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Category: Monthly Winners

Category: Monthly Winners

Predicting an intense battle between Lucky 13 and SurfAholics Alpha last week wasn’t difficult but predicting which one would end up on top was not so easy.

By Friday both teams were virtually neck and neck and we know by now that both are very determined and laser focused when it comes to CTP Teams.

I am constantly amazed at how much effort the members of these two teams put in to the contest week in and week out.

They both seem to push each other to do more and more each week and both really enjoy the work needed to keep pace with the other. This week Lucky 13 pushed for the three billion barrier but it narrowly alluded them while the Alphas took first place with 3.35 billion team points.

The Strays were ahead of Uber Surfers when I last did a head count on Friday but they had swapped positions again by the end of the contest with Walter Mulder’s team taking third place and Patrick’s Doolin’s homeless kitties taking fourth spot.

A fine performance from the Hunters saw them climb back into the Premier League in seventh spot and a strong start to this week has seen them move up another two places to fifth at this very early stage in the game.

CTP Masters and Surf To Earn are also back in the top league while CSN, Bonz Brigade and Wealth Builders dropped down a league this week.


CTP Teams top 15 for week ending sunday october 26 2014

Monthly Winners:

In the monthly contest The Alphas came in first once again, with Lucky 13 second and Uber Surfers third and as ever there were Reward Points for the top 25 teams.

Once again well done to everybody who did so well over the entire month.

Today sees the start of a new week and a new month at CTP Teams so, as ever, good luck to you all.

Wherever you are in CTP Teams, enjoy yourselves and have fun taking part in the contest.

Spooktacular 2014:

Finally, just a reminder that Spooktacular 2014 is on all week with a new offer on every day between now and Friday. If you take advantage of any of the offers you can earn CTP XP prize wheel spins for  your entire team. Full details can be found here: Spooktacular 2014 is Live.

SurfAholics Alphas must really love Sundays…because that is the day that they regularly show their finest form.

This Sunday they did the double by pulling out all the stops to win the weekly and the monthly CTP Teams contests.

In the weekly event it was all about SurfAholics Alpha and Uber Surfers as both teams were locked in battle for most of the week. Walter Mulder’s team lead the pack for most of the week but the slow-and-steady Alphas kept up the pressure and took the lead in the closing hours of the contest.

There was a big gap between the top two teams and third placed Lucky 13 and looking at the “Last Weeks Standings” table we can see that there was a huge battle being played out for the positions of 4-9 overall with only relatively small points differences separating all six teams.

CTP Teams weekly standings on September 29 2014

Bonz Brigade, Empower World Team and The Cash Surfing Network all dropped down a league while Dream Team, CTP Masters and Strays Team Bee all moved up to take their places.

So for the first time we have The Strays and their Bee team in the Premier League at the same time.

CTP Teams Monthly contest standings on 290914

In the monthly contest it was first place for Alphas, second for Lucky 13 and third for Uber Surfers.

No matter where you are in CTP Teams enjoy the week ahead and have fun.

SurfAholics Alpha trophies earned

With a new month underway let’s take a look at what happened last month…and there is not much change at the top.

The top five looks like this:

  1. SurfAholics Alpha
  2. Lucky 13
  3. The Strays
  4. Cash Surfing Network
  5. CTP Renegades

The Strays and Lucky 13 swapped positions – in fact they ended up with exactly the same amount of points so an electronic flip of a coin was used and Lucky 13 got, er, lucky.

Considering they were not around for most of the month Walter’s new team Uber Surfers and Val’s Hunters only narrowly missed out on earning rewards points this month. Uber Surfers were just two places away from points and the Hunters were seven off the mark.

Next time round I think both will be in the top 25 teams which get reward points…I think that is a fairly safe bet.

Eight Premier League teams were in the Top 25 while the remaining prize winners were obviously from the Competitive League.

Given that Bonz Brigade, CTP Masters and Surf Lovers – all currently Competitive League Teams – ended up with more rewards points than Premier League rivals Dream Team it shows that they really are showing the competitive spirit of all teams.


Yesterday saw the end of another week and another month at the CTP Teams tournament.

Just a reminder that from here on in the monthly contest will end at 23.59.59 Eastern on the last Sunday of every month.

This is how the weekly contest finished up:

Alphas win another week and another month at CTP Teams contest

SurfAholics Alpha had a rather easy ride this week as nobody really looked keen to take them on and they almost coasted into first spot in the weekly contest.

I think maybe everyone was trying to rest knowing that the Alphas had also more or less sewn up the monthly and the weekly contest this week.

The Strays came in second behind Lucky 13 and The Cash Surfing Network, which dominated the Sweeva Surf Party on Thursday, had to make to do with fourth spot.

Renegades, Wake Up Now and The Bravos all went up a league while CTP Masters, Dream Team and Surf To Earn took their places in the Competitive League.

In the monthly contest this happened:

CTP Teams Monthly Winners as of August 4 2014

As predicted the Alphas took the month again with The Strays, Lucky 13, Bonz Brigade and The Cash Surfing Network taking places 2 to five respectively.

Don’t forget to check out how your team did because there are Rewards Points for the top 25 teams. This month’s points have already been awarded by the way.

So for the Alphas that is three months in  row of wins and 10 of the 13 weeks have seen them take top place too. Not a bad start at all.

The totals have been reset and another month is underway…once again the contest is wide open for everyone.

This week is also the start of a new month at CTP Teams…a new month so this means the battle begins once again to take the honors in the all-importnt monthly contest.

So what happened last month? Well let’s see…first of all let me refer to my notes, or at least to a screengrab which really is much easier.

CTP Teams Monthly Standings


The Top Ten are as follows:

  1. SurfAholics Alpha
  2. Lucky 13
  3. Cash Surfing Network – Team 1
  4. Empower World Team
  5. Kore4
  6. CTP Masters
  7. Bonz Brigade
  8. The C.T.P Renegades
  9. Dream Team
  10. Wake Up Now

Rewards points, as ever, for the top 25 teams. So with a new month well and truly underway lets see what lies in store over the next few weeks.

This was a double week of winners at CTP Teams. The weekly winners have already been written about but this is also the end of the first month.

Just to recap the top 25 teams all get to share a stash of rewards points – from 1,000 for the 25th team to 50,000 for the first placed team.

The points to go the team leaders to distribute (or not as the case may be) as they see fit. I know many teams have already decided exactly how the rewards points will be distributed and there are many creative ways of doing this.

So congratulations to every team and to every team member who made it into the Top 25 this month.

The full list of monthly winners can be found on the drop down menu under the tab “Last Month Standings”… this is how it looks right now:

CTP Teams First Monthly Winners Table

So Nerdbirds  just managed to get in to claim the 1,000 points while #ovendogs missed out by just two places. So for this month at least we can say birds are better than dogs.

Keeping to the animal theme, Lions (11th place) must be better than birds and dogs while cats (second place) must be better than lions, birds and dogs. But wait a minute, lions are also cats so how does that work?


CTP teams monthly prizes

Team leaders will soon have a series of big, big decisions to make.

Today we announce the CTP Teams monthly prizes…we have a huge prize pot of TimTech Reward Points to give away for the top 25 teams each month.

And here’s the kicker…the points all go to the team leader…to do with as he or she sees fit.

So let’s look at the list of prizes:

CTP Teams Monthly Prizes

1. 50,000 TimTech Reward Points
2. 40,000
3. 35,000
4. 30,000
5. 25,000

6. 20,000 TimTech Reward Points
7. 17,000
8. 14,000
9. 12,000
10. 10,000

11. 9,000 TimTech Reward Points
12. 8,000
13. 7,000
14. 6,000
15. 5,000

16. 4,000 TimTech Reward Points
17. 3,500
18. 3,000
19. 2,500
20. 2,000

21. 1,800 TimTech Reward Points
22. 1,600
23. 1,400
24. 1,200
25. 1,000

See this blog post for the deadline dates for each of the monthly prizes.

And if you want to know, at a glance, whether your team is in the running for a monthly prize…you can do so from today.

There is now a “Monthly Points” option on the dropdown menu on the CTP Teams page telling you how many points you would win at the end of the current month if you finished the month where you currently are placed.

CTP Teams Monthly Points predicted awards

So here is the big decision…

How the team leaders decide to split the points is totally up to them.

They can be as democratic or autocratic as they see fit.

Here are some possible suggestions but I am sure that teams will have lots of ideas of their own:

  • split them equally amongst all team members
  • award them as prizes/incentives for top performing team members
  • use them to buy goodies from the TimTech Reward Store…which can be raffled to team members.
  • bank them to go for an even bigger prize at the end of each quarter (assuming you keep winning monthly prizes),
  • use the Reward Points to buy experience points to give you a massive boost for the month ahead
  • Say “I’m the team leader, they are all mine!”

So plan your strategy for winning and distributing these prizes starting now.

Oh and feel free to share your thoughts on this blog post in the comments below.