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The OutKasts CTP Team LogoWe were bad.

Without a doubt we were the worst team in the entire history of CTP Teams and now we are no more.

OutKasts have officially and unceremoniously been cast out from the contest. Broken up, disbanded and never to return.

We were The Team That Could Never Win and that was the problem really.

In fact we were so bad that when Bill was drawing up how to display teams for Season Three, he decided that the OutKasts would not show up at all.

We were still there, kind of, but it was almost impossible to find us.

Jon summed it up well in TELive yesterday when he said: “It’s really hard to compete against nobody,” and that is exactly what we were doing in OutKasts.

The spirit of the team was not to win…so we didn’t win anything.

The spirit of the team was not to compete…so we didn’t compete.

The spirit of the team was not to make waves…so we didn’t make waves.

We were a nothing team and now we are no more.

So what now for the OutKasts…? Well if you attended TELive yesterday you will already know…if not then you will find out in the next CTP Teams blog post.


A Fine Whine Sweeva splash page by Tom Wacker

It would appear that Tom Wacker knows a thing or two about fine wines.

While not a consumer of fine wines, or indeed any other wines these days, I suspect he may have enjoyed a glass or two in the past.

It is not immediately clear why he has been running a video splash page on Sweeva this past week talking about wine tasting.

In fact I am not entirely sure that it is about wine tasting at all really.

Maybe you could make your own minds up.

One thing is certain…these funny video splash pages certainly cover a wide range of subject areas.

Keep them coming.

Tom Wacker Fine Wine Sweeva splash page 1

Tom Wacker Getting Bombed video splash page

January has gone and now that we are into February, for some at least, our thoughts turn to love and romance.

This certainly seems to be the case for Tom Wacker whose latest video splash page comes on a background of red love hearts.

He also wears an eye-patch and says he is getting bombed on Friday the 13th.

I am confused about it all. Not for the first time has a splash page confused me and I am sure it will not be the last either.

Does anyone know what Tom is up to here?