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 G’day All From Rob P.,

Warning, Warning, Warning.

Danger, Danger, Danger.

Yes they gave me the keys to this blog so now I am here to take the heat for what is wrong and what is right within  CTP Teams Competitions.

I believe that a lot of the issues that many where having have now been sorted fingers crossed it took a bit but a direct line of conversation with Tim for sure helped. Giving an outsiders perspective  can be an assett at times.

My first aim is establish some guidelines and rules for any further seasons.

My next goal is to make sure that winning teams get some sort of prize. No Not Cash.

So for me to acheive these two things I am looking for input from everyone involved so Team Leaders all the way down to the lowest person in each team.

It is only fair to look at everyones point of view to get a better picture on what people expect and would like to see.

So post your thoughts here or if you are shy or want to say more on QT then PM me at CTP. Click Here To Send A PM

Enjoy the current season and be prepared to hear from me on a regular basis here. I am interested in keeping the team comp’s going but once again it all depends on the feedback I get as I am doing this for no reward but strictly for the CTP Platform which I believe in.

Regards To All

Rob P.



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We started with 16 teams in the playoffs to find the overall champion for Season Three and now we are down to the final two…Lucky 13 and Phoenix.

The first ever play offs for CTP Teams has been not without drama, surprises, a little more drama, shocks and upsets, triumphs, disappointment for some and finally a little more drama.

It is not in question that these two teams played amazingly well so far to make it to the final and how they choose to play over the next 48 hours of competition will determine which one is declared the playoffs champion.

Just from looking at their previous play it is clear that either team is more than capable of winning. I don’t see a clear favorite and an underdog, but instead two very closely matched, capable and confident teams.

I think the winner will be the team that works best as a team, has a strong strategy from the outset and is capable of thinking fast if things don’t work out as they had planned.

Good luck to both teams and let’s watch the drama unfold.


Phoenix snatches playoffs semi final victory against SurfAholics Alpha to make final of CTP TEams season three against Lucky 13

SurfAholics Alpha won all but one week of the entire six month Season Three before crashing out of the playoffs last night in a battle described as ‘beyond epic’ by Jon Olson.

The dramatic departure of the hot favorites came in the dying moments of play when opponents Phoenix unleashed a short but intense barrage of lethal blows in their semi final game.

With the other semi final game showing only token opposition from Uber Surfers, this means that Phoenix will meet Lucky 13 in the final.

Ironically Phoenix won by employing exactly the same tactic which propelled the Ubers into the semi finals…they did nothing of note for 47 hours and then unleashed a torrent of frenzied activity in the final few minutes.

The fact that this technique could work twice in a row in these playoffs was amazing but the fact that it worked against what is the most experienced, successful and savvy team in CTP Teams is almost beyond belief. (more…)

tokens offer bannerWell I hope you are all rested because the quarter finals for the Season Three playoffs are just a few hours away.

This ‘off day’ seems to have flown by and before we know it then it will be back down to the competition.

By way of marking the event Janelle persuaded Justin to offer an amazing deal on tokens – 100 tokens for just $10 and he agreed.

I think he was relieved at not having to pay out his own cash during the first round that he was more than happy to agree.

I am not sure how long the offer will last, so don’t miss out. Tokens are good to have whether you are in the playoffs or not.

So this is the line up for the Quarter Finals:

#1 – SurfAholics – Alpha v #9 – WealthBuilders

#5 – Phoenix v #4 – Renegades

#6 – In To Win v #3 – Lucky 13

#7 – UberSurfers v CSN



Screenshot 2015-10-08 04.48.26One of the downsides to be in a timezone five hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time is that I am usually miss events which happen at midnight in the Eastern US.

It just so happened that the end of the first round playoffs ended at midnight eastern but this is was one event I was determined not to miss.

For a start we have never seen anything as intense as a playoff before and we were also going to have a live blab and a live blog ongoing.

Add to that the instant knockout of half the teams taking part and Justin’s $2,000 from his own pocket at stake then it was sure to be exciting. I was not going to miss this. (more…)

We had no doubt that the playoffs would be an intense competition from the outset but we didn’t realize just how intense it would be.

Teams are working so hard that every point counts. As almost every team found out yesterday just because you are in the lead – even if the lead looks comfortable – that is not enough to guarantee that you will make it through to the quarter finals.

Yesterday we saw that at some points a team was up against its opponent and then at other times it was down.

Different activity patterns and times of players on teams can have a huge impact on that team’s overall performance.

This is proof, if proof was still needed, that every team player has a vital role to play and that every individual player can make a real difference.

So now at 7.47am Eastern on the final day of the first round, things look like this:

First placed SurfAholics Alpha is comfortably in the lead over 16th placed Beginners and Winners. However the totals for the Alphas are relatively low compared with many other teams. I suspect they are pacing themselves at this point. This opens up the possibility of the bottom seeded team pulling out all the stops and trying to sprint to the finish. If this happens it would be very spectacular indeed.

Fahrenheit (8) are behind by 5 billion points to WealthBuilders (9) while Phoenix (5) are about 30 billion points behind Lucky 13 Too (12). So, as of now, the two lower placed teams are in the lead. The competition between these four teams is intense, absolutely intense.

However none of the above are the headline story of the first round…if you have been following the first round live blog then you will know that this honor goes to Renegades (4) and Living Wealthy (13) who have earned 140 billion XP between them in this first round alone.

Renegades are winning by about 20 billion points right now but Living Wealthy has a very good chance of winning this battle – remember that if they do then Living Wealthy will qualify for Justin’s $500 bonus for wiping out a top four team in the first round.

In To Win (6) is leading Easy Team (11) but these two teams have been up and down during the first day so anything could happen here.

Lucky 13 (3) are playing Success Seekers (14) and seem to be adopting the same technique as the Alphas. Lucky 13 is in the lead, not by a huge amount as I suspect this team plans to do enough to win while conserving energy for the later rounds of the contest.

What a story it would be if both the Alphas and Lucky 13 misjudged things and were both knocked out in the first round by much lower ranked teams.

Uber Surfers (7) are leading Dream Team (10) – both teams have made significant advances during the first day of this contest so anything could happen here.

Finally CSN (2) clearly does not believe in the minimalist approach to this opening league. Their favored strategy seems to be to start hard and fast in a bid to totally demoralize their opposition. CSN is currently leading Ultimate Surf Warriors (15) by about 29 billion points.

Not a bad start at all I would say. Let’s see what the rest of today brings.

Rob P Cruisin is the first winner of the internal CTP playoffs rivalry between Tim and Justin.

Tim decided to make our morning TimTech chat live on YouTube and Rob was our first viewer.

Obviously he decided to promote his one million XP offer for anyone who commented on his blog.

And Rob duly commented and revealed that, with bonuses, he had gained 246,000,000 XP.

In the play offs the big story is that Easy Team, who are ranked 11, has opened up a huge early lead over sixth place In To Win.

Similarly 9th place WealthBuilders is ahead of 8th place Fahrenheit.

Good going everyone.


The fantastic 48 hour frenzy of playoff action has commenced and it looks like two additional “teams” have managed to enter into the contest…but more about that later.

Check out the special playoffs zone within CTP – it has its own “Playoffs” tab on the CTP teams page which will take you directly to the ‘Tournament standings” table.

The table makes it super-easy to see what is going on at a glance – scores for teams which are currently winning are shown in green while their opponents’ numbers are shown in red.

It is great to see that all 16 teams are playing hard to progress to the quarter finals and seeing the numbers change is a great spectator sport.

In some positions huge gaps have already opened up while in other spots there is very little between the two teams.

Where the gap is narrow, all players know that it is going to be a long 48 hours and where there is a big gap even the top teams know they don’t have the luxury of taking their foot off the gas.

Officially there are 16 teams in the contest but two more secret “teams” are also doing battle and it is getting very intense indeed.

Team Justin is battling against Team Tim and their aims could not be further apart.

Justin has put up $2,000 of his own money by offering $500 to each of the four bottom teams if they win their first round game.

There is a problem though…he has not told his wife that their personal cash is on the line so he clearly wants the top four teams to win.

Tim has decided to get behind the smaller teams because he wants Justin to pay out and have to explain to his wife what has happened.

He has already written a blog post asking for ideas about how the bottom four can be helped.

This is a twist I didn’t expect.

There will be another playoffs update later today…this is getting fun.