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Category: It's Not Fair

Category: It’s Not Fair

Plus 1 Success XP offerYou may, just possibly, have heard the expression: “It’s not fair!”

There are many things in life which are not fair but the most egregious of those is that it is so hard to compete with TimTech.

Right now our new product – Plus 1 Success – is on fire and has an amazing upgrade factor so there is a lot of opportunity to make money from this investment.

Of course why should anyone join under you  because surely TimTech will give away tons of XP for people signing up under them?

TimTech is certainly pushing Plus 1 Success hard and is giving away more XP for this launch than it has ever given away before for anything.

Simply for joining – collect one million XP

Join and rebrand the Plus 1 Success e-book – collect five million XP

Join the optional book club – collect 10 million XP.

If only you could compete by offering bonuses like that then it would not be so unfair.

Well you can.

Here’s how it works.

Promote Plus 1 Success and offer the exact same bonuses as TimTech (the ones described above) for people joining your downline.

For every person you sign up then TimTech will cover the XP for you and take care of giving it out.

You get the ability to leverage the power of XP without having to do any of the work.

That is an offer we have NEVER made before so take full advantage of it while it lasts.

All your downline has to do to claim their XP is to send in a support ticket with their ctp username  to support@clicktrackprofit.com once they have joined under you. That’s it.

Now start promoting because if you miss out on an opportunity like this then that really would be unfair.

It must be hard to get results when you are bogged down in self-pity, jealousy or an overwhelming sense of how unfair everything is.

If you compound that with spending most of your precious time hating on those more successful than you, then those illusive results will be even harder still to find.

And as we all know, since gamification was added to traffic exchanges, the results have dried up for everyone in the industry…except that they haven’t.

In Jon Olson’s last blog post he showed that results are all around us…they are everywhere and finding them is not hard to do.

So, for example, it is a result when someone realizes that it is time to drop the self-pity and the petty jealousy and just get on with making the most of the cards they have been dealt.

It is a result when members of CTP are collectively $154,000 better off when measured by commission payments alone.

It is a result when people come together in CTP Teams and end up forging friendships and business partnerships.

It is a result when someone new comes into CTP chat and is given help and guidance by more experienced members.

It is a result when someone overcomes their fears and puts out their first splashpage, video or blog post.

It is a result when the first commission payment comes in.

It is a result when the next and the next and the next payments come in.

It is a result when we no longer look to what other people are doing and concentrate on what we are doing.

It is a result when we show up at TELive and learn something new or ask that question that was troubling us for months.

It is a result when we realize that with the CTP community we are never alone any more.

For even more examples of results check out Jon’s blog post: Hit Exchange News – Results! Results! Results!


I guess it really isn’t fair but it takes more than one sleep to become an overnight success…even a whole month of sleeps won’t generally have you waking up to overnight success.

It is a regular, and far from sexy, message in TELive that success takes time and it is measured more in months and years than in weeks and months.

Jon blogged about it earlier this week, so if you have read that post already then you are excused from reading this post, but I wanted to ensure that those who had not already seen it actually had a chance to do so.

Touching on many of the familiar themes of online success…dealing with haters, making sacrifices, really wanting success and a determination to do well, the post explains how Jon found the journey to his own personal online overnight success.

His conclusion: “…it takes years to become an ‘overnight success’.”

So you better be in it or the long haul then and as it is a long haul you better put the work in for that time and make sure it is your best work.

Get it right and your years of hard work will mean that you could become the next ‘overnight success’ story and then you can help educate the next generation of online business people that overnight success takes a long time.

Read more: Hit Exchange News – Five Ways To Become An Overnight Success In Internet Marketing


Late surge from SurfAholics Alpha put them top on S2 W8 D7

I knew I shouldn’t have made predictions. As soon as I pressed the “send” button on the last teams update post I said as much to myself.

I wrote: “Right now Ubers are first with a sizeable lead over the Alphas and Lucky 13 are third. If I was a betting man, that is how I would predict the top three teams to remain on Sunday night…”


Then I wrote: “…however CTP Teams is far from predictable so I won’t be placing any bets.”


Just look what SurfAholics Alpha has done in the final day of this week’s contest…they have added rocket fuel to their activity and leapt from third place to first in a single bound.

Not only have they gone into first place but they are so far ahead of the field that could anyone catch them now? Alphas are currently on 42 billion points compared with “just” 22 billion for second placed Ubers and 7 billion for third placed Lucky 13.

Talking of Lucky 13, I should have paid more attention to their team member and CTP Teams expert Tom Wacker because he predicted this on Monday.

On his show he said he felt that this would be the week that the SAA’s pounced and put in a concerted effort to win Week 8…and it looks as though this is what happened.

Exactly what the SAAs did remains unclear…you can’t fault a team for wanting to keep their strategy secret. However they insist that they have played within the rules and that the whole team was involved in the push for first place.

So am I going to predict a win for the Alphas? Not quite. I am not getting caught out like that twice in one week…but I will be paying very close attention to what Tom Wacker has to say tomorrow.

It is always enjoyable with the topics for TELive are generated, not by Jon or I, but from members of the traffic exchange community.

Yesterday was one such day when the main topic for discussion was inspired by John Brewer’s recent post on the Lucky 13 blog.

Under the slightly controversial (and certainly attention-grabbing) headline “Do We Pay TimTech Too Much Money?”, he brought up the highly charged subject of paying hard cash in order to earn a living online.

There are some people who would argue that paying even one dollar to TimTech is paying TimTech too much money, but that is another story altogether.

The Lucky 13 blog post addressed the question of those people online who think that everything should be free. I am not quite sure where this attitude comes from but it goes like this:

1. I want to earn a living online.

2. I need tools to earn a living online.

3. I want companies, like TimTech, to provide those tools for me.

4. I don’t want to have to pay for the tools.

5. I might, at a push, and very grudgingly, pay the minimum I possibly can for just one or two of the tools but I will not be happy.

6. If I don’t see results within a month, (or less) then I will demand my money back for the tools which, obviously, must be faulty.

Now try that in the real world. See how far you get when you tell your grocery store manager that you need food to eat, that the grocery store provided food and that you want it for free.

Online tools such as autoresponders, advertising platforms, traffic delivery systems, training systems and tracking services cost large sums of money to provide.

Some, such as traffic exchanges, work well on a freemium model of paid and free users, while others, such as autoresponders work best on a paid-only subscription basis.

If you are trying to make a living online and you think that the tools you need to make your business work should be handed out for free then you don’t have the right mentality to be trying to make a living online.

Anyway back to John’s blog post…you can read it here…

Lucky 13 Blog – Do We Pay TimTech Too Much Money?

A Fine Whine Sweeva splash page by Tom Wacker

It would appear that Tom Wacker knows a thing or two about fine wines.

While not a consumer of fine wines, or indeed any other wines these days, I suspect he may have enjoyed a glass or two in the past.

It is not immediately clear why he has been running a video splash page on Sweeva this past week talking about wine tasting.

In fact I am not entirely sure that it is about wine tasting at all really.

Maybe you could make your own minds up.

One thing is certain…these funny video splash pages certainly cover a wide range of subject areas.

Keep them coming.

Tom Wacker Fine Wine Sweeva splash page 1

The OutKasts CTP Team LogoWe are the latest team in CTP Teams. We are The OutKasts and we can never, ever win.

You see there are times when the old saying is true…winning isn’t everything, it is the taking part that counts.

We are in CTP Teams because we want to be. We want to compete for the simple pleasure of competing. We are not after prizes for doing well, we are just here doing what we do when we have time to do it.

In fact The OutKasts is the only team on CTP Teams that cannot win any of the end of season prizes. We don’t count but we are here.

Janelle formed the team because she didn’t want the distraction of being on one of the major teams. She is extremely busy and wants to concentrate on her work first and foremost while really getting to enjoy CTP Teams when she is able to take part.

I write the CTP Teams blog and being associated with one of the top teams in the contest led to a few raised eyebrows in certain quarters. I understand that and so I am now an impartial OutKast.


The newest team on CTO Teams We are the OutKasts and we will never win anything

We are the OutKasts and we are here to have fun. For us the motivation is the game itself while building new and strengthening existing relationships within this awesome online community.

So from all of us OutKasts to all of you team players…you have worked very hard to make CTP Teams what it is today. We thank each and every one of you for taking part and long may CTP Teams grow and prosper.

Have fun.

Lucky 13 Too is latest addition to CTP Teams

I can almost hear the shouts of “It’s not fair” already.

Lucky 13 is no longer content with having one team in the contest, so now they have two or “too” as they like to say because Lucky 13 Too is the latest to join the party.

And in case you think they have no understanding of English grammar the too (rather than two) signifies that this new team is part of Lucky 13 too. Clever.

The team is led by John Brewer, well as of now the entire team is John Brewer, but I don’t think he will be on his own for too much longer.

In just a few hours he has climbed from last place in the overall leaderboard to 29th – a jump of 33 places which is not bad for a few hours work from just one team member.

John, I am told, is “very enthusiastic and excited” about heading up the new Lucky 13 team whose team page describe it as “an extension of our loving family.”

Certainly Lucky 13 is one of the teams where their members have built up a very strong bond and the aim will be for this to happen here too.

And it is still only day three of Week Two in Season Two at CTP Teams.

Lucky 13 Too team joins CTP Teams Lucky 13 Too team joins CTP Teams 1



On Monday I wrote that it was abundantly clear that SurfAholics Alpha and Lucky 13 really enjoy being on CTP Teams. Put it this way, in order to be regularly in the top two spots with the amount of weekly points they amass, means they have to love what they are doing.

Now obviously I know that a lot of other teams really enjoy the experience too – no matter where they are in the overall league table – and their members get a lot out of the experience.

Friendships have developed, being in a team has helped people with their online business strategies and has also helped form business relationships.

CTP Teams has totally abolished the idea that people who set out in an online business have to do so alone…being part of this community means that you are never alone and never far away from the answer to a question that may be troubling you.

Scott Wright from Lucky 13 speculated recently on the team blog that the fact that the two top teams have more or less locked up the two top slots for so long may be offputting to others.

He wrote: “…we and the SAA’s seem to run away with the top 2 spots week after week and I am wondering if there are folks out there that are just getting tired or frustrated seeing the same two teams up there every week.  Has it become a chore?  Has it become something you dread trying to do?   I mean the daily challenge, the Submarine adventure, the Vaults and Keys..  daily tasks that earn you XP..  Well if it has become a chore, or a “job” then well.. let m just say this..  you are doing it wrong.

“…The MAIN component of CTP teams is… working as a team, communicating with each other, networking, become friends, learning how to use TE’s to your advantage, then promoting you program, and most of all, to have fun with your teammates and enjoy spending time talking and getting to know them as people…”

These are really interesting points indeed. If you think that CTP Teams is only about where you finish on the league table and not getting top spot puts you off, then you really are missing the point.

The huge nugget here is that the real amazing power of CTP Teams is what goes on behind the scenes and what will never be reflected by any league tables.

Just re-read some of the points Scott makes…working as a team…communicating…networking…developing friendships and having fun…these are the massive benefits of being on CTP Teams.

If you are ticking these boxes then it is never a chore, rather it is a way of life. Scott goes into a lot more detail on his blog and I strongly suggest you check it out, the link is below.

Read more: Lucky 13 blog: So… I’m a slacker.. and Sunny should fire me…


What do you know about Lucky 13? I mean what do you really know about the team members?

They have some really active members in the community so maybe you know a thing or two about them already.

The reason I ask is that knowing a bit more than the rest about this Premier League team could be really worth your while.

The team is giving away 10,000 StartXchange credits to whoever can answer 18 questions about the team and the contest runs until either 10am Eastern on Saturday or until there is a winner…whichever event happens first.

So what sort of questions do they want to know? Here is a quick sample…

(1) This Lucky 13 member is the author of “The Art and Science of Motorcycle Touring”.

(3) This Lucky 13 member used to have a cat named Booger.

(5) This Lucky 13 member still plays with his first ever computer (a Commodore 64) but has only shaved off his beard twice in his life.

(10) This Lucky 13 member was told by a doctor (after breaking an arm) that he/she could never play the violin.

(16) This Lucky 13 member has been working as a makeup artist at city theater.

Interesting questions and a very interesting quiz.

Here is how you enter.

1. Go to the Lucky 13 blog post called

Want to win 10,000 Startxchange Credits? Here’s how.

2. Follow the instrucitons on the post.

3. That’s it – good luck.