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 G’day All From Rob P.,

Warning, Warning, Warning.

Danger, Danger, Danger.

Yes they gave me the keys to this blog so now I am here to take the heat for what is wrong and what is right within  CTP Teams Competitions.

I believe that a lot of the issues that many where having have now been sorted fingers crossed it took a bit but a direct line of conversation with Tim for sure helped. Giving an outsiders perspective  can be an assett at times.

My first aim is establish some guidelines and rules for any further seasons.

My next goal is to make sure that winning teams get some sort of prize. No Not Cash.

So for me to acheive these two things I am looking for input from everyone involved so Team Leaders all the way down to the lowest person in each team.

It is only fair to look at everyones point of view to get a better picture on what people expect and would like to see.

So post your thoughts here or if you are shy or want to say more on QT then PM me at CTP. Click Here To Send A PM

Enjoy the current season and be prepared to hear from me on a regular basis here. I am interested in keeping the team comp’s going but once again it all depends on the feedback I get as I am doing this for no reward but strictly for the CTP Platform which I believe in.

Regards To All

Rob P.


Season Ends May 8th at 11:59pm EST

Playoffs Begin May 12th @ 12:01am EST

Please note: This post contains crucial information for all team players. be sure to share this with your teammates before May 12th!

The Playoffs are about to begin, it will be tournament based like previous playoffs! Where team 1 faces team 16, team 2 faces team 15 and so on…

We are making sure our promo partners are a HUGE part of these playoffs so this is how we are scoring things;

– All match ups will be CTP XP based!

– The more promos you complete, the more of a multiplier you get for your team!

– You can get a maximum of 15x multiplier (5x for completing the Daily Challenge, 5x for completing 5 Sub Games and 5x for opening 5 Vaults)

– We listened to YOUR concerns and took away the 1 million XP per dollar spent at ListViral. Instead we evened it out across the board and every dollar that is spent from now on is worth 100,000 CTP XP. No matter which TimTech program you purchase at!

Here is the payout schedule for all winning teams…

1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $250
3rd Place – $125
4th Place – $125

And remember, your teams have been winning bonus cash all season long as well!

We hope you enjoy the playoffs and good luck to the Top 16 teams for making it to the tournament!

The craziness starts on May 12th at 12:01am!

Huge Update: The Season Starts At Midnight, April 4th….

Here we go….We’re fired up and ready to rock for Season 6, here’s the rules for the season and some important changes to qualification, scoring and team based play:

SEASON 6 START: April 4th 12am EST



PRIZE POOL: $1000 + $1 each win

Teams are collecting Points

There will be a playoffs like previous seasons, except this time your placement will be based on team points NOT the win loss record. Every day teams can collect points, whether they win or lose the competition for the day the points count towards the playoff placements.

The Point Breakdown

One point will be given for every 3 vault games, 7 sub games, 5 eggs, or 1 million XP collected. The points for the team are based on an aggregate total of all qualified team members. So if a member is qualified and completes 1 vault game, another team member can complete 2 more to score a point for the team.

To Qualify

Every day at 12 AM EST a “new day” begins. To Qualify you must complete Tier 3 of the Daily Challenge plus 3 sub games and 3 vault and key games. Once this happens any XP you’ve earned while unqualified will be released and added to your team total, and any sub games, vaults, or eggs you collect will start to count towards your team.

The Daily Challenge Multiplier

There are 5 tiers to the Daily Challenge. If you complete 1 tier, your vaults will count as one. But if you complete 2 tiers every time you complete a vault you’ll be adding TWO to your team total. Complete all 5 tiers and you are now adding 5 vaults every time you play!

The SwagBucks Multiplier

This seasons’s special multiplier will be sponsored by SwagBucks! It works exactly like the Daily Challenge multiplier except it applies to everyone on your team. Join SwagBucks through our link and we’ll give your team a 5x multiplier…The best thing? It’s 100% free!

To claim your bonus multiplier – Join SwagBucks via our link and then send in a support ticket with your confirmation email. We’ll credit you as soon as we get your information!

The Daily Competitions

Every day you’ll be playing against another team to see who can claim the most points for the day. The team who wins will receive $1 towards their Team Cash, and will score 10 bonus points towards their playoff placements. On Sundays the bonus points will be 10% of the points collected for the day.

Important Changes For This Coming Season – Please Read

We listened to your feedback and changed 3 things for this season, which we think really cements this format for everyone involved….

– To be qualified, we now need to reach Tier 3 of the Daily Challenge instead of Tier 1. This was done to make sure our sponsors and promo partners got huge value from backing our seasons!

– You might ask, why are the End date and Playoff date to be determined? That’s because Tim is working on the schedule to give teams those much needed days off in between their competitions. Some teams didn’t even get a break last season and we need everyone refreshed and firing at 100% every time they are in a competition. As soon as the schedule is set, we’ll get the end dates put up!

– And finally, we heard the issues and agree, stacking bonus claim links for XP isn’t the right way to play the game. So there will be a 24 hour expiry date on all purchases for customers and game players to claim their rewards points that day of purchase. This way, we won’t have teams stacking claim links and claiming them all during the playoffs. We heard you and appreciate your feedback!!!

We hope you guys are as excited as we are for the upcoming season! With these small changes, we hope to cater to even more surfers and promo partners to take CTP Teams to a whole new level….Get ready, we get started April 4th!

Congrats To Your Season 5 Winners.....

Wow, what a great finish to an epic season of CTP Teams…

Congrats to our new champs, the team from Cash Surfing Network!

They put up an amazing display this past weekend and beat SurfAholics Alpha for the crown. Huge congrats to all the teams and players for making this season such a success.

This was the first time in the history of CTP Teams where MOST of the feedback we got was very positive. A lot of the previous seasons got a lot of players upset, so we tried to cater to two groups of folks this season…The surfers and the sponsors!

There are things we will be changing from the awesome feedback of members,but generally we think we’ve hit a sweet spot for the competition.

All feedback is always welcomed!!! We encourage you to respond to the blog, Tweet us, and like us on Facebook!

A huge congrats goes to SurfAholics Alpha as well this past weekend for launching their very own traffic exchange! And this showed us that some folks really do embrace WHY we created the teams in the first place. We wanted like minded people to get together, work towards something every day and then BUILD something for themselves. It’s so awesome to see what the SAA’s did and even though they did not beat out CSN for the title, I consider them huge winners this weekend!

We hope you enjoy the break between seasons and take part in our new Easter Badge Hunt…And get ready, season 6 is right around the corner!!!!

THE FINALSCash Surfing Network vs SurfAholics Alpha

Wow, what a finish!

The semi-finals lived up to their billing as one of the most intense and hard core playoff rounds in CTP history with a record number of CTP XP being generated by all 4 squads…

And when all was said and done…Two remained standing!

Cash Surfing Network dethroned the Champs! Phoenix will not be three-peat but what they have accomplished over the past few seasons have made them a dynasty or sure! Huge congrats to Phoenix for an awesome season but wow…CSH is through to the finals!

Meeting them will be the SurfAholics Alpha team that pioneered the winning attitude in this competition. They took on a valiant and amazing EasyTeam that fell short this time, but we expect to see them rage back even stronger than before…

So there you have it….




The finals start tonight at midnight!


Wow, did you see some of the CTP XP totalled last night?

What a crazy battle and a huge congratulations to the 8 teams that moved onto the second round!

– In one quarter final we have a match up for the ages, as CSN is in tough against Lucky 13. Clash of the Titans anyone? This could prove to be the battle of the playoffs and we will be in for a treat.

– Next up is newcomer Ajay Team versus the mighty Team Phoenix. Ajay is out to prove something but don’t expect Phoenix to hold back because they are new to the second round. A huge battle awaits!

– Also Renegades faces Easy Team in their second round match up, these two teams have become a staple in the CTP Playoffs and let’s see if either of them can push towards a finals showdown!

– And finally, Wealthbuilders are in super tough against SurfAholics Alpha. No rest for either of these teams as they both put up absolutely massive XP in their first round match ups.

Good luck to everyone and may the best team win….Round 2 starts tonight at midnight eastern!


And here we go…..

The first round of Season 5 Playoffs is under way and the teams are rocking out of the gate already…


Some early favored teams to win Round 1 are clearly in the lead…But it’s early and ANYONE can take home a spot in the second round…

– We see CSN well ahead of the Journeyers who are in tough in the first round match up. Can the 16th seed take on the mighty CSN?

– Ubers and Lucky 13 could be the match up of the first round. While both teams have a very successful history, we’ll see if this match up lives up to the billing!

– Ajay Team is a team on the rise! They are up against Surfaholics Bravo which is sure to be a tough match up!

– Phoenix! The two time defending champ is really in for an intense battle with In To Win. Both of these teams have a lot to play for…We’ll see how this turns out soon..

– Renegades finds themselves in a head to head battle with Ultimate Surf Warriors…Renegades, with an early advantage!

– Easy Team is up against AdKreator. Let’s see if Barb can rally her troops because they are going against a very focused group with a lot on the line…

– Beginners and Winners are leading versus WealthBuilders in this first round. Can Evelyn Kramer get her team to the levels we saw in previous playoffs?

– And finally Surfaholics Alpha (who Jon i spicking to win it all) is ahead of Success Seekers so far in the match up. Will they get through to the second round?

This is always the most fun of the season, these first few rounds and so far everything has been running smoothly!

Be sure to note: You get 100,000 CTP XP for every dollar spent at TimTech sites during the entire playoffs so use this strategically! NUGGET: This included ALL purchases for the upcoming Badge Hunt as well! As well as all the bonuses you can earn for your team through surfing…It’s an open game for anyone to take!

Good luck to everyone…Let’s have some fun!

The Playoffs BeginMarch 3rd

Here we go…..Are you ready???

Here’s some sneaky tips and tricks to get your teams a higher seed over the next day or so as well as some strategies to win your first round match ups;

1. The Game Changer: Grab Your 10x Multiplier at eHost – Simply put, this could be the best $2.75 you will ever spend! Here’s why…Not only do you get your team a massive 10x multiplier for the entire season, but you also get your very own hosting account. As we move into 2016, you are going to see a lot more content and articles from TimTech about blogging and why it’s important…Here’s your hub and home base! Grabbing a hosting account at eHost will set you up with a one click install for your very own blog. Are you serious about success? A hosting account is a must!

2. Kore4 For More – This s a no brainer for the bonuses alone, but let’s break it down and see why you owe it to yourself, to Kore4 your account today! We’ve paid out over $206,000 in commissions at ClickTrackProfit alone and a huge chunk of that has gone directly to Kore4 members. You already know about all the bonuses and upgrades you get for your team, but this is an evergreen upgrade and something you will fall in love with, each month. Take a dive in 2016 and invest in a Kore4 upgrade and get the top levels in CTP, I Love Hits, StartXchange, ThumbVu and Sweeva!

3. Plan Your Attack As A Team – Communication is key! Every season we see the last second wins from the teams that WORK together! There is some huge strategy that goes into the planning for playoff match up, and when you start creating these game plans with your teams you all have a common goal. Roll up your sleeves, and start getting your plan in action!

4. Support The Promo Partners, They Are Supporting You – Our promo partners are critical to the success of each and every season, and during the playoffs it’s no different. These hard working traffic exchange owners are THE BEST in the business, it doesn’t even compare. So when you are taking part in the promo at their traffic exchange, support them. Come back to them! Upgrade in a program you really enjoy. But most of all, let the owners know they are appreciated! A little gratitude goes a long way! I’m serious…THANK the sponsors 🙂

5. This Is Supposed To Be Fun…Enjoy & Embrace It – Do you know who seems to enjoy their time with CTP Teams the most? The winners each season? The people with the most XP? The one who spends the most or surfs the most? Nope! It’s the individuals that absolutely thrive in a team environment. You see, this was built for one purpose, and that’s to get like minded people together. We ca achieve so much more when we work together, so embrace it and get to know your fellow team mates…You never know who you may meet in the trenches 🙂

The season has been a lot of fun, but you guys know what we are really playing for!!!! It’s the PLAYOFFS BABY!!!!! Let’s rock this and have a ton of fun!

I have nothing ground breaking or profound to say. Nothing I am about to say will change the way you do business unless you take what I have to say and do something with it. What I am going to tell you is what CTP Teams has done for me since I started 2.5 seasons ago.

I’ve known about CTP for a couple of years now, roughly. I was like many people who joined and never really did anything with it. I had no direction or clue as to what I was going to do with CTP. Then I decided to click a link that I had received in my email everyday. That link led me to Jon Olson’s daily webinar. After watching that webinar, I knew exactly what I needed to do and that was to get involved with CTP in every way I could. From that day on I was hooked.

I already had my two TE’s, so I ordered badges and started doing promo’s. I hadn’t yet joined a team because the season was already going on, so I decided to wait till the beginning of the next season, which was Season 3. I joined Season 3 and will tell you that it wasn’t the shinning moment I expected it to be, but I wasn’t going to let that get me down. I need to find a team that would work.

For Season 4 I joined The Cash Surfing Network. When I joined I knew pretty much that day that this was going to be my home for a while. The team members are some of the best that I have had the chance to meet. They do their share and don’t complain, much…

Now when I set out to join a team, I did it because it was a chance to network with other like minded people. I am in a constant state of building my brand, my traffic exchanges. With Season 5 starting I knew with the new format that was coming there would be a lot of surfing going on. So getting my Te’s into the promos was a must. Doing so has had a huge payoff, I have picked up so many new members who are taking the OTO’s and Upgrades.

The surfing that is required has allowed me to advertise in some sites that I had not known about or had not joined. I must say that some of the sites that have participated in the promos have been a little challenging. While I applaud them for taking the chance and doing a promo, some of the sites need to see what the bigger sites are doing and implement some changes. If you know you have a promo starting at midnight, then make sure your site is all set and ready to go. Surfers are an impatient bunch. If they can’t claim what they are supposed to claim, it’s going to make your site look bad.

Those of you who are owners of a TE and do not take advantage of the promos, you are losing out. Don’t worry about the $20 or $50 it costs you to get in, it will put your TE is the spotlight, which will more than payback that initial cost. At one point I could relate to the hesitation, but not any longer. I don’t think about the money it cost to get a promo. I think about how much I am going to benefit for doing the promo.

I am also a competitive person, the competition aspect is fun for me. It also gives me a chance to talk a little smack with the other teams. It’s fun to hangout in the late night blab’s with your teammates while surfing. I personally like the current format CTP Teams has taken.

During these 2.5 seasons that I have been a part of has made the daily grind a little less of a daily grind. I thoroughly enjoy my team and hope to keep this thing we call CTP Teams going. The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my team.


Shon Jimenez
Skype: shon.jimenez