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Category: Sweeva Surf Party

Category: Sweeva Surf Party

I have spent a couple of days traveling so I am a bit late with this post but it is time to look at some of the stand-out splash pages from last week’s Sweeva Surf Party.

There were a lot of great pages and here are some of them…

Goodbye Cats – Hello Phoenix

Goodbye Cats splash page

Strays Team Bee are now more but they have not gone away you know…they are now known as Team Phoenix.

Dove of Peace

Dove splash page

This was the week where SurfAholics could not make up their mind whether to be nice or nasty…this was them being nice.

Follow Mr Face

Mr Face splash page

An invitation to follow Mr Face on Twitter. It is one I have accepted. Have you?

Ubers Strike Hard

Ubers splash page

OH no…more beans and farting unicorns.

Ubers Getting You Down?

Ubers getting you down splash page

Bad Alphas this time round as they poke fun at some of their CTP Teams rivals.

Big Boats

Big boats splash page

…and it did not take too long for the Ubers to respond to the Alpha jibe.

We’re Awesome

We're awesome splash page

Seems like the Alphas are not shy about blowing their own trumpet.

Cool Beans

Cool beans splash page

…then again The Ubers are also not shy about saying how great they are.

Already Taken

Already taken splash page

This made me smile. Funny page.

Thanks For Watching

Thanks for watching splash page

And it is back to being nice again from those Alphas. I even get a mention. Thanks guys.

Shape Of Things To Come

Shape of things splash page

Clever page. I like this one a lot.

It is funny how only a few teams seem to have got the message that the Sweeva Surf Party is a great showcase event for CTP Teams.

It is one hour in the week when we can all come together, have some fun and, let’s face it…show off a little bit.

I know the high bids put some people off but it really should not. For a start each winning bid is credited with exactly the same amount of CTP XP during the Surf Party and secondly, this really is a showcase event…both for teams and individuals.

Last week’s event saw an hour-long battle between SurfAholics Alpha and CSN, which for the second week in a row, saw CSN come out on top.

There were also strong performances this week from Renegades and Ubers (who shared third place honors) but where were Lucky 13? Lucky 13 only had three pages seen which was the same as team Phoenix which is the new name for Strays Team Bee.

The individual contest was as hard-fought as ever this week and it came down to the final pages to decide who took home the XP this week.

Here is how it finished:

= 1 – John Novak, Ken Locatelli and Carl Belcher

2 – Michael Dell

3 – Matt Badura.

It is another Thursday, it is week four of season three and there is a Surf Party going ahead today.

The venue is the TELive room and the time is 4pm Eastern.

This is the place to show off your creativity and your stunning splash pages in one hour of fun and excitement which is the Sweeva Surf Party.

Brenda said it would be great to see some new teams and players taking part so why not give it a go if you have never done so before?

Remember that the bids are higher than normal during the party but there is a huge bonus for taking part…all successful bids get awarded CTP XP for the same amount of credits that it took to show your pages during the Surf Party.

I look forward to seeing you there.

The clever splash pages just keep on coming and it is good to see so many of the pages from the Sweeva Surf Party shown throughout many of the other leading traffic exchanges too.

Here are a selection of pages which stood out at last week’s Sweeva Surf Party. You will need your speakers working to get the best out of many off the pages highlighted this week.


Ooops splash page by SurfAholics Alpha

What could it all mean? This page sounds as interesting as it looks. If you have not heard it for yourself then click on the page to find out. I can see how this page would go down well with the SurfAholics Alpha team but might give the Ubers somewhat of a sinking feeling in the pit of their stomachs perhaps.

We Love You Too

Loved up Alphas splash page

What is it with the Alphas and their musical pages? Here is another one for all those romantics out there.

Here Comes The Money

here comes the money splash page from CSN

OK this is only a small part of the full splash page which actually took up the whole of my screen – so click on the image to get the full page.

Scott Rohn and CSN are also getting into the musical splash page theme here. This was the most catchy tune of the Sweeva Surf Party, made me smile every time it came up.

Bigger Boat

Biger Boat splash page by Uber Surfers

The Ubers showed that they were more than willing to take on rivals Alphas when it comes to funny splash pages.

This was another huge splash page and only part of it is shown here so if you want to see the Uber’s punchline then you will need to click on the image to see the original page.

Kore4  – TERL

Kore4 TERL splash page

This was actually one of Jon’s favorite pages of the Surf Party and I can totally see why. If this page contained the same information but used different fonts and/or different colors it may not have worked nearly so well.

So many people forget that the overall look of the page is as important (of not more important) as the message being conveyed.

I liked this page a lot too.

Team Bee

Team Bee splash page

I suppose it would not be a Sweeva Surf Party without at least one reference to Unicorns and farting…this time the honors went to the Strays Team Bee.

And finally…

Cook down Kore4 splash page by Norbert Ladner

The Sweeva Surf Party would not be complete without the eye-catching designs of Norbert Ladner from CTP Renegades. This time, with the weather getting warmer, a nice way to cool down was on offer.

Don’t forget there is no Sweeva Surf Party today as Jon is taking a short break in Vegas this week.

It is not often during a Sweeva Surf Party that you can predict the teams winner with just 20 minutes into the contest.

Normally things are decided on the final couple of pages but last week’s event was a little different.

At the 20 minute mark, CSN had already notched up to page views for their team and they continued to push ahead at much the same pace for the remainder of the hour.

This gave them a rather comfortable win with a very impressive 46 page views by the time the hour was up. Second placed Alphas were way behind with 24 pages seen and Lucky 13 grabbed third place with 15 team pages throughout the 60 minutes.

Ten teams took part in the event but it is an individual who deserves a special mention for Thursday’s party. Jon just happened to mention that it was about time Eric Goettman came up with another epic video, he is well known for his epic videos after all.

However you can’t just summon up an epic video on the spot…or maybe you can. Well if you are Eric you can. Within minutes he had made up a splash page which came complete with its own epic video.

And this is Eric’s epic video…it is not long and you will certainly want to watch it all the way through to the end to appreciate its full epicness.

Team Winners

1. CSN – 46 page views

2. SurfAholics Alpha – 24 page views

3. Lucky 13 – 15 page views

Individual Winners

= 1. Ken Locatelli and John Novak – 11 pages

= 2. Scott Rohn and Sig Skeie – 9 pages

3. Carl Belcher – 8 pages

Don’t forget that there is no Sweeva Surf Party this week as Jon is away.


The Sweeva Surf Party is almost upon us once again…it happens at 4pm Eastern today in the TELive room.

So this would be a good time to remind you of some of the the most eye-catching pages from last week’s event.

SAA Member Spotlights

SAA Member Spotlight splash page

SurfAholics Alpha did something interesting. Not only did they come joint first in the team event, they also showed a series of splash pages including interesting facts about their members. The page above features Sabrina Traversa but there were many more shown.

We Fart XP

SAA splash page We Fart XP

Ah those Alphas and their fascination with Unicorns and farting. I still haven’t got to the bottom of that one if you excuse the pun.

Meet An Uber Surfer

Meet an Uber Surfer splash page

Not to be outdone Uber Surfers wanted people to get to know their members too. I like these team pages promoting individual members.

SSC Logo

Lucky 13 splash page promoting SSC

A very nice page from Lucky 13 promoting the Sunshine Surf Club. Very visually striking graphics.

Cute Pug

Cute Pug splash page for the Sweeva Surf Party

Boris used this animated pug graphic and an exclusive award of XP for Surf Party viewers to make his offer. Very clever and a great way to use the unique hour of the advertising week on Sweeva.

Blank Page

Blank page splash page

Minimalist stuff here from Aaron Green.

Unicorn Hunting

Uber Surfers Season Three Splash Page

Another Ubers page and another team picking up on the unicorns and farts fixation with some members of CTP Teams.

Sweeva Surf Party

CTP Renegades promotes the Sweeva Surf Party splash page

And finally, this post would not be complete without a page from Norbert Ladner. This is a timely reminded that the Sweeva Surf Party is almost with us again. See you at 4pm Eastern for some more. Be there.

Matt Badura is special guest at the Sweeva Surf Party

Former Alphas leader Matt Badura was a special surprise guest at yesterday’s Sweeva Surf Party.

He braved assorted hounds – of the oven variety and otherwise – to enter the heart of TimTech’s Canadian operation and then had to watch as CSN stopped SurfAholics Alpha from getting their third outright teams splash pages victory in a row. (But more of that later.)

Matt also introduced a new twist to yesterday’s proceedings…he asked viewers to nominate their favorite splash page on Twitter using the hashtag #SweevaSurfParty. Jon and Matt then chose two winners at random and Hunters leader Valentin Mavrodin and WealthBuilders leader Evelyn Kramer both winning CTP teams branded t-shirts.

It was another really intense battle, both for the individual pages and the team pages.

The Alphas started out really strongly and dominated the first 15 minutes but they soon faced a strong challenge from both Renegades and CSN. It was these teams which were to dominate the contest and, as often happens with the Sweeva Surf Party, the team winners were not decided until the very last page.

CSN piled on the pressure to the very end and with just 60 seconds left in the contest the Alphas and CSN were level on points. Both teams needed the next page and it was the Alphas who got it.

Had they gone with a 60 second timer they would have frozen CSN out but they chose 30 seconds leaving their rivals with a chance, which they happily took and this caused both teams to tie for first place.

The teams winners were:

=1. SurfAholics Alpha and CSN

2. Renegades

3. Lucky 13.

The individual contest was equally intense with eight people sharing the winnings as follows:

=1. John Novak, Carl Belcher, Ken Locatelli.

=2. Scott Rohn, Norbert Ladner, Monica Wilson.

=3. David McKay, Terry Allison.

And finally there was even a guest appearance from the Lucky 13 branded mug which Lynn sent Jon to add to his mug collection.

Sadly I was not able to get a screengrab of the mug from the Surf Party but here it is after it arrived at Jon’s house.

I don’t know what it was with last week’s Sweeva Surf Party but it seemed that most people’s thoughts had turned to animals…both real and imagined.

There was also some gentle digs between the Ubers and Alphas and a lot of very eye-catching, well-designed pages on show once again.

So let’s unleash some of the animals…

Thank You

Thank you splash page from SAAs

For some reason the Alphas wanted to thank this white unicorn…nothing wrong with that at all. Unicorns like to be thanked just like the rest of us I guess.

Road Trip

Road trip splash page by CTP Renegades

This page just rocks. Just look at the branding going on here…Kore4, CTP Renegades logo, the team splash page and none of it looks out of place. The Kore4 logo is particularly striking indeed.

Looks like the mouse had a lucky escape too by the looks of things.

Bigger Boat

Bigger Boat splash page by SAAs

Rivalry between teams is good, especially when it is done in good humor like the page above. Keep it up teams.

A Hamster Dies

A Hamster Dies splash page by SAAs

It seems that the Alphas don’t just have it in for the Ubers…they don’t much care for hamsters either. A good page again although I don’t really know what it all means.

To Sea

To Sea splash page

Funny. Slightly odd. And featuring more animals, some of which are wearing nerd glasses.

Team Stray Bee

Team Stray Bee splash page

An Easter Splash page would not be the same without a collection of animals so this did not disappoint. Good showing from the Strays Team Bee in both of the Sweeva Surf Parties this season by the way. Keep it up.


Penguins splash page by Boris

In keeping with the week’s unofficial animals theme, Boris used a short video of penguins to promote his CTP XP Mania promotion. Go penguins.

And finally…

Well it seems that I wasn’t the only one not the memo about the animals theme so I will leave you with this non-animal splash page from Norbert Ladner.

New Season

New Season splash page by Norbert Ladner

So don’t forget the next Sweeva Surf Party takes place tomorrow (thursday) at 4pm Eastern in the TELive room…don’t miss it and be sure to get your bids in so that your pages are seen.

Sometimes you have to be there to realize the full awesomeness of some event or other.

And while you can talk about it afterwards…there is nothing like actually being there to experience what happened.

Thursday’s Sweeva Surf Party was one of those occasions and the event in question was the following splash page which was shown by Boris Petricevic.

SSP Live XP Offer from Boris dechuck

As you can almost see, he offered CTP XP for those who signed up to his CTP XP Mania list…and he cleverly branded the promotion so that the page was also a team page for Lucky 13.

What you can’t see is the way he did it because there is nothing on his video.

That is because there was never any recorded video there at all…Boris appeared live on Sweeva at the Sweeva Surf Party and explained his offer in person.

Except that nobody could hear him because his microphone was not working…but he thought of that too and had written out his message on old ‘silent-movie style’ caption cards instead.

This is something which Jon has been suggesting people should do for years and until now nobody seemed prepared to even give it a try.

Anyone who was at the Surf Party will realize what a massive impact this ad had. In fact I felt really sorry for the next two advertisers on Sweeva because Jon and I were still talking about Boris’s page for at least the next two pages which came along. It really was that good.

It was the final Sweeva Surf Party before Season Three officially begins on Monday and the competition, both for the individual prizes and team prizes was intense.

The contest was so intense that it came down to the final pages in the last minutes of the Surf Party to decide the winners for both categories.

SurfAholics Alpha took the team honors for the second week in a row, CSN was second and Lucky 13 was third.

John Novak took the individual contest, Carl Belcher was second while Ken Locatelli and Sig Skele tied for third place.

This coming Thursday sees the first Sweeva Surf Party of the new season so it is time to start thinking of that already. It will be fun.

It is that time once again…time to look at some of the splash pages which caught my eye on the last Sweeva Surf Party.

The surf party is a real opportunity for people to show off their creative side and week after week we see some really awesome pages.

So this is what stood out this time round…

The Surfers Prayer

First a quick prayer…a surfer’s prayer no less, courtesy of the SurfAholics Alpha

surfers prayer from SAAs

Mighty, Mighty Ubers.

OK, so I am not entirely sure what is going on here. I think it is firmly in the category of smack talk or team banter – depending on what side of the Atlantic you are on.

Funny though. It made me laugh.

Mighty Mighty Ubers Splash Page

DeChuck’s CTP XP Mania

This is probably about as far from a standard affiliate page as it is possible to get. Excellent page indeed.

DeChuck's CTP XP Mania splash page

And now for a musical interlude…

Scott is well known for his creative, and humorous, splash pages and this one is particularly good.

Sweeva Las Vegas splash page

How Fast Was That? Award

Near the end of the Sweeva Surf Party, Jon announced that he was hoping for a 60 second timer to come up because he was in need of a bathroom break.

Within just a few minutes, Eric Goettman had come up with “Where Did Jon Go?” and got his bid accepted. I think this must be the fastest-ever turnaround in the history of the Sweeva Surf Party.

Where Did Jon Go? Splash Page

Training Hard For Season Three

In Season Two, Renegades member Norbert Ladner came up with some really iconic and eye-catching splash pages for his team…and it looks like he is doing exactly the same for Season Three.

Training Hard for Season Three splash page by norbert ladner

Great job everybody and we will do it all over again this Thursday at 4pm Eastern in the TELive room…see you there.