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Now that was a battle…

Massive congratulations for The We Are Family Team for knocking off the reigning champs Phoenix in an all out slug fest to crown a new champion!

It came down to the wire and we saw some strategic plays near the end that helped secure the champs for their first ever title.

Awesome job by Renee Vorbach and her squad!

You guys crushed it all season long.

Also, we can’t forget the perfect record from Team Cruisin’ Along….Not only did they go 61-0 in the regular season but swept through the playoffs to capture the Competitive Crown!

Awesome on so many levels…

And to all the players for an exciting Season. Thank you for making this so much fun!

And a special congrats to Kimberly Schimmel for winning the contest we had in our previous blog post. She not only guessed who would win the title but also gets to add the title CHAMPION to her profile in CTP. Thanks so much for the participation 🙂

Now rest up! Relax! Enjoy the off season….

We’ll be gearing up for Season 11 sooner rather than later!

After a rocky start to the first round of the playoffs, we moved onto the second round and the Elite 8 teams inside of the competition.

We’ve got some great match ups going on right now as we see;

Phoenix vs. Cash Surfing Network

AdKreator vs. Soaring Eagles Team

SurfAholics Alpha vs. The Cavalry

Uber Surfers vs. We Are Family

These 8 super teams will be going head to head as they battle it out for Season 10 supremacy.

*Special shout out to Cruisin’ Along who have literally…Cruised along the whole season, might be time for these power players to be bumped up to the Premier league 😉

Nugget: There was a great idea brought up today in the Skype Room, who do you think will win the title?

Which team will reign supreme this year? Have you vote count by commenting below with your pick and at the end of the season, one lucky blog viewer that picked the right team will win some awesome sauce prizes…

What a fantastic season it’s been…Did you know, in the 10 seasons of doing CTP Teams, this is the first time we’ve seen real competition between more than 2-3 top tiered teams.

We are seeing tight races, intense match ups and more even play across the board than ever before…

And it’s about to get crazy!

The Playoffs begin on October 5th!

Same format as previous seasons but with more intense competition because again….We’ve found a great formula that works for you, the player 🙂

Good luck to all teams and we’ll see you in the playoffs!

I’m not sure I can completely describe what we just witnessed…

But I’ll try!

The Hurricane Season came to a close a few minutes ago with a mammoth come from behind win in the last few seconds of the season.

With about 10 seconds left to go, We Are Family looked to have the championship all but won.

However with one of the gutsiest calls in CTP Teams history, Phoenix literally…Rose from the ashes!

Trailing by a huge margin, they unleashed the beast and took home the championship.

Well played Phoenix, so well well played.

A huge congrats must also go to We Are Family, who without a doubt were the story of the playoffs, rising to the challenge and giving it their all.

And to all the teams that made these playoffs a joy to watch and take part in. Congrats to all.

And with the introduction to our Competitive Division….We saw Team Cruisin’ Along win the Competitive title!

Hopefully they will move up into the big leagues next season because let’s be honest….They have what it takes for sure to compete!

Rest up everyone! A well deserved off season is at hand but rest assured, Phoenix will be back to defend their title in the next season of CTP Teams!

Stay tuned….

Round 1 is over and we’re gearing up for the second round in this seasons playoffs.

And unlike the NBA playoffs, there is no guarantees now!

Here are this rounds match ups;

#1 Seed – The Cavalry VS #8 Seed – Lucky 13

It’s been a remarkable season for the Cavalry. A team that didn’t exist last season has been crushing it all season long. However they are in super tough against one of the premier teams in CTP Teams history in Lucky 13. Will experience prevail? Or does the dream season continue for the Cavalry?

#5 Seed – SurfAholics Alpha VS #4 Seed – Phoenix

The legends are about to bump heads! Two of the most storied franchises in CTP Teams history are about to do battle in an all out war to see who moves onto the third round. Expect a nail biter match up that could come down to the very last second…

#6 Seed – Cash Surfing Network VS #3 Seed – Uber Surfers

Both teams put up over 1 billion points each in the first round, so we can expect even more points being earned in the 2nd round. These two juggernauts are in for a duel. With CSN continue their reign in CTP Teams or do the Ubers have something big in store…We shall see!

#7 Seed – Eager Beaver Team Builders VS #2 Seed – We Are Family

This should be one of the most intriguing match ups of the second round. We Are Family had a remarkable season and we’re seeing some massive wins from them over the past few weeks. However Eager Beaver are on a mission! Will they continue to shock the world, or does the ‘Family’ pull through?

It all gets answered….Tonight at midnight eastern as the second round begins. Good luck to everyone.

Apologies for the lack of communication during the past week leading up to the playoffs. As many of you may know, I’ve been away on some family issues and haven’t been able to keep up with all the excitement on the end of the season.

That said, the playoffs are here!

After a fun and exciting Hurricane Season, the top teams in both the premier and competitive divisions are locked in over the next week and a half to claim victory!

We’ve got some intense battles lined up and as we’re into Round 1 right now, we’ll start to see some great matches over the next few days.

Who will win?

Will Cavalry continue to shock the world? How about We Are Family and their resurgence throughout the season. Will CSN repeat their success?

So many questions and we will get our answers soon enough!

Good luck to all the teams and we’ll see you at the finish line!

There was an issue with the points and a mix up with the remaining teams and because of that, the playoffs hit a snag.

I have to admit, I’m disappointed that the season ended like this, but I understand why the team leaders decided to go this route.

We messed up. And gave the vote to the remaining four teams what they would like to do and decided to split the prize money equally.

So we have 4 ‘winners’ for this season.

Special congratulations to the Ubers, SAA’s, CSN and Lucky 13 for a hard fought season and to all the teams that made Season 7 so much fun.

We’ll be back at it soon for another exciting season of CTP Teams with more prizes and more cash to reward the players.

Have a great off season and we’ll see you soon…

And it’s come down to this…

I have a sneaky suspicion that this will be one of the most hard fought semi-finals in the history of CTP Teams.

It’s Cash Surfing Network vs. Lucky 13

It’s Uber Surfers vs SurfAholics Alpha

4 of the original super star teams are going all in for their shot at the championship. After a few seasons away from the spotlight, we are seeing a resurgence within Uber Surfers like never before. They might be the dark horse in these semi finals but are in super tough vs. the mega-team SAA’s!

Lucky 13 is in really tough too against the undefeated Cash Surf Network.

It all starts tonight at midnight…Who will be the final two teams this season? We’ll find out soon…

What a round! As always, the first round of the playoffs lived up to it’s billing and while some of the powerhouse teams ‘took it easy’ we saw some very close matches that came down to some last minute heroics from the winning side.

Congratulations to Phoenix, Easy Team, Lucky 13, Uber Surfers, CSN, Surf-A-Holics Alpha, Journeyers, and Ultimate Surf Warriors for progressing through to the quarter finals.

Now it really gets interesting…

We see second round match ups as follows;


Be on the look out for that match up between Lucky 13 and Phoenix….I have a suspicion that might come down to the last second….

Good luck to all the teams and let’s have a fantastic Round 2!

ctp teams

And it all comes down to this…

SurfAholics Alpha

Cash Surfing Network

The two behemoths of the CTP Teams competition are about to bump heads once again for another winner takes the crown show down.

After a crazy and sometimes over the top semi-finals, these two champions see themselves locked in battle again. Will Dr John and his merry band of CSN repeat as champions or will Terry Allison and his dedicated bunch take the crown that they once had for themselves…

It all starts tonight at midnight!

A new champion will be crowned and we can’t wait to see who it will be….

We’ve got some big big news following the season championship. There’s a new Badge Hunt on the horizon, but this time….It’s going to be unlike anything you have ever seen before!

We’ll give you more details next week, but for now….It’s the championship showdown!!!!