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Category: SurfAholics Alpha

Phoenix snatches playoffs semi final victory against SurfAholics Alpha to make final of CTP TEams season three against Lucky 13

SurfAholics Alpha won all but one week of the entire six month Season Three before crashing out of the playoffs last night in a battle described as ‘beyond epic’ by Jon Olson.

The dramatic departure of the hot favorites came in the dying moments of play when opponents Phoenix unleashed a short but intense barrage of lethal blows in their semi final game.

With the other semi final game showing only token opposition from Uber Surfers, this means that Phoenix will meet Lucky 13 in the final.

Ironically Phoenix won by employing exactly the same tactic which propelled the Ubers into the semi finals…they did nothing of note for 47 hours and then unleashed a torrent of frenzied activity in the final few minutes.

The fact that this technique could work twice in a row in these playoffs was amazing but the fact that it worked against what is the most experienced, successful and savvy team in CTP Teams is almost beyond belief. (more…)

CTP Teams Legacy Hits Division at end of week 23

There are always surprises in CTP Teams and if I was a betting man then yesterday is the day I would have lost my bet.

I had thought that SurfAholics Alpha would have managed to get through this entire marathon season without dropping a single point.

This would mean winning every single week of the competition which is a very tough call indeed.

The team was actually on track for doing just that, right until last week when they dropped a single point by coming second to Cash Surfing Network for the first time in Season Three.

Now if you look in the Seasonal Standings it can be seen that Alphas have 114 out of a maximum possible 115 points at this stage in the contest.

If you are new to CTP teams, the seasonal score card is worked out by giving five points to the weekly winner of each division, four points to the second placed team, three points to the third placed team and so on.

The SAA’s have a score card as follows:

After 23 weeks:

22 weeks @ 5 points = 110 points

1 week @ 4 points = 4 points

Total = 114 points.

As of now there are 53 teams taking part in the Season Three contest and only one of them has full points now. That honor goes to Renegades with a maximum of 115 points. So well done Renegades.

CTP Teams Pharaohs Army division at end of week 23

Late surge from SurfAholics Alpha put them top on S2 W8 D7

I knew I shouldn’t have made predictions. As soon as I pressed the “send” button on the last teams update post I said as much to myself.

I wrote: “Right now Ubers are first with a sizeable lead over the Alphas and Lucky 13 are third. If I was a betting man, that is how I would predict the top three teams to remain on Sunday night…”


Then I wrote: “…however CTP Teams is far from predictable so I won’t be placing any bets.”


Just look what SurfAholics Alpha has done in the final day of this week’s contest…they have added rocket fuel to their activity and leapt from third place to first in a single bound.

Not only have they gone into first place but they are so far ahead of the field that could anyone catch them now? Alphas are currently on 42 billion points compared with “just” 22 billion for second placed Ubers and 7 billion for third placed Lucky 13.

Talking of Lucky 13, I should have paid more attention to their team member and CTP Teams expert Tom Wacker because he predicted this on Monday.

On his show he said he felt that this would be the week that the SAA’s pounced and put in a concerted effort to win Week 8…and it looks as though this is what happened.

Exactly what the SAAs did remains unclear…you can’t fault a team for wanting to keep their strategy secret. However they insist that they have played within the rules and that the whole team was involved in the push for first place.

So am I going to predict a win for the Alphas? Not quite. I am not getting caught out like that twice in one week…but I will be paying very close attention to what Tom Wacker has to say tomorrow.

CTP Teams can be a very serious business indeed but the trick is not to take the competition, or indeed yourselves, too seriously.

SurfAholics Alpha are certainly a team that likes to play hard and to play to win…but they also like to have fun.

So far they are the only team that has made me aware of funny splash pages for my imaginatively named Funny Splash Page feature on this blog.

Here is how it works.

You create a funny splash page and let me know about it.

I laugh out loud at your awesome humor, lol.

I put the page on this blog if I remember to do it amid all the laughing and rolling around on the floor.

The latest Alpha’s offering is a page to mark the fact that they failed to win last week’s weekly contest.

New team leader Terry Allison, it would appear, has had to deny rumors that his team has gone soft by failing to win…

Funny Splash Page for CTP Teams from SurfAholics Alpha

Great page guys…but EVERY TEAM is welcome to send in funny page suggestions. Post a link in TELive when I am on, Tweet me to @ChatToPatrick or send it to me via Skype.

We can all sure do with a good laugh from time to time. I know I certainly can!

OK humor break over…back to work everyone.