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Category: Featured Member

Nich Grimshawe plus 1 badge hunt

How’s the hunting going?

It is Day 8 already which means we have reached the second week and there are still lots of badges to be found.

Nick Grimshawe is certainly having a good badge hunt so far and has been using his mailing list of subscribers to promote his badge and also using his badge to promote his mailing list.

Clever eh?

Basically if you are not on his list then you have to join and leave a comment on his Be-Inspired Facebook Page to get the badge.

If you are already on the list then you will have received an email from Nick directing you to his Facebook page to leave a comment and claim his badge.

Nick then checks the comments and sends out the badge code link.

Clever stuff. Simple but clever. Nick’s is badge number 163 if you want to add it to your collection.


I think it would be fair to say that Nick Grimshawe is happy with the initial results of his Plus One Blog Carnival project…and rightly so.

Inspired by Jon’s Plus 1 Success, he set up this spin off program with the intention of getting members of the community involved and taking action.

Jon, Nick and many others will tell you that there can be no results without action.

Those marketers who promise you untold riches from doing nothing other than sitting back on the beach and watching the money pour in are selling an impossible dream.

If you are going to be successful in anything in your life, then you have to take action and start doing things.

Big names in the community including Winter Perkins, Sunny Suggs, Marian Gurowicz, Andrew Stark, Tom Wacker, Serge Cote, Adrian Gurgui and Keith Butterworth all contributed to the project by writing special blog posts for the Plus One Carnival.

Other members of the community participated by leaving comments and were asked to vote for their favorite post – Sunny topped the poll by picking up 56% of the vote.

Here are some other interesting numbers from Nick’s blog carnival…59 comments were received to the blog posts…there were 13,200 hits to the main page and 59,000 XP was awarded to those who left comments on the blog posts.

Community events like this help get everyone who takes part noticed. Getting noticed is a huge part in building up relationships and becoming liked and trusted.

And all these parts together add up to building a business, making sales and putting your online activities to best use.

CTP team Renegades are mourning the loss of one of their most loyal members following the death of much loved team member Agatha Reynecke.

Agatha loved CTP teams, the wider traffic exchange community and the companionship she had found with her Renegades team mates.

She had recently moved to Success Seekers to help former Renegade Janice Campbell establish her new team.

Renegades team leader David McKay said: “Agatha will be very much missed by all who knew her.

“She was a passionate member of the community who loved Renegades and Success Seekers. She was proud in what she was doing for Success Seekers and how the team was growing and proud in her heritage with Renegades.

“This is a great loss for both teams and for the wider traffic exchange community.”

David paid tribute to her on the Renegades team blog saying: “Agatha was warm and sensitive, intelligent and inquisitive, with a great sense of humour.

“She never complained or moaned, she just got on with it and didn’t let anything bother her.”

Read more: Renegades team blog – Sad News

Randy Ritter

Tributes have poured in for Randy Ritter, one of the true gentlemen of the TE industry, after he lost his battle with cancer.

He passed away at his home yesterday morning surrounded by his close family members and his death is a huge loss for the traffic exchange community.

Randy was diagnosed with cancer from a biopsy taken from lumps on his neck but medical staff were initially unable to determine exactly where it had originated.

He was treated with chemotherapy but the cancer was particularly aggressive and the decision was taken to allow him to be looked after at home by a hospice team and his family.

Right up to the end Randy was thinking of others, downplaying the seriousness of his illness and asking others how they were doing.

He was active on Skype, talking to his friends in the community, and on social media he was promoting the programs he believed in and supporting the people with whom he had built up such strong bonds.

Announcing the sad news yestterday, his family said in a statement: “After struggling with a very aggressive cancer the past few months, Dad finally found peace this morning.

“He passed a little after 8am and my Gram and I were there to say goodbye. We are already overwhelmed by an outpouring of love from family and friends near and far.

“We are also incredibly grateful for the amazing care we received from the Gentiva hospice team, especially our angel of a nurse, Amy Porter.”

The go fund me page which had been set up to raise money for Randy’s medical expenses will be taken down soon but a memorial fund will be set up through the funeral home to help with final expenses.

Randy was best known as the owner of Top Flight Traffic and for his inspirational Avenues to Success live webinars where he gave personal development tips and advice.

Yesterday Jon Olson described Avenues to Success as the seminars of the traffic exchange industry which everyone wanted to go to and he is spot on about that.

Randy’s mix of genuinely wanting to help people together with the passion and emotion he poured into every show made Avenues to Success a ‘must attend’ event.

They were certainly emotional events. Sometimes Randy would tell such personal stories about his own personal battles in life with addictions that he would have to fight through the tears as he spoke.

I know many people shed a tear or two right along with him…I know I certainly did and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I remember many late night Skype sessions when I would play virtual golf with Randy, Justin and Bill. Randy put as much energy and passion into his online golf games as he did into everything else he did in life.

We shared a passion for aviation – Randy loved the P51 Mustang aircraft in particular – and was always happy to share videos with me which he had found online.

Randy Ritter with some of  his family members


Jon Olson hosted a special edition of TELive in Randy’s honor yesterday where many members of the community expressed their sadness at his passing and their joy at having known him.

Jon said of Randy: “RIP Randy Ritter One of the good guys in the traffic exchange industry who was the first attendee to ever come and support Traffic Exchange Live so many years ago.

“His Avenues To Success weekly show was the highlight for many week in and week out within the community. He will be missed by so many.”

Marian Gurowicz credited Randy with being the inspiration for her popular Living Wealthy show. She said: “Randy was a big inspiration for me. When I started online, it was with the intent of doing self-development, but I got lost in everything else when I tried to learn about online advertising.

“Randy invited me to be a guest on Avenues to Success and that was the start of the Living Wealthy Show.”

Many tributes also poured in on Facebook and other social media sites.

Ernie Pinard said: “My Heart hurts, Randy was a dear friend and Inspiration to many. My thought’s and prayers go out to all the family and friends that are affected by the loss of this dear dear man.”

William Miller from SurfSkeleton wrote: “RIP Randy, you were a great friend and a fantastic member of the traffic exchange community. Your presence and contributions will truly be missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

Randy’s friend David Martin, who was a regular guest on Avenues to Success, wrote: “…although his battle with cancer was ultimately lost, he fought it on his terms, in his way….I will miss you my friend, our talks about business, personal development, music and most of all when we would ramble on about nothing just “shootin the breeze…”

Scott Rohn said: “Rip Randy, just being able to say we were friends meant a lot to me.

“You were an inspiration to me. Your show Avenues to Success was something I looked forward to every week.

“Now as much as everyone is hurting, we know you are in a better place, and there is no pain for you to deal with anymore. Maybe you can do Avenues to Success for everyone in Heaven. Goodbye my friend, You will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.”

Brenda Broyles said: “Randy now has angels as his wingmen and he is able to fly those airplanes he so loved.

“Randy was the first TE owner that took notice of me when I was new and he even made a phone call to me one night after I had reported a bad site at TFT.

“Scared me to death but he only wanted the thank me for letting him know of the site. He will always be remembered and will always be looking over the TE community. My prayers to the family and we will meet again one day Randy.”

Randy truly left his mark in the traffic exchange industry and was an inspiration to us all. He was never afraid to speak his mind, to be himself and always put others first. He will be sadly missed.

Winter Perkins Stop Drop and Thrive splash page

Working from home is good but there can be one potential problem for those of us who do it.

Sitting in front of the computer all day is not exactly healthy if you don’t take a break from time to time and do some exercise.

You could go swimming, walking, visit the gym, play sports or just take a quick break and do some crunches in the privacy of your own home.

Now can you guess which one of the above options comes with XP?

It is the last one actually thanks to Lucky 13 Too leader Winter Perkins who seems to be on a bit of a mission to get everyone fit.

You are not going to get millions of XP for doing this but you will get some. And also Winter has no way of knowing if you really did your exercise so no cheating. Seriously don’t cheat on this one.

Firstly it is not a cool thing to do and secondly just by doing a little bit of regular exercise could have many long term benefits for your health.

So do your crunches, watch Winter’s video to find out how to claim your XP and sign up to her list to find out what other cool things that she has which might also benefit you right now.


It is always good when something that is done within the community acts as a catalyst for others to take action.

Plus One Success is proving to be a great example of that. People are using the platform in order to actually do something…which is what it is all about.

The latest example is Nick Grimshawe who has launched a Plus One Blog Carnival.

The idea is that it will act as a home for many and varied blog articles, from different people, all related to their  Plus One experiences.

The Carnival page works will include links to the original poster’s blog and there is scope for competitions and prizes along the way.

It is all due to go live on August 12 and if you are interested then you can get your blog post submissions in now.

For all the details about how it works then check out Nick’s blog: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Read All About It: Plus One Blog Carnival.

Nick Grimshawe ON TELive

It is thirsty work appearing on TELive…just ask Nick Grimshawe.

The first non-TE owner guest on Jon’s Tuesday interview slot, he spoke about the training he has offered in CTP.

Essentially it is a training program for a training program and his program – Learn with Nick – has really helped a lot of people understand what CTP is all about and made him a leader within the industry.

He said that he wanted to help other people to use CTP after using it himself and finding that it was an ideal way to get into the online working from home industry.

One of his ‘secrets’ to getting the best out of CTP was ‘never to give up on your referrals’ and to constantly work on building relationships with members of your downline.

He said the biggest stumbling block for people coming online for the first time was coping with the ‘information overload’ which was both overwhelming and confusing.

Nick said the ‘drip feed’ method of allowing people to learn in stages was important to helping people get the basics right and building a strong foundation for their online business.

He said: “It is really important for people to understand what they are doing and to understand what the sites they join actually do.

“People must understand what a traffic exchange or a mailer does first before they can take the next steps and CTP is very good at allowing them to do that without getting overwhelmed.”

If you missed Tuesday’s TELive you can catch up here: Learn With Nick Earn With Nick

Jon Olson and Tony Tezak on TELive

Tuesday’s TELive where Jon interviewed Tony Tezak from Tezak Traffic Power and Lucky 13 was a joy to listen to.

In fact it was so good I would have to say it must be one of the very best TELive shows ever.

I listened to it twice…once when it was live on Tuesday and again before writing this blog post.

It was good because Tony, one of the most knowledgeable people in the TE industry, gave some of the best information that I have ever heard.

Some of what he said must have been uncomfortable for some to listen to, perhaps very uncomfortable indeed at times…but it was information which needed to be said.

If you didn’t watch the show, and you have more than a passing interest in the traffic exchange industry, then I would strongly suggest that you set a side a full hour without interruptions and watch it as soon as you can.

Have a pen and paper to hand to take notes too because there is a lot you can learn from Tuesday’s talk.

Jon later described it as the most important TELive that he had ever done so, that alone, should tell  you that it is some awesome content from one of the most known, experienced, successful and well liked people in the industry.

Find out more including a link to Tuesday’s TELive with Tony Tezak:

The Most Important T.E. Live I’ve Ever Done…

It is always rewarding to see people make really good video splash pages.

It is good beca2use it shows that real thought and effort has been placed into helping ensure that the page is best placed to achieve the desired result.

So when I saw a splash page from CTP member Gary Anderson recently, I saw that it looked to be a very good page indeed.

This is a screenshot of the page in question. If you click on it you will be taken to the actual page with the video on it.

Gary Anderson Kore4 splash page

I guess the first thing to keep in mind is that it looks really great and it is obvious what it is promoting…Kore4 in this case.

There is an opt in form to that Gary can build his list and a video, a really well-made autoplay video, so that he can get his message across and, at the same time, give people the chance to get to know him.

All very well and good. Excellent in fact.

Then I am told that this is Gary’s first attempt at such a page.

That makes an already very impressive page all the more impressive. Very well done sir.


Val's Kore4 Catalog screenshot

Yesterday’s blog post was very long so I will keep this one short and to the point.

I noticed a program the other day which looked really cool.

Hunters leader Valentin Mavrodin has launched his Kore4 Catalog where he highlights Kore4 members and links to come cool sites (including this blog.)

It is certainly well worth checking out.

(I told you this post would be short and to the point!)