username on this page.Integrate RocketResponder with CTP

3. That’s it. You are now good to go.

By the way, another really easy way to find the RocketResponder page to enter your CTP username is to go to your team page on CTP Teams and scroll to the bottom where you will find a link to the page you need.

Integrating RocketResponder with CTP

Finally the message here is not to stop surfing…of course we want you to use our traffic exchanges, it is just that surfing for mere pennies is not the way to go.

Here is that screenshot once again…there is good money to be made if you work smart at building your business and using RocketResponder to build your list of subscribers is one of the smartest moves you could make.

Using RocketResponder for list building makes sense

After a short absence to allow Jon to attend to his wedding, TELive made a return to our computer screens this week.

Jon talked about his wedding (naturally), shared some funny stories and even shared a picture or two with the TELive community.

Here is one of them…the slightly nerve-wracking first dance.

jon wedding dance first picture

The dry ice machine is a particularly cool touch I think.

Also on TELive this week we had the return of the one and only Justin Ledvina.

Jon and Justin on TELive

Justin made an appearance to give the TELive audience an exclusive update on how he was progressing with his Ostrich Effect book project.

He has put a lot of time and effort into getting this book just right and it promises to contain a wealth of information that any budding online (or offline) entrepreneur needs to know.

So welcome back TELive – for those of you who don’t know this is the show for the traffic exchange community. Live and totally unscripted it is always both unpredictable and always fun.

Jon Olson's Plus One Success
It is another Monday and not only is it Week 15 in the current season of CTP Teams but it is the week that YOU could crush it in the Plus1 Success referral contest.

The contest is already underway and will run for two weeks with $300 of prizes up for grabs:

– $175 for the winner

– $75 for the runner up and

– $50 for third place.

All you have do is refer members to +1 Success contest and for every member you refer, you will get a point when they rebrand their copy of the ebook.

At the end of the contest then the three people with the most points will share the $300 prize pot.

This is something which any one of you could win and should be a huge incentive for you to build your downline in this great new product from TimTech – the first new program in two years.

Just log into +1 Success today and click on ‘July Contest‘ for all the details and to see the current leaderboard.

At the time of writing this post the top ten leaderboard looks like this:

Plus 1 Success Referral Contest Leaderboard

The contest runs from Saturday the 11th of July to midnight Eastern July 26th so there is still plenty of time to get started and even to win one of the cash prizes up for grabs.

Why not make getting onto this leaderboard one of your challenges for the week ahead?

Jon and Marcus on TELiveOK so I am not quite sure what happened at the end of yesterday’s TELive.

I remember the show being full of great content, useful training material, a bit of fun and laughter and then Marcus wanted to say a few words.

This was not jumping off a ladder Marcus, it was not even setting himself on fire Marcus, it was super serious Marcus.

Wearing his crisp white Legacy t-shirt, he was a man on a mission, with a serious message to impart.

Maybe I was a little tired after a long day at the computer but, I must admit, I didn’t fully understand every single issue he raised.

But there is good news.

Today’s TELive is the one where Jon interviews someone from the industry and today the special guest just happens to be Marcus Wahl.

His Legacy partners Ken and Rodney will also be there and this looks to be a very interesting TELive indeed.

I will certainly be there. TELive is at 4pm Eastern today. Don’t miss it.

Nick Grimshawe ON TELive

It is thirsty work appearing on TELive…just ask Nick Grimshawe.

The first non-TE owner guest on Jon’s Tuesday interview slot, he spoke about the training he has offered in CTP.

Essentially it is a training program for a training program and his program – Learn with Nick – has really helped a lot of people understand what CTP is all about and made him a leader within the industry.

He said that he wanted to help other people to use CTP after using it himself and finding that it was an ideal way to get into the online working from home industry.

One of his ‘secrets’ to getting the best out of CTP was ‘never to give up on your referrals’ and to constantly work on building relationships with members of your downline.

He said the biggest stumbling block for people coming online for the first time was coping with the ‘information overload’ which was both overwhelming and confusing.

Nick said the ‘drip feed’ method of allowing people to learn in stages was important to helping people get the basics right and building a strong foundation for their online business.

He said: “It is really important for people to understand what they are doing and to understand what the sites they join actually do.

“People must understand what a traffic exchange or a mailer does first before they can take the next steps and CTP is very good at allowing them to do that without getting overwhelmed.”

If you missed Tuesday’s TELive you can catch up here: Learn With Nick Earn With Nick