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Category: Competitive League

First of all today…an apology.

In yesterday’s blog post I said there were only three unbeaten teams remaining this season…but I was wrong. There were, and still are four.

The four teams are:

1 Lucky 13 6 0 1.000 6-0 6W 19.7B
2 ~ Easy Team 6 0 1.000 0 6-0 6W 1.6B
3 Renegades 5 0 1.000 0.5 5-0 5W 100.5B
4 Living Wealthy 5 0 1.000 0.5 5-0 5W 1B

Given the high level of competition this season to have won all your games is an amazing performance to well done to all those teams in setting such high standards of competitiveness.

Yesterday was another interesting day. By far the easiest match was the sub game contest for Living Wealthy where their opponents failed to show up.

An interesting point to this match is that the score was 24-0 which shows that Living Wealthy played the game as if they had real competition and this is a great attitude. It is the same in business – if your competition make things tough for you then you will have to play harder and if they make it easy for you then you can either sit back and do nothing or reap the extra rewards that are on offer.

Still with sub games, the closest game yesterday was the Affiliate Prosperity win over AdKreator where they won by just one sub game – it doesn’t get any closer than that.

Ultimate Surf Warriors did well collecting badges yesterday but they were out paced by In To Win and while Success Seekers opened a lot of vaults it was Phoenix who were the best safe crackers of the day.

Easy Team continued its unbeaten run on the vaults challenge, Lucky 13 smashed the XP collecting challenge (they really smashed it) and Beginners and Winners  also proved very worthy XP collecting winners during yesterday’s challenge.

Yesterday’s Results:

Lucky 13 Too 4 ~ Easy Team 157 Complete the most Vaults! 2015-11-03
In To Win 1865 Ultimate Surf Warriors 1449 Collect the most Badges! 2015-11-03
Adkreator 17 Affiliate Prosperity 18 Complete the most SubGames! 2015-11-03
Dark Clickers 550926 Lucky 13 1457853873 Collect the most XP! 2015-11-03
Success Seekers 58 Phoenix 94 Complete the most Vaults! 2015-11-03
BEGINNERS and WINNERS 49508631 TEAM GREEN 523752 Collect the most XP! 2015-11-03
Living Wealthy 24 The Badge Seekers 0 Complete the most SubGames! 2015-11-03


We had a look at the Premier League a moment ago so let’s do the same for the Competitive League…this time at 11am Eastern.

However as there are far more teams in this league and the data spread is very large we will display the data over three separate graphs.

This time we will use OnlineChartTool.com to draw the graphs.

This is how the top 15 teams are currently spread out…

Top 15 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014The bottom five teams in this graph are pretty much all on a level, there is a step up with just two teams on the next level,four on the next and then big points differences between the top four teams.

Let’s look at the middle 15 teams next:

Middle 15 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014

Here we see that there are bigger step changes between the teams with a relatively gentle climb up the graph until you get to the top four teams and then the climb gets quite steep.

Finally let’s take look at the teams which are currently at the bottom of the Competitive League.

Bottom 22 CTP Teams Competitive League 10am Eastern on Sunday December 28, 2014

This table neatly breaks up into three main sections. There is the bottom section where the last eight teams have no points at all. The next six teams fall into a middle block of their own and the teams towards the right hand side of the graph are all climbing at a decent rate.

one billion

We now have two teams in the contest that broken the one billion barrier – Lucky 13 and SurfAholics Alpha.

These two teams have first and second places between them in the Premier League and have really pulled away quite dramatically from the rest of the competition.

Uber Surfers and The Strays are battling for third spot while Dream Team, Surf To Earn and Hunters are struggling this week.

CTP Teams Premier League on Sepbember 19 2014

It is another week where things have not moved too much – the top seven teams are the same top seven teams as last week.

Looking at the Competitive League it can be seen that Empower World Team has broken away from everyone else while Kore4 and those SurfAholic Bravos should have done enough to get back to the premiership.

An interesting side note is that the Empower and Bravo teams are both relatively small right now – with 15 and 11 members respectively so it is especially well done to them.

Competitive League as of September 19 2014

CTP Teams Premier League standings as of 080914

When it comes to making waves in CTP Teams then then can hardly be a team making a bigger splash right now than Walter Mulder’s Uber Surfers.

The team was created in the middle of a week, entered the Premier League at the first opportunity, quickly rose to challenge for the top three and today is sitting at the very top of the league.

Talk about all guns blazing, the Uber Surfers are a team on a mission and is proving to be formidable opposition for even the very best of the most established teams.

Had it not been for such strong competition from the Uber Surfers (first) and Lucky13 (second) then SurfAholics Alpha might be celebrating a record seven straight wins today but that was not to be.

As predicted CTP Masters, Surf Lovers and Bonz Brigade all made it back to the Premiership while their places were taken by Dream Team, Kore4 and Hunters.

Once again with the start of yet another new week, good luck to everyone taking part in CTP Teams.

And if you are thinking of creating another “New Team in Town” then Uber Surfers have demonstrated that it is very possible to come from nowhere and make a huge impact.

Uber Surfers New Team In Town Splashpage

After SurfAholics Alpha lost three key members last week there were some who were convinced their iron grip on the Premiership would weaken.

Some felt sure Tom Wacker’s Lucky 13, which took two of their players, would end up easily winning the week while Walter Mulder was going all out to ensure that his Uber Surfers finished first.

For whatever reason Lucky 13 were unable to launch a major challenge this week and they finished third, a very credible third a long way ahead of their nearest rivals The Strays (fourth) and Cash Surfing Network (fifth.)

It was Uber Surfers which provided the biggest challenge this week as they climbed from third to second spot and then worked doggedly to reduce the gap between them and the Alphas.

Their patience paid off late on Sunday night as they overtook their rivals with just a few hours to go and then slowly increased their lead. From the outside it looked as though the Uber Surfers could do the impossible…rise to the top of the Premier League in their first week of trying.

They actually almost did it but the Alphas are a team which thrives under pressure and they dug deep to regain the lead and keep it to secure victory for another week.

It was a close run thing though and the determination of these three top teams really does set them apart from the rest.

However looking further down the table the five teams immediately below the top three – The Strays, Cash Surfing Network, Kore4, Empower World Team and CTP Renegades – have all shown themselves to be consistently strong and it would not take them too much effort for them to mount a serious challenge for the top three slots.

Empower World Team came up from the Competitive League and on current form they should be able to stay up without too much trouble. Hunters made it to the Premier League for the first time this week also and this will be their first real test to see if they have what it takes to stay there. They have a strong leader in Valentin Mavrodin but he will  have to work hard to bring out the best in his new team.

It is the start of a new week and a new month at CTP teams so good luck to everybody.

I don’t have the latest monthly team data available just yet but as soon as I do I will post that on here.



Earlier in the week I was surfing some of the Tim Tech traffic exchanges and I noticed that Walter and Val were both in the chats talking about their new teams…so that gave me an idea.

I said that if they got any new recruits to Uber Surfers or Hunters during the hour I was surfing then I would feature them on this blog…they did and so I am making good on my promise here.

CTP chat challenge to Walter and Val

Within minutes people in the chat were asking both leaders ab0ut their teams and the following people signed up…


Sylvester Kouadio joined Val’s team and is already on third place in the pack of hunters.

New Hunter Sylvester is already in third place on team

Uber Surfers:

Kendra Morgan and Lori Sivage joined Walter’s team and they are in second and seventh places on the team respectively.

New members for Walter's Uber Surfers Screenshot 2014-08-23 19.00.37

This is the screenshot of the first sign up…

my signup challenge in CTP Chat for Val and Walter's new teams

So well done to both teams and to the new members who joined as the result of the team leaders being active in CTP chat. Let’s see what great things you guys get up to next.



Yesterday I wrote how many points, on average, each team member in the top ten teams of the Premier League was earning.

Today I thought it would be interesting to repeat the experiment for the top ten teams in the Competitive League and this is what I found.

Competitive League top ten teams as of wednesday august 20 2014

The above screenshot was taken at about 1pm Eastern yesterday (about the same time as the screenshot was taken for the Premier League post.

We can use the information above to find out, on average, how many points each member is adding to the team total viz:

  1. Surf Lovers – 25 members – 20 m points – 320,000 points per member per day.
  2. Dream Team – 23 members – 16 m points – 278,000 points per member per day.
  3. CTP Masters – 25 members – 14 m points – 224,000 points per member per day.
  4. TE Racing League – 24 members – 13 m points – 217,000 points per member per day.
  5. Plus One Everyday – 17 members – 8 m points – 188,000 points per member per day.
  6. Dr Kelps Racers – 21 members – 6 m points – 114,000 points per member per day.
  7. Wake Up Now – 25 members – 5 m points – 80,000 points per member per day.
  8. Beginners and Team Members – 25 members – 5 m points – 80,000 points per member per day.
  9. WealthBuilders – 16 members – 4 m points – 100,000 points per member per day.
  10. Hunters – 19 members – 3 m points – 63,000 points per member per day.

I hope that has proved an interesting look at the kinds of numbers that are required to keep the teams at either the top of the Premier League (yesterday’s post) and at the top of the Competitive League.

Obviously there will be variation within teams, not everyone will do an equal amount of work as everyone else, so some people may add more points than the average amount and others may add less.

At the end of the day it all works well with team work where each member of a team has a role to play and a task to perform.

As we head towards the end of another week at CTP Teams, we see strategies continuing to evolve and improve.

Team rivalry is one of the newest of the emerging strategies and it is somewhat divided opinion.

Basically I feel that if people do what The Strays and Lucky 13 are doing in their tongue-in-cheek videos poking gentle fun at each other, then we won’t go far wrong.

There is humor, fun and amazing creativity found in these pages and I really look forward to see how this develops, especially as more and more teams use the same technique too.

CTP Teams Premier League July 25 2014

Ok so right now we can see that The Strays are currently top with SurfAholics Alpha and Empower World Team both battling strongly to topple them. Currently the Alphas are slightly ahead, but only slightly. And, of course, Alpha team leader Matt is on holiday right now so  how will they cope without him?

Last week’s winners Lucky 13 are down to fourth place so they will need much more than look to challenge to the top. Never rule them out though.

Interestingly the three teams who went up a league this week all look like going back down as things stand right now.  The C.T.P Renegades and Plus one everyday are in most danger of going down but SurfAholics Bravo could certainly move up…but would have to start working hard right now.

It is a similar story in the competitive league with the top two teams well placed to go up and any team from position three to seven could join them without too much difficulty.

Whatever your position is and whatever your team is though, have fun and have a great weekend.


CTP Teams massive lead for The Strays

Ok so it looks like The Strays have already won this week’s competition because I can’t see anyone catching them now. The gap between them and second placed SurfAholics – Alpha is 320 million points. Yep! 320 million. We have never seen the likes of it before.

At one point they had three people upgrade to Kore4 and then four and all the time their recruitment drive has gone until they have now filled their team – 25 homeless cats have been taken off the streets and all but three of them are Kore4 members. So although not one of their stated goals, The Strays are in a very strong position to be the first all Kore4 team in CTP Teams.

Alphas and Lucky 13 will continue to battle for second place while Dream Team, SurfAholics Bravo and Crazy Cats People are all battling to avoid relegation.

CTP Teams - Competitive League

Meanwhile in the Competitive League it looks like Bonz Brigade won’t have too much trouble moving back up a league. Currently C.T.P Renegades and Dr Kelps Racers look like joining them but this is far from settled. Lions and Wake Up Now are really close and it would not take much to see them go up this week.

But this week’s big news is the cats. Who would have thought that former teammates would be at the top and bottom of the Premier League? You guys sure do keep things interesting around here.


Today I have set myself what might be a difficult challenge…I am going to write a blog post here without once mentioning SurfAholics Alpha. OK well it seems like I have failed that challenge already so let’s move on.

When I logged into CTP this morning the thing which really caught my eye was the ongoing battle between Lucky 13 and those Crazy Cats People.

Here is what I mean…

Cats and Lucky 13 battle

Lucky 13 and Cats battle

I noticed that Lucky 13 was in the lead but by the narrowest of margins as the top screengrab shows…so I refreshed the page and found that the cats had woken up (cats spend 80 per cent of their time sleeping, is something I once read) and took the lead, again by the narrowest of margins.

Lucky 13 team leader Tom Wacker said:

“It’s a genuine fight.  Crazy Cats punches, and we try to counter.  We punch and they try to counter. Fortunately, Lucky 13 is also better in the clinch.”

Cats leader Nathan LaPlante said:

“Of course we can beat Tom’s team.”

There is lots of activity in the Competitive League too where there is an even closer margin between 13th placed Stinkin Badge Owners and 14th placed the BEGINNERS and TEAM Members as they are separated by just 3,300 points.