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Category: Season Winners

Congrats To Your Season 5 Winners.....

Wow, what a great finish to an epic season of CTP Teams…

Congrats to our new champs, the team from Cash Surfing Network!

They put up an amazing display this past weekend and beat SurfAholics Alpha for the crown. Huge congrats to all the teams and players for making this season such a success.

This was the first time in the history of CTP Teams where MOST of the feedback we got was very positive. A lot of the previous seasons got a lot of players upset, so we tried to cater to two groups of folks this season…The surfers and the sponsors!

There are things we will be changing from the awesome feedback of members,but generally we think we’ve hit a sweet spot for the competition.

All feedback is always welcomed!!! We encourage you to respond to the blog, Tweet us, and like us on Facebook!

A huge congrats goes to SurfAholics Alpha as well this past weekend for launching their very own traffic exchange! And this showed us that some folks really do embrace WHY we created the teams in the first place. We wanted like minded people to get together, work towards something every day and then BUILD something for themselves. It’s so awesome to see what the SAA’s did and even though they did not beat out CSN for the title, I consider them huge winners this weekend!

We hope you enjoy the break between seasons and take part in our new Easter Badge Hunt…And get ready, season 6 is right around the corner!!!!

CTP Teams

The third season at CTP Teams and the rapid fire play offs have finally come to an end.

All the TimTech admin following this massive six months plus has also been completed and this is how things ended up.

Play off winners and prizes.

1. Phoenix – $1050 (This includes the regular prize money plus a $50 bonus from Justin for beating Lucky 13)
2. Lucky 13 – $500
3. SurfAholic Alphas – $250
4. Ubers – $250
5. CSN – $125
6. Renegades – $125
7. InToWin – $125
8. Wealth Builders $125

Season Tree winners and prizes.

Legacy Hits Division:

SurfAholics Alpha   $600
Lucky 13   $300
CSN  $200
Uber Surfers  $150
Wealth Builders  $100

Pharaohs Army Division:

Renegades $250

Ragin’ Redneck Division:

Living Wealthy  $250

SiteXplosion Division:

Hunters   $250

GPower Surf Division:

Affiliate Prosperity  $200

Wealth Builder Division:

Easy Team  $200

Well done to everyone who took part in this marathon season and congratulations to all the winners.

All the winnings have been paid out to the respective team leaders. How the prizes get distributed are up to the individual team leaders who have full discretion to decide how the winnings should be split up within the teams.

Next up is to work on Season Four and that is what we are busy doing right now.

It will be different from Season Three…there is definitely not going to be another six month marathon.

Exactly how different remains to be seen. That is what we are working on right now but expect big changes ahead.

CTP Teams S3 final score

When Team Phoenix played dead in the quarter final and only snatched victory against a surprised Renegades in the dying seconds, it was brilliant play.

When Phoenix pulled off the same trick again in the semi final to take out season favorites SurfAholics Alpha it was the talk of the competition. (I still think this is the absolute shock of the whole season.)

This double blow took them to the final where they kept their nerve and decided that their team strategy would be to attempt the same trick for a third time in a row.

For 47 hours of the final both Phoenix and Lucky 13 danced around each other with no team making significant gains over the other. (more…)

Uber Surfers take Week 10 of Season Two of CTP Teams to tie the season with SurfAholics Alpha for a joint season win

Season Two of CTP Teams ended about as dramatically as it was possible to get.

For most of the early part of the week it was neck-and-neck between Season One champions SurfAholics Alpha and Uber Surfers.

Then the Alphas began to slowly edge forward in the final few days to the point that with just minutes to go to yesterday’s deadline they were around eight billion points in the lead.

Maybe they thought they had the win in the bag – winning Week 10 would have won them the entire season outright and making them the sole winners of the first two seasons of CTP Teams.

However Uber Surfers had other ideas and, with a last minute push to close the gap, they gave it their all…and succeeded with more than one billion points to spare.

That final effort means that Alphas and Ubers are joint winners of Season Two – each with 651 season points. Lucky 13 came in third place for Week 10 and also take third place for the season with 639 season points.

Top Three CTP Teams teams as Season Two reached a dramatic climax after 10 weeks of competition.

The end of the season was so close that Jon Olson posted to Facebook: “What an absolute EPIC end to Season 2 of ‪#‎CTPTeams.

“With only seconds to go, the Uber Surfers come back and TIE to co-win the Season….Huge congrats to both the Ubers and SurfAholics Alpha…Lucky 13 and all the teams…Wow.

I’m Speechless. What a come back!!! Last second….Crazy finish!”

And to Twitter…

Very little separated these two top teams during the entire season and, in the end, very little separated them in the final week. The fact that they both share the top spot for Season Two just shows how evenly matched these teams were.

Don’t miss today’s TELive at 4pm Eastern where Jon Olson will unveil details of what is in store for all new  Season Three at CTP Teams.

Top three teams for Season One of CTP Teams

Christmas is over and santa is putting his feet up for another year…except that in the land of TimTech today is second Christmas.

Today is the the day that $5,000 gets awarded to the three top teams in CTP Teams…it goes to the teams who battled, toiled and put in many months of consistent effort to earn more points than any others over an extended time frame.

The prize was hard won and is very well deserved to everyone on the teams concerned and we are very happy to be able to award this prize today.

So here are the winners of the first ever season on CTP Teams…

SurfAholics Alpha badge leaderboard at end of Season One for CTP Teams

First Place: SurfAholics Alpha led by Matt Badura with 1,826 points.

Lucky 13 CTP Teams badges leaderboard at end of Season One

Second Place: Lucky 13 led by Tom Wacker with 1,783 points.

CSN trophy leaderboard for CTP Teams at end of Season One

Third Place: The Cash Surfing Network led by Eric Goettman with 1,634 points.


First place: $3,000

Second place: $1,500

Third place: $500

The prizes will be awarded to the team leaders named above to do with as they please. Matt, Tom and Eric could keep the prizes for themselves, distribute them among the team or do absolutely anything they want with them. However given the caliber of these three leaders I do know that whatever they decide to do will be equitable and fair.

TimTech’s CEO Justin Ledvina said today: “Since day one at CTP Teams, everyone here has been immensely impressed at the way this contest has taken off and how it has gone from strength to strength.

“We knew that there was a real community spirit within CTP and that team-work and the spirit of cooperation would be demonstrated by so many of our wonderful members.

“I want to pay tribute to everyone who has taken part in CTP Teams and, in particular, to everyone who was one of the winning teams. Having such an amazing community within CTP makes us all very proud to be part of this extended family.

“Well done everyone.”

CTP teams takes a break now for a week…well kind of. There is still good reason to be surfing and building up points this week…details tomorrow.