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Category: Feedback

It is always rewarding to see people make really good video splash pages.

It is good beca2use it shows that real thought and effort has been placed into helping ensure that the page is best placed to achieve the desired result.

So when I saw a splash page from CTP member Gary Anderson recently, I saw that it looked to be a very good page indeed.

This is a screenshot of the page in question. If you click on it you will be taken to the actual page with the video on it.

Gary Anderson Kore4 splash page

I guess the first thing to keep in mind is that it looks really great and it is obvious what it is promoting…Kore4 in this case.

There is an opt in form to that Gary can build his list and a video, a really well-made autoplay video, so that he can get his message across and, at the same time, give people the chance to get to know him.

All very well and good. Excellent in fact.

Then I am told that this is Gary’s first attempt at such a page.

That makes an already very impressive page all the more impressive. Very well done sir.


I guess it really isn’t fair but it takes more than one sleep to become an overnight success…even a whole month of sleeps won’t generally have you waking up to overnight success.

It is a regular, and far from sexy, message in TELive that success takes time and it is measured more in months and years than in weeks and months.

Jon blogged about it earlier this week, so if you have read that post already then you are excused from reading this post, but I wanted to ensure that those who had not already seen it actually had a chance to do so.

Touching on many of the familiar themes of online success…dealing with haters, making sacrifices, really wanting success and a determination to do well, the post explains how Jon found the journey to his own personal online overnight success.

His conclusion: “…it takes years to become an ‘overnight success’.”

So you better be in it or the long haul then and as it is a long haul you better put the work in for that time and make sure it is your best work.

Get it right and your years of hard work will mean that you could become the next ‘overnight success’ story and then you can help educate the next generation of online business people that overnight success takes a long time.

Read more: Hit Exchange News – Five Ways To Become An Overnight Success In Internet Marketing


CTP badges

I love reading the comments on this blog, especially as they cover a diverse range of views, opinions and points of view on subjects which are dear to all our hearts.

One comment which really caught my eye recently was this:

“The costs are heaping up and a newbie is learning.
“I spent tons and earn very little. What does badges really accomplish? Thanks.”

It was left on the Time To Reward Surfers With Our Biggest Ever XP Badges Yet post and is a question which crops up from time to time.

As I write this post 23,384,821 CTP badges have been claimed in the four years since the program was launched…that’s right more than 23 million badges have been claimed by CTP members to date.

From this we can infer that people really like collecting CTP badges so badges help keep up activity across the growing number of platforms which offer them.

Those who buy badges from us, including traffic exchange and other program owners, report that the investment more than pays for itself…so badges help generate income and activity across the community.

Badges have also helped bloggers, list builders, affiliate marketers, online newbies and many more diverse groups of people help achieve their online goals.

Just take a look at the huge demand for badges each time we have a special badge hunt promotion where people buy badges and leverage them to generate interest in what they are promoting.

Badges are also fun to collect and having fun is an important, but sadly all to easily forgotten, part of business. The reasoning behind this is that if you are not enjoying your online (or offline) work then you will not get the most out of it.

So, in short, badges help accomplish a lot more than you may first think. In fact, when they were first launched with CTP four years ago we did not even see how big they would become. And as for four years from now…well that is anyone’s guess.


Patrick's triple traffic for half price offer for DoctorTraffic promotion

Weather forecasts can be tricky things to get right…that is why I tend not to get involved with them at all.

Traffic forecasts are much easier to handle though and this one is guaranteed to be right.

As an exclusive offer to readers of CTP Teams you can get three times the traffic for half the price at DoctorTraffic.

You don’t even need a coupon code. Just click on the image above and the discount is already there for you.



A comment to Saturday’s CTP Teams blog post suggested that the ‘Team Message’ function within CTP was somehow hidden.

Well we actually thought that all teams were aware of it, but just in case, then it is time to explain what it is, where to find it and how to use it.

There is a Team Message function within CTP’s internal private message system which will allow you communicate with your entire team at the press of a button.

Initially the PM system was a way for members to communicate with each other or with their downlines but it has now been updated to include direct communications between teams.

How To Find It

1. Log in to CTP and click on the blue “Messages” tab on the top of the home page and this will take you to the “Private Message” system within CTP.CTP Private Messages system

2. Click on “Send Message” tab and you are all set to go. Hopefully that was not too hard to find.

finding entire team on CTP PM system

How To Use It

1. Click on “Entire Team” so it is highlighted – it does not even matter if you don’t know the CTP user names of your team mates…the message you send will automatically go to everyone on your team.Sending a message to your CTP Team 1

2. Leave the second box blank, enter the header (or subject line) of the message in the third box and write your message in the large box at the bottom.

Writing a message to your CTP Team in the CTP Private Message system

3. When you are happy with your message then just press “Send Message” button at the bottom of the screen and it will be automatically sent to all members of your team. (You can press “Preview Message” first if you like so that you can read it, and make any changes you require, before actually sending it out.)

Sending your message to your CTP Team members in CTP Private Message system


CTP Teams leaderboards now come with added commas

OK so this may not make a huge difference to your life…but it does to mine.

Yesterday Tim did something really awesome…simple but awesome none the less – he added commas to the scores on the CTP Teams leaderboards.

“So what?” you might reply.

Well with teams like SurfAholics Alpha getting numbers week in and week out which run into the tens of billions it is so difficult to read those numbers without commas.

Look for yourself…which is easier to read:

  1. 26334967771 or
  2. 26,334,967,771

In the latter I can see, at a glance, that the number is 26 billion something but in the first then I have to point my cursor in the screen and move backwards in groups of three to get the same information.

And given that I look at the numbers every single day this is a huge help.

So, once again, thanks Tim for the commas.

ctp marketplace banner

CTP has a marketplace where you can trade goodies with other CTP members.

It is your marketplace so you decide how much you want to sell items for and you decide what you want to buy items for.

So for example, right now someone is selling ten AAA batteries for ten tokens while someone else wants 12 tokens for the same deal and a third person wants 15 tokens for their stash of ten batteries.

To trade on the marketplace is super simple and it costs two tokens per trade or just one token if you are a Kore4 member, (that is if you are Kore4 upgraded and not simply a member of the team of the same name.)

How it works:

1. Log into CTP, go to the CTP Marketplace by clicking on your ‘Goodies’ tab and click on the marketplace banner to enter the market.

2. To buy something then just look down the list of items for sale and click on the “Buy Now” button next to the item that you want to purchase.

Buying items on the CTP Marketplace

3. To sell something then scroll to the bottom of the Marketplace page until you see the dialogue box where you can list items for sale.

Select the item you want to sell, decide how many of them you want to sell, choose the amount of tokens you want to sell the items for and finally press the blue “Sell It!” button.

Selling items on the CTP Marketplace

Try out the marketplace for yourself. It is actually quite fun.


Jon Olson reviews 2014 te community in HEN

Jon Olson has ended the year in his customary way by reviewing 2014 from the point of view of the traffic exchange community.

He points out that traffic exchanges have been delivering traffic, in one form or another, since the late 90s, and while some love them and others hate them, they show no signs of going away.

In his blog post Jon paid tribute to the traffic exchange community, members of CTP Teams and the audience which still flocks to TELive every day.

Speaking of CTP Teams he wrote: “…the awesome sauce people that make up CTP Teams. Seeing and working with these folks each and every day this year made me so confident in the future of traffic exchanges.”

He singled out Lords of Lothar as the best new traffic exchange of the year and named Kore4 as his favorite product of the year with Landing Page Monkey coming a close second.

The Legacy Hits team was named as traffic exchange owners of the year for their dedication, constant promotion and for the way they look after their members.

Looking ahead to 2015 Jon wrote: “…2014 has opened my eyes to the crazy industry that we all love so much. We’re still here. We are still growing. We are still delivering the hits. Let’s make 2015 the best year and continue to show the world how powerful the traffic exchange can be!”

Further reading: Hit Exchange News – The Annual Year In Review For 2014

Top three teams for Season One of CTP Teams

Christmas is over and santa is putting his feet up for another year…except that in the land of TimTech today is second Christmas.

Today is the the day that $5,000 gets awarded to the three top teams in CTP Teams…it goes to the teams who battled, toiled and put in many months of consistent effort to earn more points than any others over an extended time frame.

The prize was hard won and is very well deserved to everyone on the teams concerned and we are very happy to be able to award this prize today.

So here are the winners of the first ever season on CTP Teams…

SurfAholics Alpha badge leaderboard at end of Season One for CTP Teams

First Place: SurfAholics Alpha led by Matt Badura with 1,826 points.

Lucky 13 CTP Teams badges leaderboard at end of Season One

Second Place: Lucky 13 led by Tom Wacker with 1,783 points.

CSN trophy leaderboard for CTP Teams at end of Season One

Third Place: The Cash Surfing Network led by Eric Goettman with 1,634 points.


First place: $3,000

Second place: $1,500

Third place: $500

The prizes will be awarded to the team leaders named above to do with as they please. Matt, Tom and Eric could keep the prizes for themselves, distribute them among the team or do absolutely anything they want with them. However given the caliber of these three leaders I do know that whatever they decide to do will be equitable and fair.

TimTech’s CEO Justin Ledvina said today: “Since day one at CTP Teams, everyone here has been immensely impressed at the way this contest has taken off and how it has gone from strength to strength.

“We knew that there was a real community spirit within CTP and that team-work and the spirit of cooperation would be demonstrated by so many of our wonderful members.

“I want to pay tribute to everyone who has taken part in CTP Teams and, in particular, to everyone who was one of the winning teams. Having such an amazing community within CTP makes us all very proud to be part of this extended family.

“Well done everyone.”

CTP teams takes a break now for a week…well kind of. There is still good reason to be surfing and building up points this week…details tomorrow.


That question was recently asked to Tim on his blog and it is something which comes up very frequently indeed.

This is part of his answer to that question. I put it here because I think it is of importance to everyone on CTP Teams. We really do have a really awesome community here and you should all be very proud of yourselves.

But back to Tim…this is what he said:

“We’ve built a really awesome community at ClickTrackProfit, and it’s a really active community. With CTP Teams, all the training steps, and of course the badges, anyone and everyone has fun with traffic exchanges and CTP.

“So if you’re on the outside looking in..  Jump in! Often times we’ll talk to new owners and they’ll think they aren’t big enough or we don’t know them enough or that there is some reason we won’t let them in. But it’s actually the opposite, we love getting new traffic exchanges and new owners in on the fun 😉

“There are a few ways you can do this, so the best thing is to talk to Brenda. She is our point person for owners to go to and plan how they want to integrate into CTP. And really the sky is the limit, or at least your imagination.

“We can help you launch your exchange, we can help you promote your exchange, we can help you figure out ways to make it better. The best part about having CTP is the people really are the best in the industry and they give us valuable feedback all the time.”

Click on the screenshot below to read Jon’s full blog post.

Tim Linden blogging about Traffic Exchanges