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 G’day All From Rob P.,

Warning, Warning, Warning.

Danger, Danger, Danger.

Yes they gave me the keys to this blog so now I am here to take the heat for what is wrong and what is right within  CTP Teams Competitions.

I believe that a lot of the issues that many where having have now been sorted fingers crossed it took a bit but a direct line of conversation with Tim for sure helped. Giving an outsiders perspective  can be an assett at times.

My first aim is establish some guidelines and rules for any further seasons.

My next goal is to make sure that winning teams get some sort of prize. No Not Cash.

So for me to acheive these two things I am looking for input from everyone involved so Team Leaders all the way down to the lowest person in each team.

It is only fair to look at everyones point of view to get a better picture on what people expect and would like to see.

So post your thoughts here or if you are shy or want to say more on QT then PM me at CTP. Click Here To Send A PM

Enjoy the current season and be prepared to hear from me on a regular basis here. I am interested in keeping the team comp’s going but once again it all depends on the feedback I get as I am doing this for no reward but strictly for the CTP Platform which I believe in.

Regards To All

Rob P.




First thank you so much for taking the time to visit this blog post. I really appreciate all comments, especially constructive criticism. 

My last couple of blogs have been about the first steps to getting the most out of your social media. Either if your beginning your journey, or looking to start using it in a more efficient way I look forward to conquering this medium together. But I had a thought today after several great conversations with some wonderful people in the industry are most people getting the most out of their current connections and social mediums. I think it’s easy with this whole social media crazyness to forget or take for granted the tried and true methods of connecting online.

Now these tried and true methods can cover a broad basis, and there’s no way I can address them all.

I figured there was no better place than CTP Teams to bring up this topic. We all are connected with our own teams, and all the other’s through the great spirit of competition. Now I’m all for kicking each other’s butts 🙂 , however I think many of us including myself  are missing the chance to really connect in a long term and meaningful way. Many people have, so don’t think I’m speaking to all of you. But even those that have build some great relationships, hey can’t hurt to build more. Have you done so lately? Just here there so many great ways to do it. Leave a post on someone’s ctp page, or one I highly recommend but you see so little doing so would be utilizing chat. The chat’s in the te’s are rarely used. And this could even extend to skype. How many times have you seen a few posts turn into a live broadcast. Or the end lead to a new site appearing. Just a little bit of chat can lay the seeds for something great. Just snicker sometimes when you see so many people want to be Social but you never see them say anything. Before conquering social media, maybe having a conversation would be a better place to start.

This is true with any program you belong to. Also any blogs you follow. Shoot even those you game with can lead to lifelong friendships. Just take a moment and say hi. Review these various sites. Are there owners or other users looking to reach out. They are the one’s commenting and already are showing themselves to be social. Takes only a second to test if they really are. Reply or reach out to them, and give them a good amount of time to respond. If they do, hey you might want to build something with them.

I think blogs are a natural extension of this. You know these people are already like minded as they are commenting on blogs you visit or own. Obviously they have no issue in being communicative and interacting if their posting. People will share there blogs, and if they blog they are definitely one’s worth of connecting with. It’s easy to say and many say they will. There are so many people just in our industry, yet it’s amazing how few really put there name and face out there. Let alone attempt to communicate.

Not to go back to social media, but before you even considering changing or attempting to do a whole new direction with your social media content, why not just look at those you are connected with. I preach this all the time. No one will reach out to you if you don’t reach out to them. The problem with social media is each side is waiting for the other to react to what there doing. Don’t be one of these people. Be proactive, make them react to your direct communication. One communication of hey how are you. Or wow I really like that post will be far more effective than any well worded or pretty post, unless you already have a large captive audience. But even than never forget the small steps, they are what will get you to the larger following.

No matter what site or tool you use online I bet there are chances to connect with some great people. All YOU have do is take ACTION!!

Was going to make this post about finally coming back after having to deal with offline issues. And most certainly very happy to be back. While I’m working on many things. The main one worth mentioning is I’m getting back to blogging on a pretty regular basis. The majority if not all will be done here at ctpteams. It’s a great community with wonderful people. So I think it’s best to start where there is already engagement.

Additionally will be using this in various exchanges as I rework my brand a bit. Engagement being at it’s core. Ask me something, and I will respond. Or just say hi 🙂


To stay in line with this I’m making my first post in a long while about shining some light on a certain mystery!! I have followers but for some reason no one is clicking, seeing, and most importantly buying.

it could be a few key things. But today I would like to talk about engagement and responsiveness. In most cases I bet your Social Media habits resemble something like this video illustration of ineffectiveness.





Now I know it’s not rocket science guys. But like many things throughout the industry, people say they will or do, but just flat don’t do it. It’s like a email campaign where you don’t give a url or some contact info. Or a brick and mortar where someone is standing at your counter and your employees are too busy responding and interacting with their followers. Or making calls to people and asking have I reached you at a good time, and after they say yes your like well that’s good but I have nothing else to say and I’ll be calling someone else.

It’s not that you don’t have “potential” customers in reach or even reviewing something you do. But if you don’t engage and respond to them they will quickly lose interest and move on to someone offering the same thing, but that does value their time and interest.

I challenge you to most certainly reach out to those that have you, and than randomly find some people that follow you and than just say hi and that you appreciate them. You will be wowed by how doing  this will lead to some great people and opps.

And remember to always #GetYourSocialOn


What a fantastic season it’s been…Did you know, in the 10 seasons of doing CTP Teams, this is the first time we’ve seen real competition between more than 2-3 top tiered teams.

We are seeing tight races, intense match ups and more even play across the board than ever before…

And it’s about to get crazy!

The Playoffs begin on October 5th!

Same format as previous seasons but with more intense competition because again….We’ve found a great formula that works for you, the player 🙂

Good luck to all teams and we’ll see you in the playoffs!

We’ve seen a lot of program owners come and go over the years here at ClickTrackProfit. Some newer owners come in guns blazing, and swear they will be here for the long haul, only to disappear in a few months.

Others seem to support CTP Teams and it’s players for a month or two and then try their hands in some other promos only to come back to old faithful 🙂

However there are a few owners that have been here since literally…Day one. And one of those owners is Ben Frazier and his traffic exchange Advertising Maximizer.

Ben has been a huge supporter of everything CTP related for years.

He’s one of those owners who might fly under the radar because he does things the right way, the long tail way and the smart way.

Advertising Maximizer embodies the kind of owner Ben is. Steady and reliable!

Script – LFMTE
Membership Levels – Free, Advertiser & Maximizer
Downline Builder – Included In Membership With Tons of Extras

It’s a solid program with fantastic traffic delivery and has been a mainstay in the season play here at CTP Teams.

(AKA, this is a program all CTP players should be supporting and surfing daily.)

He supports the players and has never demanded glory, attention or extra special service…He just shows up, every day and let’s his traffic exchange do the talking.

I really respect that in a program and it’s owner. Especially in the day and age of programs disappearing left, right and center…Ben and Advertising Maximizer are built on solid foundations of hard work, patience and results.

Advertising Maximizer is your Daily Challenge traffic exchange each and every Wednesday along with hosting various other promos throughout the week.

This is a must upgrade program and one of the pillars of the CTP Teams competition experience.

Can you believe it?

It’s almost here, the 10th season of CTP teams.

It’s had highs and lows throughout the past 9 seasons of the competition but each and every time we do a season we see great things happen between team mates.

We see partnerships develop. Relationships built. Businesses form. And friendships that can last a lifetime. This is why we play! This is why we love CTP Teams.

We’ll be getting started July 6th for our 10th season. And will have detailed stats about the entire competition very soon…

The plan is to follow last seasons format because in the 9 seasons of doing one, it was the first time we didn’t have any huge complaints or issues with the layout for scoring and the format for competing.

Of course, all input and considerations will always be heard and taken in. So if you have any ideas on how to make this even more fun for future seasons, please let us know.

Huge congrats once again to all the awesome participants of the Hurricane Season and our winners, Phoenix and Cruisin’ Along!

Will they repeat or will we crown a new champion?

It all gets started on July 6th….

Wow, what a great season we’ve had at CTP Teams! Even with our major mess up mid way thorough thanks to an horribly planned server move, teams still competed day in and day out.

The entire point of CTP Teams when it was formed a few years ago, was to get like minded people working together for a common goal!

We believe in teams! The people you meet today could be your potential business partners and customers for years to come but it starts with the relationships.

Still the Negative Nancies seem to pop up from time to time while saying things like this…. “I’ve got better things to do than waste my time here!”

These people miss the big picture completely. And that’s our fault for not highlighting the real positive aspects of this competition…The people!

Let’s check out some of the awesome things that teams have done throughout the history of CTP Teams;

Surf A Holics Alpha, the first team that became a powerhouse in this competition. It gone through battle after battle since Season 1 and has ALWAYS competed. On top of that, they have even began their own program and are now in business under the SurfAholics brand name. That’s the power of the people!

The Cavalry, a team that didn’t exist this time last year but has went on to (at the time of this writing) have the best regular season record in the Hurricane Season. All because of awesome leadership from Phil Lenz and his team of dedicated surfers. This is the power of ONE common goal!

We Are Family – I mean, does it get any better than that? This team embodies EVERYTHING we envisioned for CTP Teams. Amazing leadership and team mates that think of themselves as FAMILY, not just team mates. How much value do you think each of them will gain from the relationships they have built?

I mean, I can go on and on…The PURPOSE of CTP Teams was putting people together! And I think we have done that because the RIGHT PEOPLE found CTP! You deserve all the high fives you can get because of YOU and your dedication to each other, you have made CTP Team the longest running and premier surf competition in the industry!

So as the Hurricane Season comes to a close and we gear up for the playoffs, remember…YOU are the reason this works! You are building relationships and networks that will last a life time, and that truly is the reason why you surf! The welath is found in the journey, it truly is!

Arguably one of the most unique and fun loving members of Click Track Profit, Charles Smith has been a mainstay since day one. The popular owner of Top Flight Traffic and Advanced Safelist has been around the industry for quite sometime, so we thought it would be a great time to finally ask….How does one become as awesome as Charles Smith?

1. How did I stumble upon Click Track Profit? But the real question I wanna know is…What made you order that jerk chicken for me all those years ago….We need to know the story!

Charles: I was with Click Track Profit from the beginning. I remember back in the old days when we used to hang out at TElive on a daily basis. I became attached to what I viewed a as a community of like minded individuals. My belief is sharing a meal is sharing friendship. I was in the room one day when Jon mentioned he didn’t know what he was gonna choose for dinner. So I sprang into action and remembered Jon liked Jamaican food and I remembered the place he ordered from on a regular basis. So I looked up the number and called and asked what was Jon’s favorite dish. I believe it was rice and peas and jerk chicken.

(Side note from Jon: It was arguably one of the biggest surprises of my life and I was so grateful that Charles did this. It was different. It was unique and I’ll remember him for my entire life because of that one act of kindness…)

2. You took your time, but are now a traffic exchange owner. What made you decide to make the jump into ownership?

First off I was very sad to hear that Randy Ritter had lost his battle with cancer. He was one of a few people that I could really talk to about the industry. I was surfing Legacy Hits and I noticed that Topflighttraffic.com was in rotation and it showed as an expired domain. Knowing that Randy Ritter had passed I just figured it would be renewed by whomever held the site. That put me into detective mode.

I spoke with a few folks in the community and heard through the grapevine that TopFlightTraffic was for sale so I pursued the leads and became the 2nd owner. I felt compelled to continue Randy’s passion. There was a glitch a cyber squatter took the topflighttraffic.com name and was holding it for a price that was insane. I was compelled to continue on in my endeavor and used TopFlightTraffic.net instead. I then gave the site a facelift and the rest as they say is history.

3. You’ve been not only active in the teams, but also in this community for so many years. How important is it for new members to stay the course and roll up their sleeves to get to know other members?

It is crazy to see the amount of people that come and go. I feel it is important especially for the new folks to dig in and be consistent with whatever they choose to do. It is important to become known and trusted by people in your niche.

4. What’s the best and worst experience you have had in CTP?

The best experience I have had in CTP is meeting new people and seeing them stay with it. The worst experience I have had are with the pitch meisters that come out of the woodwork and disrupt the community.

5. The number one piece of advice from Charles, to any new member would be…….

Take a deep breathe, If it sounds too good to be true… Meet folks, you cannot succeed on your own and lastly have fun.

It’s time once again….

As we get ready for a new exciting season of CTP Teams, we are looking to make Season 9 the best ever.

Lots of changes were made last season and while there was some concern on how it all played out, we saw some great changes from your input and feedback.

Let’s get the big one of out the bag…We heard you loud and clear, so Season 9 WILL include days off. Teams won’t be competing each and every day.

Now as for keeping it competitive for everyone, this truly is the challenge.

A few things to note:

– There are some big new changes coming for Promo Partners who host their promos with us for Season 9. We are introducing ‘Chests’ later this week and people will start to see what all that means soon. So keep in mind, ‘Chests’ will play a big part in your experience for this upcoming season. Not so much in scoring, but…You’ll see 😉

– There seems to be a few teams that compete each and every season and then a big bulk that don’t…We would love to hear YOUR feedback and constructive input on how we can make it to that again, all teams feel like they can compete.

– Please remember, to be a team leader YOU MUST have an active Kore4 subscription. If your team does not have a Kore4 leader, the team may be disbanded before the start of Season 9.

– The big thing to keep in mind for everyone reading this, we want this to be an enjoyable experience and rewarding one as well. The relationships you build with your fellow team members truly is the gold in these competitions. With that in mind, we are looking for idea that are a benefit to both…Promo partner and Competitor. We’d love to hear your ideas on how to make this a win-win for both parties!

This is a never ending challenge for us, which we embrace and accept. Finding the perfect formula for the CTP Teams competition is an on-going process. But with your awesome input and ideas, we know we can make this next season the best one yet!