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It is shaping up to be an extremely busy week indeed.

Skype does not seem to be working so I can’t talk to anyone so I feel a little out of the loop right now.

But this is what I do know…

It is a Plus 1 Monday which means there is great content over on the Plus 1 Daily blog so do take time to check that out.

One of the things you will find there (and here too if you don’t fancy a quick trip across cyberspace) is the Plus 1 weekly podcast.

This week I stand in for Justin and I talk to Jon about something we have discussed quite a lot in the past…the issue of why so many people don’t stay the course.

We offer some ideas why so many people quit before giving themselves a real chance of success and suggest some ways that people might overcome the obstacles that they have do deal with. The link to the podcast is below.

Jon has a great tip for list builders who want to take advantage of the Plus 1 badge hunt…he explains how easy it is to integrate your badge hunt badge with RocketResponder so you can start building your list right from the giveaway.

Check it out here: Huge News For The Plus 1 Badge Hunt

The Badge Hunt itself starts on Wednesday so ensure that you are ready for it.

Ensure that you have enough badges, there is still time to get yours, and that you know what you are going to ask people to do to claim them from you.

Every time we have a badge hunt people are disappointed because when we close the doors to new orders they are closed…so don’t delay in taking part.

Tomorrow is also the first Content Tuesday for List Viral when we add four brand new list building packages into the mix.

These contain squeeze pages, a subscriber giveaway and follow up email series which have never been seen before…all specially chosen to give you the best possible start for your listbuilding efforts.

I told you it was going to be a busy week!

Plus 1 badge hunt

If there is one thing that people in this community really love, then it is a massive badge hunt.

We have had awesome badge hunts in the past but nothing as awesome as a Plus 1 Badge Hunt

Hunters…you have until September 23 to sharpen your badge hunting skills and get into Plus 1 badge hunt mode.

Badge owners…you can claim your badges right now so all you need to do is work how how many you want and what you want people to do to collect them.

Every badge hunt sees exciting new ways that people come up with of using our badge hunts to build their lists, market their products, showcase their blogs and bring in additional revenue.

Plus 1 means making steady progress and it is a concept which applies not to the few, but to the many…so for this badge hunt we have shaken up the prize structure.

This is a badge hunt which makes it easy for both individuals and team players to win and here is how it works.


If your team members collectively claim more badges than any other team during the contest then you will be the top team for the Plus 1 Badge Hunt and every team member will be rewarded with a $5 prize.


In addition to the team prize, the top 75 individuals who have claimed the most badges will also each get $5.

This means that more people than ever before have a chance of winning with the Plus 1 Badge Hunt.

While the cash prizes are obvious wins, many consider that the real winning is the boost in traffic, sales, signups and activity that the badge owners get with our badge hunts and the cool incentives to claim the badges that the hunters receive.

Another badge hunt is just around the corner…it is time to Plus 1 once again.


So the waiting is finally over and ListViral is back, bigger and better than ever.

First things first, it is not a mailer. We already have an awesome mailer which is ListNerds so launching a second one just for the sake of it did not make sense.

If you know us already then you will know that we are committed to the Plus 1 mentality…it is in everything we do and it should be in everything you do too.

So with Plus 1 very much at the forefront of our minds, we wanted to know what we could do to ListNerds to take it to the next level so that you could take your online business to the next level.

We wanted something that was:

  • easy to use
  • served a genuine purpose
  • would help our customers grow their businesses
  • was highly cost effective and
  • put list building on autopilot.

List building is the one thing that will grow your business, take it to new levels and set you apart from everyone else who does not have a list.

Until now there has been something of a mystery of how exactly to do it. ListViral removes the mystery, adds a TimTech twist and makes list building easier than ever before.

It seamlessly integrates with RocketResponder to make list building as easy and affordable as it is possible to get.

And it totally removes the main barriers to list building which prevents so many people from getting started.

It has hard to get started in list building if you don’t have some product, such as a quality e-book, to encourage sign ups.

Even if you have an book, you will still need a professional squeeze page and an email follow up series for your subscribers.

In fact you will be able to build your list far better if you have multiple e-books, squeeze pages and email messages and it can take many months of hard work just to get these all up and running.

ListViral members don’t have those problems because we have already taken care of all the difficult, time-intensive tasks for you.

So it is live now…go ahead and check it out.



Traffic Exchange Live is now Plus 1 Daily.

It will still be the same great, unscripted, unpredictable show with the same emphasis on you the community so nothing has changed there.

The new title is all about emphasizing the importance of the Plus 1 on a daily basis.

Those small steps in the right direction may seem tiny in themselves, but when done on a daily basis they make a huge difference.

So welcome to Plus 1 Daily where we can all grow together as a community and where we can all keep each other on the right track to get that little bit better each and every day.

Talking of Plus One, someone (well me actually) forgot to post the link here to Monday’s Plus 1 Podcast so let’s correct that right now.

Oh and don’t forget to check out Jon’s post on Plus 1 Daily.

Hit Exchange News: Plus 1 Daily Is More Than A Mindset

Since TimTech launched there has always been a special bond with our customers.

Right from Day One we went out of our way to be open and accessible and that is one of the reasons why we have such an awesome community of diverse people here right now.

In the years that have passed that love has not diminished but it has changed a little bit…it has become just a little bit tougher.

Over the past year, in particular, we have been trying to push you just that little bit harder, so that each and every day you can get just that little bit better at what you do.

We know it works because that is exactly what we do internally among ourselves too. We keep pushing for us all to get just that little bit better at what we do.

It is another Monday again and this is another opportunity to shape the week ahead so that you get even closer to where you want to be.

Let’s assume that least some people reading this post took yesterday off. That’s fine by the way, nothing wrong in that at all.

Well, if so, you might have missed Jon’s latest blog post which is all about mindset and well worth a read as you settle into your tasks for the week ahead.

The second thing to push you to even better success today is, of course, the weekly podcast with Justin and Jon.

This is Week Three and it is another good one…so be sure to take 20 minutes now to find out for yourself.

Oh, and one last thing, have a great week.


For the rest of the world it is Monday…but for those in the know then it is Plus 1 Monday with a special podcast from Justin and Jon

podcast with jon and justinThe first podcast had an amazing response with more than 1,200 plays in its first week – in fact it is still getting new hits every day – and now we have the second podcast in this new series.

Some of the comments on the first episode include:

Sergio Felix – “Great first podcast show guys!

Shelayne Fico – “What a way to start my week. Thank you Justin and Jon! So inspiring, motivating and thought provoking.”

Winter Perkins – “Great job guys, seriously looking forward to the next podcast!”

In this episode Justin and Jon talk about small wins and how a series of little success in business add up over time and make a real difference.

Jon said showing up and getting stuff done was a win in itself, especially in an industry where it is so easy to give up and quit.

Justin said that the little wins were important because it helped people get through the tough times of being in business.

They also give tips on how they manage their own business, deal with setbacks, failures and how they measure success.