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Sweeva Surf Party Pages Which Packed A Punch (ii)

Sweeva Surf Party Pages Which Packed A Punch (ii)

Right, so here isย  the final batch of Sweeva Surf Party pages that I had highlighted from yesterday.

For this first page I need your help. It stood out because I don’t have the slightest idea what it means.

Last week you managed to solve the “And he eats” mystery so this week can anyone from Lucky 13 tell me what this is all about please?

Lucky 13 is one also splashpage

You can’t beat a bit of friendly rivalry between teams and this is how Lucky 13 did it at the surf party. It was just a pity that the Alphas and the kitty cats decided to stay at home for the most part last night.

Lucky 13 dream splash page

There were no such problems with this splash page from Boris…pretty much speaks for itself and it is funny too. It just happens to feature pictures of me and Jon AND also promotes this blog but that is clearly not why I am highlighting it.

Jon and Patrick splash page from Boris

This splash page from Rip is great because it is just nuts…

Just nuts squeeze page from Rip

This one is great because you can’t fail to take notice of it. A very well designed page indeed.

TE Racing League team surf splash page

And finally your guess is as good as mine as to who could have possibly bid 5,000 credits to show a picture of his lawn…

grass lawn

25 responses to “Sweeva Surf Party Pages Which Packed A Punch (ii)”

  1. Haha Classic Tim Linden splash

  2. Yep..Walter lol …its Tim wasting credits and branding

  3. I guess Tim thinks we should all find rest and relaxation on his lawn. He’s more than welcome to come over and take care of mine.

  4. Tom Wacker says:

    Uhhmmmm. The top one seems to me to be a little slap at Legacy. My speculation is “Lucky 13 is a team, but our individuals compete at the individual level” would be a fair translation:)

    Tim and his grass is so funny on more than one level. He must have really needed the XP for his team.

    The rest all speak for themselves. Way creative, a great job by all the participants.

  5. Georgia says:

    Excellent splash pages. Tim’s lawn looks very relaxing – or is he asking for someone to come mow it?

  6. Stephen Whittle says:

    Nice to see Tim chime in on the Sweeva Surf party!

  7. Doesn’t everyone just love photos of grass. Of course if you weren’t looking at Tim’s pix and said yes you are probably from Colorado!

  8. Charlotte says:

    Very creative splashes. WTG

  9. I liked the page with the Lawn.

  10. Lynn M says:

    OMG I missed the lawn in real time somehow. Lawn Wars 2014 continues to be alive and well!

    Though of late I have only seen entries from Tim and none from Justin and been a while since I saw a pic of Larry’s lawn.

    I must say I am half tempted to pay Larry to encourage my Brian to participate in Lawn Wars 2015 just so I can get my yard mowed on a regular basis next year. I figured if he is peer pressured into submitting lawn photos on a regular basis it might insure I’m not waiting weeks to see mine mowed! LOL

  11. I absolutely love the creative side that people show during the Sweeva Surf Party, there are a whole lot of very talented people associated with CTP.

  12. There was also a money tree in that last picture or some tree where something strange was growing in at least. But i do not see it on that last picture again only a prat of the grass. ๐Ÿ™

    • Patrick Griffin says:

      Wow how observant. You are quite right.
      The original picture was a portrait view so it was not wide enough.
      I cropped it just to show grass on the version shown above.

  13. Wendy says:

    Tim’s splash works. Everybody is talking about his work. ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Ken Wolff says:

    Awesome pages even the lawn that could use a trimming! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Sig says:

    More goodies….and thats Tims Lawn ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Nice job everyone that got there ads shown on the sweeva party the bid was up to 12000 lol

  17. Raj G says:


    Very Innovative and professional pages…


  18. Lots of talented people out there!

  19. steven schofield says:

    Tim’s splash page is funny, the lawn could do with a cut.

  20. Karen Kuty says:

    The lawn is a Rorschach test? There are hidden images in it with subliminal advertising?

  21. Patricia Dean says:

    Again, great splashes

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