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Author: Tom Wacker

Well, we are halfway to the end of season 4, and it’s time for the Mid Season All Stars.

Many of these can be seen on the leader’s page, but not all of them. There are some specialists on this list, but for the most part I tried to keep it to people that really helped their team.

Once again, this is a subjective list from Mr. Subjective himself. Please feel free to put your own nominees in the comments section.

Any All Star list has to start with Rosy DiLuca. If we had a captain it would be Rosy. She’s just a better surfer than everybody else. She leads 3 categories.

From here on, the players will be listed in order of their teams standing as of Monday morning. No other order is implied.

Lucky 13 has a new leader this season, and Boris Petrivevic is leading them. Renee Fay is way up the leader board and Thomas Rasmussen has good all around numbers.

Renegades members Georgia Stewart, Thomas Sheets and Norbert Ladner have a great spectrum of help for the team.

SurfAholicsAlpha has Ole Rasmussen and Gary Schmitt right at the top for a reason. Those are some huge numbers they have put up, and make SAA a potent foe in every duel.

Though they don’t have the most XP on the UberSurfers, Colleen Fitten and Robert Young have big time participation numbers that will translate real well to many of the contests.

Easy team leader Debra Chism is an all star as is Mark Manypenny. Mark has the only perfect score in the Daily Challenge column at the halfway point.

Cash Surfing Network gives us Scott Rohn and Ken Locatelli who both have outstanding numbers other than XP.

Mary Ervin-Barett and Kathy Javellonar have great mid season form for Ultimate Surf Warriors.

Tim Hansen and Evelyn Kramer are carrying the freight for the WealthBuilders.

Karen Kuty, Javier Godoy, Vicki Osgood-Whatley, Kevin Cron. Dualberto Brito and Debra Gaylor round out this all star team.

Who did I miss? Who shouldn’t be? Let me know how you feel about these choices.

Half the playoff teams are eliminated and the All Star List gets smaller also.  These are the players that propelled their teams whether they won or lost.

This list is based strictly on my perception of the Quarterfinal contest.  These players are the ones that, in my perception, stepped up big for their team at a critical time.

Listed In The Order of my Scattered Notes:

Gary Schmitt

Randy Sult

Rosy DiLuca

Robert Young

Eric Goettman

Bill Darton

Thomas Sheets

Evelyn Kramer

Stephan Berg

Suzanne Howarth

Boris Petricevic

Sig Skeie.

The last list was primarily based on points.  On this list, I tried to project the players that stepped up and provided a spark for their teams and spurred them to greater effort.

There is no doubt that I missed some.  More than a few.  I would be very interested to see who you think should have been put on this All Star List.  Go ahead and use the comment section to explain just how stupid I really am:)

So here we go.  The first ever TimTech all playoffs All-Star Team.

The criteria for inclusion on this team is simple.  Those that scored the most got the biggest consideration.  Even more important was nomination by a team member or team leader.  The highest tribute is a nomination from an opponent.

Starting Line Up

These players were all nominated for the honor by their compatriots.

Listed in order of the way they are listed:

Aaron Green, Rob Paris, Linda Mayer, Chauncey Penfold and Evelyn Kramer.  Mona LaSala, Tim Hansen, Scott Rohn and Kathy Dyer.

Bench Players

Ben Frazier, Norbert Laudner, Marian Gurowicz and David McKay.  Tom Rasmussen, Leone Marizano, and Suzanne Howarth.


Maya van Doorn, Mihai Razuan Stotica, and Debra Chism.  Winter Perkins, Nick Grimshawe, Gary Calvert II, Randy Sult and Barbara Romming.

These are the people that drove an incredible competition that was the first round of the Playoff season.  In honor of their contributions the will receive a special badge specifically for the All Star team and never to be seen again.  Thanks to Bill Gorsci for the badges.

Any disagreements?  I fully expect some.  Please use the comment section to explain to me the error of my ways.

I’m just sayin’


Special Bonus Coverage at no Extra Charge

We all know that I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed.  I was utterly convinced that the Plus 1 Badge Hunt ended at midnight last.  Guess what?  It is really midnight tonight!

We will award over 16,000 badges.  A great number.

HINT:  Be on the lookout for ‘last day’ badge specials.  More than a couple people will change their requirements right at the end.  I know there is one at SeaLife Hits.

You have got to know that the Legacy team would be in the badge hunt.  They are specialists at leverage and are not going to miss this chance.  Some of the Legacy badges are surf requirements and some are “buy” badges.  Like I said earlier. it just never hurts to ask people to buy from you. Particularly when you have something good to give them.

Ben Frazier is another savvy TE owner that knows the value of leverage.  He has surf requirements at Tower Traffic and Advertising Maximizer as well as list building components. This isn’t Ben’s first rodeo, he is another guy that you could pattern your business after.

So now it’s really over.  This is an incredibly exciting time for TimTech and our friends.  The Plus 1 Badge Hunt finish coincides with the first round of playoffs.  What a swirl that has caused in the space time continuum.

It’s been real, it’s been fun.  I’m sure you haven’t heard the last of me.

I’m just sayin’

The last gasp, the fat lady sings, it’s all over but the shoutin’.

This is the very last update to the Plus 1 Badge Hunt.  It absolutely ends tonight at midnight EDT.

By any measure, it has been a success.  15,000 plus badges awarded.  Multiple badges given away over 400 times.  Literally thousands of new players exposed to the game.

I really expect a big rush to the finish on total badges.  I just have the feeling that several CTP teams have ‘delayed’ claiming badges until the playoffs began.

I have some hard numbers on my badge, number 161.  As of right this minute I have given away 176 badges that resulted in 108 NEW signups on my blog list.  That is the absolute most ‘bang for the buck’ of any advertising I have done this year.  And these are brand new subscribers to a list that has been around for several years.

Old friends like John Novak, Tony Tezak, William Miller, Jerry Ianucci, Andrew Stark and Renee Vorbach once again used the Plus 1 Badge Hunt to great success.  Newer faces like Doug Roehrig,  Kris Rogers, Leone Marziano, Susan Howarth, Thomas Sheets and Tim Hanson just clobbered this badge hunt.

It’s been a good run, for the hunters and the holders.

I’m guessing we will do it again sometime:)

I’m just sayin’

Plus 1 Badge Hunt has this update and one more and then it is done!  It’s almost the end and still there is a certain frenzy at the badges.  I really think there is some serious badge collection to be done.  Why?

Because CTP teams season 3 ended at midnight.  The playoffs for season 3 begin at midnight tonight (Monday).  How many savvy teams have qualified for badges and not collected them?  I’ll bet there are way more than a few in this category and that we will see a big uptick in badges awarded on the first day of the playoffs.

Which isn’t to say that the Plus 1 Badge Hunt hasn’t been a roaring success so far.  It has seen very near 14,000 badges awarded already, and more than 36 hours to go.

Remember that there are 75 people that are jockeying for position and the possibility for a prize.  I expect that list to change significantly before the end.

I always like to see what successful people do, and to pattern my business after them.  One of the very successful people in our sphere is Eric Goettman.  His 5 badges have two that are ‘sign up’ badges for business’ that Eric owns.  The other 3 are simple ‘buy anything from XXX site’ badges.

It just doesn’t hurt to ask people for a sale.  Eric has good TEs and with the 3 sale badges he gives you and I an incentive to purchase credits at his sites.  The nugget?  Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to buy.

I sweet guarantee that you will make way more money if you actually ask people to buy.

I’m just sayin’

I always like new stuff.  And far as I know, nobody has ever done this before:  http://clicktrackprofit.com/reloaded/spoturl.php

Yep.  Dr. Adel Elassy has his badge in the members spotlight at CTP.  What does that mean?  Only that every single member that logs in today will get a good look at his badge and the requirements to get it.

It certainly doesn’t hurt a thing that Dr. Elassy has a great montage to get your attention ‘above the fold’ for this.  In fact, at the risk of sounding British, it’s brilliant!

Speaking of brilliant, our friend William Miller has done a great job of setting his clues and actions.  Again.

First off, you have to log into Surf Skeleton or Traffic Pharaoh to even see the pop up to get to his badges.  If you aren’t a member of either site you have to sign up.

Then you have to click the pop up to get to the clues.  You are FORCED to play a game to qualify for any one of the badges (Really Boss.  I was doing research for a blog post) and if you don’t win, you have a number of pages to surf to qualify for the badge.

Each badge is only available for 3 days.  You have to come back 5 times to win them all.

Or you could just buy all William’s badges and be done with it.


It’s the word of the day, and William certainly fits it!

I’m just sayin’


So.  Every badge is created equal right?  Not so much.

There are 180 badges that are all more or less the same, but badge number 046 is special.  Brought to you by Sig Skeie and his cruising buddy Rob P, the formerly humble badge #46 is now the premier badge in the hunt.

It’s easy to get, just donate $5.00 to the TE Cares Clean Water program.  Your donation will ensure that people get clean water to drink and cook and bathe in.  Water is not a luxury in life, it is a necessity.

Clean Water is a bona fide charity and 100% of the donations go directly to the water project.  So far badge #46 has raised over $1000 for clean water.  It’s simply the best badge you can claim.  Let’s see if we can’t push it over $2000!

An old friend is in 4th place overall in number of badges awarded.  Tony Tezak, badge number 102. What is remarkable about that?  Well, Tony is one of the most astute businessmen in this part of the world and if he’s leveraging badges they simply must work.

A person could do a lot worse than just patterning his business by doing exactly what Mr. T does.  I’m not saying copy him, just do what he does.

Oh, okay.  I’m saying copy Tony.  Build a list, communicate with your list, and don’t be afraid to sell to them every now and again.  See what happens.

I’m just sayin’


The Plus 1 Badge Hunt marks a departure for us, and it is plainly showing in the badge totals and badge holders.

Some of you may not know that in some of the previous hunts I counted every badge every day in order keep everyone informed and up to speed.  It is considerably easier now that TimTech does the counting and sorting for us.

The badge hunters have changed some.  I see lots of new faces claiming badges and lots of new names on the list of people that will get paid for being in the top 75.  When there was only one prize (and often only one winner) there were a fairly small group of people that I noticed every day.  Now I see a much larger group.

News Flash:  Elina Balashova will not be the top badge claimer this hunt.  For those that don’t know, Elina won the first 4 badge hunt titles.  She has grown from monster surfer to owning SunshineSurfClub and giving out badges for surfing her site.

A year ago, almost nobody knew who Thomas Sheets was.  Just another face in the crowd.  Now he owns 4 TEs and is one of the people that really gets the leverage that is available by using the badge hunt and promos to grow his product.  Another person that has taken action and gone in way over his head.  And not only survived but is starting to thrive.

Who knew Susan Howarth a year ago?  Kris Rogers?  Leone Marzino?  Just goes to show that you can step out from the crowd.

The point of all this is that each and every one of us can do it.  I can do it, you can do it.  It takes hard work and dedication every day, but the growth potential in this business is just amazing.  It can start by getting more badges than you ever thought possible.  What are you waiting for?  The world awaits!


I’m just sayin’

Hey.  Is that music I hear?  I believe I can hear the Rolling Stones with Sympathy for the Devil.  How could that possibly get into the Plus 1 Badge Hunt Update?  It’s a mystery.

This is clearly a different sort of badge hunt.  Maybe it’s people in the Plus 1 mode, maybe it is the different prize structure, but things are clearly different this time around.

I’m going to talk some numbers.

The number of players that are going to cash in on this hunt.  75  It’s an impressive list, and a lot of room left for anyone to get to the top 75.  

11,246 badges delivered and if my math is correct we are at the start of day 9.  Way over 1000 badges per day, which is always the hallmark of a successful badge hunt.

It seems that Douglas Rohrig has the top three badges awarded so far this contest, led by badge #108 that he’s given out 336 times.  And to make it even better, it has a numbers clue.  Prime numbers, even.

180 total badges to be given this time around.  The total is smaller than we have seen in past hunts, but more players seem to indicate more badges awarded.  Who would have thought?

Zero.  The number of badges given by the people that haven’t posted their clues yet.  What’s up with that?  Cumon, Man!

One.  Me.   I am honored to be able to write this update post.  Thanks to Patrick and the masters at Tim Tech for letting me play.

I’m just sayin’